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As usual, I take Dubai metro to go to my workplace but today I think for a while I’ll ask my dad to drop me off to work everyday. Why? Because I am being stalked.

Kaninang umaga nasa lift ako, may lalakeng sobrang nakadikit sa akin. Nahahawakan pa nga niya yung kamay ko kasi sobrang close niya sa akin. Hindi ko naman pinansin kasi puno rin naman ang lift. Naka earphones ako, hindi ko napansin na kinakausap niya pala ako kasi hindi ko naman siya kilala. Tapos nung pag baba ko ng lift, ramdam kong sinusundan niya ako so binibilisan ko yung paglakad ko. Suddenly bigla na niya ako ni-tapped sa shoulder, edi tinanggal ko yung earphones ko. Sabi niya sa akin,

Him: “I’ve said good morning a lot of times but you kept ignoring me”

Me: “Sorry do I know you?”

Him: “No But I see you everyday in the metro and I really really really like you”

Me: “uhh…okay.”

Him: “I know where you work by the way. Your office is in Damac Smart Heights, yea?”

Me: *just standing there, stunned because he knows our office building*

Him: “I really really think you’re beautiful. Please give me your number”

Me: “Sorry I don’t give out my number. My husband will get angry with me”

Him: “I don’t care if you have a husband or boyfriend. I just want your number”

Sa sobrang takot ko umalis ako. Wala akong pake kung sundan niya pa ako. Basta ayoko na siya kausap. And the creepiest part is… HE ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER! I MEAN I NEVER GAVE HIM INFO ABOUT ME BUT HE MANAGED TO FIND ME!

I think I won’t being taking the metro until this issue subside.


Crewniverse makes a meticulous effort in the backgrounds to reflect the lasting impact of a recent destruction. These infographics specifically deal with the continuity of damage done to “locations.” There are more graphics coming up, dealing with the theme of “People” and “Objects.”

Made by request for the Steven Universe subreddit.

i forgot to mention what I love most about ragnarok: that rangarok took all of the character assassination bullshit from the dark world and age of ultron and turned it on its ass.

dark world implies loki killed his father to take the crown? ragnarok makes loki a blassé and nonviolent leader that just dropped his dad off at a nursing home. GOD OF MISCHIEF. not god of death or god of pain and suffering. MISCHIEF. 100% the most in-character Loki Thing he’s done since the first thor movie. not only that but not for one second does thor ever think loki capable of killing their father. because he isn’t.

the dark world makes thor say a bunch of horrible and damaging things to loki? ragnarok has him still struggle with it but legitimately come to rational terms with everything enough to show their disfunctional but ultimately loving relationship.

age of ultron creates the dumbest romantic trope in the history of man between natasha and bruce? ragnarok makes so much fun of it to the point where it’s shown to be as ridiculous as it is.

the dark world AND age of ultron make thor this broody and unfunny mythical being? ragnarok fuckin made sure that was no longer the case because what makes thor so wonderful is his moral compass, aloofness, and kindness.

they literally fixed the infinity gauntlet plot hole in 0.0002 seconds. this movie took everything wrong with the MCU and fuckin fixed it

god, what a movie

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sweet dreams ma fellow stoners


was valentine’s day on tuesday? yes. is it valentine’s day today? no. do i care? clearly not. i had two exams this week and all i could think about was making something cute for these two. so here it is, miles and waylon spending their first valentine’s together since after ran into each other after the events at mount massive asylum.


that feeling when you’re so busy making out with your boyfriend that you don’t see the snakes in your own home.