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Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Shameless

We were all set to head to the mall. Our day plan was figured out down to the coordinates of which section of the mall to hit first and when. We were dressed casually. Nothing much to my outfit, just a pair of dark skinny jeans and a fuchsia knit sweater with tennis ball-sized polka dots separated sporadically across my sweater. I pulled half hair back in a clip behind my head so I could keep it out of my face. My wavy black hair almost past my shoulder blades now, might have to cut it soon.

“There!” Allegra cheery voice broke through the silence.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Check your phones and you’ll see. Our phones sounded simultaneously. 

It was a screenshot of her text conversation with one of Derek’s friends, Ethan Snyder. Allegra and Ethan claim to been “friends” but there’s more than meets the eye to their friendship. The text told us that the guys plan to be there around 3. We’re meeting them for lunch at the food court for lunch. Liam and Noah from Trig class are also tagging along, too.

“Sounds like fun, right Kerri?” Sydney tried to egg me on.

I shoot her a glare and then playfully shook it off.

“The mall awaits!” Allegra signaled to the living room. We all got up and filed into the conjoining room. 

Mr. Leto was there, still engrossed in the TV. I tried to get a closer look to see what read on the screen. It was some breaking news special. I heard the newscaster’s voice:

A woman was murdered in Harrisburg this week. Her body was discovered in the Mohaney Lake.  Officers and investigators remain on the scene looking for clues as we…

“Dad, we’re ready to go.”

“Yeah, hold on a sec, Legra.” His eyes remained on the screen.

“Dad loves murder mysteries,” she sighed before turning to us. “It’s his ‘thing.’” One time, he stayed up all night watching this marathon on the ID network.” She shook her head. “Those shows give me the creeps…”

His eyes brim soaked in the TV screen. It was like he was taking everything the reporter said in, like he was taking mental notes. He looked so hot when engrossed.

Allegra made a mini megaphone with her hands as she shouted “Earth to dad…” her voice rang through the room.

His eyes flicked to hers, snapping him back into the living room. “Sorry Legra. Sure, let’s get ready to go.” He jumped up to grab his keys.  

“Yea, can’t get enough of them,” he looked present but his eyes said he was somewhere else, mulling over the news. 

We all head to the car. Allegra took the obvious seat next to her dad in the front. I sat in the back behind Mr. Leto with Sydney splitting the middle between Dasha and I. Songs from our local radio station filled the car. We danced around with the music.

Allegra stopped dancing and asked, “You excited, Kerri?”

“What is this? Pick on Kerri day?” we all bust out lauging.

“I should be asking you that, Allegra. You and Ethan have a thing and I know it.”

“Sounds like someone’s diverting the question…” Dasha teased. 

“Derek’s alright, I mean-“ 

“Alright?” Sydney laughed.

“Says the girl who can’t keep her eyes off him in Trig class.” Dasha cut in. 

“You practically drool over each other in class, Kerri” Allegra said looking back at me.

“Yeah, he totally likes you…” said Sydney. 

“You think so?” I asked. I needed confirmation. I was sort of bad at telling if a guy liked me or not. Can’t say that for Mr. Leto

“Yea, totally.”

I giggled to myself.

Mr. Leto’s eyes glared at me through the rearview mirror. His eyes were steaming, like the smoke coming from a overheated teapot. If looks could kill, I’d be out for the count.

My eyes widened as round as saucers in shock to his reaction. With nowhere else to look, I turned my face to the window, hoping that in some way that could hide my face from the others.

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Told my shithead dad that I hated Sydney

Him: everywhwre else is not as perfect as you think

Me: ??? I didn’t say anywhere was perfect? I just said I hated Sydney. Which I do. Don’t invalidate my emotions like you’ve done my entire fucking life.

I basically went on to cite how he did this to me every time I said anything.

His response: I have to deal with a lot of stuff, try handle this yourself.

Aka “shut up you ungrateful ______”

Good to hear it explicitly. Next time you’ll hear from me is a suicide note. Can’t guarantee that will affect you very much but I don’t give a fuck

It’s usually not enough to tell someone your kid has a food allergen for them to take it seriously. I was the same way: “Peanut free schools?! Why should I have to cater to your kid’s allergy?!”

I don’t think most non-allergic people realize it’s not like a seasonal allergy where your nose runs and you sneeze.

I have told my dad several times that Sydney is allergic to peanuts before she was ever tested. When I asked him today if the cookies he made had any peanut ingredients, he asked, “No, why?” I said, again, that Sydney was allergic. This time, however, I had a blood test to prove it. I also showed him the horrifying pictures of her hives that occured by second-hand contact (she never even ingested peanuts!!!) and he was absolutely shocked. He gasped and said, “That was from you having peanut butter and then touching her? So if she ingested it she could have DIED!”

Yes, that’s what it means.

