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GOD stay at home dad alec makes me emotional. im imagining magnus coming home and asking how max was, alec says he was perfect even tho he was fussy all fucking day long and alec didn't get a moment of peace.

And of course, this particular lie causes even more problems. Because even though Alec is so determined to pretend that Max was calm and happy and perfect all day long to hide the fact that Alec was struggling, it just makes Magnus think that Max was perfectly fine until he got home. Alec creates a version of Max who’s an idyllic little cherub all day long, and then Magnus comes home and Max is screaming and crying (because that’s what Max is like all the time), and the only conclusion Magnus draws from that is that Max is only miserable when he’s around.

And neither of them are willing to talk about these problems. Magnus doesn’t want to admit that he’s a little afraid their kid hates him, and Alec can’t admit that Max is just as difficult with him, because he’s afraid mentioning at all will finally break him and it’ll all come out. But the truth is just that Max is an unfortunately difficult baby. He doesn’t adjust to a normal sleep schedule, he’s still colicky several months after most babies grow out of that sort of thing, he has intense rash reactions to a number of diapers and fabrics that aren’t easy to anticipate or predict, and he does NOT react well once he starts teething. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with him, he’s just difficult, through no fault of anyone. And being home with him all day, Alec always has the extra hardship of not knowing if Max is accidentally ‘altering’ things in the apartment with his magic, or if Alec is just loosing his goddamn mind and put the formula in the washing machine himself.

It would be a difficult situation for anyone, just because Max takes a lot of extra work. But Alec’s complete refusal to voice any of his concerns means that he’s essentially letting himself have one drawn-out anxiety attack over several miserable months. Even when Max is totally happy or sleeps for twelve straight hours, and Alec doesn’t have to worry that he’s incapable of caring for his own baby, that just leaves him alone with nothing to do all day, no one he can talk to, and intentionally isolating himself even if there IS someone he could spend time with.

While Magnus is the first person he should be talking to about these things, Alec staunchly refuses to tell him ANYTHING, and tries to pass off his odd moods and behaviors as a reasonable change as he adjusts to a completely new lifestyle. And Magnus accepts that explanation at face value, and tries not to pry in case that ends up making things harder. It’s a horrible, horrible few months for both of them - but mostly for Alec. There are a few weeks where he convinces himself that he and Magnus genuinely might not be able to make it work. At one point, he even considers moving back into the Institute. Both of them regard it as the lowest point in their whole relationship.

Things YOU can do when writing Voltron FanFic:

* Make Keith blunt and short without making him rude or outright mean, making him confident without being arrogant

* Having Hunk enjoy cooking/baking while also focusing highly on his engineering skills because I don’t know if you noticed but Hunk is an AMAZING engineer who can hotwire alien tech like wish

* Letting Lance be insecure without blaming it on everyone around him (and alternately having him read situations wrong but STILL not blaming everyone else for what he himself perceives) and remembering that he’s still an optimistic sweet big hearted boy

* Letting Allura mourn the loss of her father (and her ppl if we’re talking about in canon verse)

* Allowing Shiro to be more than the “responsible adult Dad man” figure. Seriously he has no idea what he’s doing most of the time and he’s allowed to have moments where he ISN’T the responsible one. Let him have a personality

So while i was rewatching the milkshake decathlon i realized that the whole ride looks like @ mattraub is w kids and idk @ mattraub being a dad! figure to the td kids is bxsjmx (he could be like that teacher that believes that these kids have potential and all and he doesn’t wanna give up on them) ??

Aww yes, Matt Raub is the best father figure/cool teacher

For people saying Sanvers got engaged too quickly: my mum and dad got engages after 20 days of dating. DAYS. They’ve been happily married for 30 years now. If you ask them why it happened so fast, they’ll say they just knew. They knew from the first date that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Sometimes you just know.

Stephanie: Yeah great and wonderful Bruce can teach me fighting and crime solving. What about important things like changing a car tire? Who’s going to teach me that hmmm? Cause sure ain’t my dad.

And thats how Alfred came home to find Bruce still in his designer suit from work teaching Cass and Stephanie how to change a tire.


“Of course only that most SUPER name!!”

Welcome to the Strawhats, Nico D. Olivia!
((the ‘D.’ was at Luffy’s insistence, for good luck. parents-Frobin AU!))

Scumbag Aunt ripped off my Grandma for years, I put my nose in her business and had the IRS financially ruin her.

This is going to be long, so TL; DR; Aunt screwed over my Grandma for years, I put my nose in her business, got parents wise on the fraud and eventually reported her to the IRS. The long dick of the IRS bankrupted her and her husband and now they are destitute and too old to work. 

This happened about 5 years ago. My Grandma was getting old, late 80s/early 90s. She had one wish, to not die in a senior home. Easily done as my Grandpa sold some assets way back when, then invested the money and let it ride for 30+ years; he never touched it and collected a pension.

Way back when my Grandpa died, (about 10 years before this), my Grandma appointed my dad, this shitty aunt and my uncle as the Trustees of the trust. Basically the trusted advisors for her and her care for the foreseeable future. All was well in the beginning, then my dad (Willy) moved further away and couldn’t take care of the day to day upkeep as the Trustee and to see that my grandma was ok. My aunt (Rebecca) told her that she and my uncle (Fred, who lived in Arizona) could take over and all would be fine. It was fine for a while.

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“This happened six months before River died. It was during the winter months, I remember somebody gave me the name of a psychic in Colorado, and said she was amazingly accurate. Therefore, I called her up and told her I would send her a check, and would she do a reading for me? During the reading, she said, ‘You have a son.’“I said, ‘Yes.’“She said, ‘Oh, I see him, he’s very sick.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter with him?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. However, he is on a pavement. He’s on a pavement, and I see him. I see him. He can’t lift up his head.’ She said, ‘I don’t know what happened to him but he’s very sick. Maybe you should see if your son’s all right.’ It scared the hell out of me. I immediately called Nick, to make sure he was okay. He was, but I kept my eye on him. Nothing really happened to Nick. But, River died on the pavement in the same way she described six months later”

- William Richert (co-star, close friend and father figure to River)