dad and son's shoes

Shoes - Part 7 

Toshinori wasn’t sure how he had gotten himself into this situation. He sat cross-legged on the ground, slouched forward as Inko Midoriya wiped blood from his face with a stubborn frown. He blamed his inability to argue against the motherly instincts of particularly strong women.

The moment he and Inko separated, she had spotted the growing red stain marring the back left of his torn shirt in addition to the scrape at his temple. In seconds, she had ordered him to sit down so she could examine him and sent Izuku off to get the first aid kit she had seen hanging by the door.  
“H-here,” Izuku said as he jogged up to her and handed her the large box.

“Thank you, Izuku,” she replied, quickly opening the first aid kit and rummaging through it with a keen eye. Tears shined in her eyes but her brows were drawn in concentration. “Doesn’t have gauze,” she muttered with a frown. Without a thought, she took off her white cardigan leaving her with her floral, sleeveless blouse. She handed it to Izuku and ordered, “Tear this into strips.”

“That’s really not necessary,” Toshinori said with a tired sigh. He knew full well he was fighting a losing battle. “The target only just grazed me.”  

Inko ignored him, “You need to remove your shirt.”

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Shoes - Part 5

Inko closed the door to her apartment and carefully kicked off her shoes, balancing the bags of groceries on her soft hips. The apartment was quiet and empty. The door to the guest room was open, as it was whenever Hisashi was out.

Inko breathed a sigh of relief. It would be nice to get some housework done on her own without worrying about disturbing him.  

Inko carried the groceries to the kitchen, surprised to see a single plate and cup on the drying rack by the sink, the only trace of himself Hisashi ever seemed to leave outside of the guest room. He had been quiet in the days following his visit to U.A. and kept to himself most times. He was job hunting and spent most of his time out of the apartment. Inko had seen him return in the late evenings, applications and resumes in hand before he disappeared back into Izuku’s old room. She knew it was a challenge for him, being an ex-convict and looking for work. That was part of the reason Inko had offered him a place to stay until he got back on his feet. Inko did not know how successful his attempts were, but … at least he was trying.

Inko was part way through putting her groceries away when her phone buzzed. She brushed her hands on her skirt and fished through her purse. When she pulled the phone out and saw the contact, her whole day brightened.

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Dad Max Goes Shoe Shopping For His Weird Son

I have a lot of thoughts about the Great Shoe Shuffle that happens in Fury Road. OK, first Slit pulls Max’s boot off by accident, so after the crash in the sandstorm, Max takes one of Nux’s shoes because he kinda figured Nux was kinda dead and didn’t need shoes anymore. And then later, in the swamp, Max goes off to kill the Bullet Farmer and comes back… with a boot for Nux.

But like, have you considered what that means?? Nux has been on their side for all of like ten minutes, as far as Max knows. But when he was raiding ammo and a steering wheel from the dead Bullet Farmer’s car, he would’ve had to actually pause and have the following thought process:

1) That is the same War Boy I took a boot from

2) I guess he’s on our side now

3) He is still possibly bootless 

4) Since he is friend now I should give him a boot to replace the one I took

Max actually took a moment to consider Nux’s shoeless foot while he was killing the Bullet Farmer and raiding ammo from the enemies he had just blown up. DAD MAX, EVERYONE.