So this is the worry I live with for the future — having to explain to teachers and her friends and her friend’s parents and relatives that under no circumstances can she come into contact with peanuts — and hope they take it seriously enough to remember. Remember to wash their hands and mouth after eating a peanut butter sandwich or candy bar or trail mix. Remember to check ingredients before buying her snacks. Remember not to use peanuts in baking products. Remember to ask the waiter if her meal comes with hidden peanut ingredients.

Even I sometimes forget to check, and if I forget, her own mother, how can I 100% trust other people? The truth is, I can’t. I just have to come prepared, educate as much as I can, and teach Sydney that as she grows older, she must also advocate for and protect herself when her dad and I aren’t there.

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Yes I'm asking how that picture came into existence! Let me live vicariously through your experience, please and thank you!! :))))

okay so since y’all asked this is the story of how i met aidan turner

i’ve written this story three times in the last two days oHG MYGOD

so it was at the sydney supanova and i was with my dad and we got there really early like before the con began because we rEALLY wanted to see aidan and so yeah fast forward a few hours and i was standing around near the photobooth on my own (which is next to the place where all the celebs wait) and out of the corner of my eye i see david hasselhoff and i turn around and i see adam frickin brown and i was like “oh my god what” and then i saw jed brophy and then anD THEN FRIENDS i see aidan in profile and I WAS SO SHOCKED LIKE THIS???? IS???? THE???? MAN??? I SPENT THE LAST????? FEW MONTHS??? CRYING ABOUT????? and i wanted to fall over it was embarrassing and i was on my oWN i couldn’t hit my dad like “dad dad LOOK!”

anyway i lined up for the autographs and i couldn’t see him because eVERYONE was being all tall but my dad could see him and he sighed and said “isabella he’s there don’t worry he isn’t going anywhere” and then it was almost my turn and then i saw aidan stand up and walk over somewhere else and i was so stunned because i thought he was gonna leave because he WAS running behind and had to get to the photobooth but he didn’t he just took a pic with jed and adam and then he came back and it was my turn!!! and i said hi and he said hey! and i gave him this kili picture (kind of wished i went with mitchell??? but idk the lady said gET THE KILI ONE so i did) and he was like “isabella. lovely name” and i was like scoffing ha ha thank u mr turner sir my life and love (he said everyone had a lovely name i wasn’t special but oH WELL) and i told him i was trying so hard not to freak out and he was like “aw it’s okay! freak out” and he sHRIEKED and waved his hands around i wanted to die he is so duMB and then i asked for a hug (my dad told me to do it because otherwise i would’ve never done it and regretted it) and aidan was like “yeah of course!” and we hugged and he was wearing this horrible and thick like thermal-looking jacket (it was raining that day so) and i was like squished into it but anyway yeah we hugged and his arms are really strong and his biceps are gREAT for hugging i wanted to stay and snuggle for hours upon hours because he was almost like a mini-heater and he gave me a little squeeze and my cheek brushed his cheek so I FELT THE STUBBLE and it was absolutely amazing i wanna feel that stubble everywhere (what) and i accidentally felt his ear and it was little and freezing and rEALLY CUTE!!! and when we pulled away my dad was like “you know that hug was like a marriage contract right?” and i was so horrified i wanted a piano to fall on my head and swallow me whole and i was like “he’s only twice my age dad” and aidan licked his lips and smirked at me and he giggled (you know the ehehe one jfc) so yeah anyway he continued signing and he wrote kili under his signature and me being dumb i blurted out “why do you always write your character? it’s not like we don’t know who you are” and he was so defensive oh my god he was like “it makes me feel better!” he was like a whining child and i was like lol okay whatever and my dad said something like “it means he’s creative” and aidan just nodded furiously and grinned and then yeah that was the signing part:

(it was raining on the way back so a bit of his signature smudged :/)

and then later on i went to the photobooth and i didn’t know what i wanted to do now i think about it i kinda wished we did the mr and mrs june pose but oh well. anyway i went in and we said hey again and i asked if he could kiss my cheek and he was so up for it??? i mean he’s an actor he can feign his reactions but whatever like he was like yEAH sure!! as if kissing the cheek of a stumbling fifteen year old stranger wasn’t odd at ALL but yeah he like put his arm around my waist and he squeezed my hip and i was like oh and then he kissed my cheek (psa: his lips are wet and a bit warm and lovely i would love to kiss him for hOURS) and then THE LONGEST SIX SECONDS OF MY LIFE HAPPENED because the photographer was taking his sweet ass time taking the photo so aid and i were like “hmm” and i tried not to giggle because my pose was supposed to be like me going “eww” AND I TRIED TO STAY IN CHARACTER. but yeah then the dude took the photo and we said our goodbyes and it was wonderful i will never forget that day

i paid 70 bucks to meet hug and have aidan turner kiss me was it worth it friends yes i highly rec this

[AU Series] L.H. Mr. Hemmings Pt. 13

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7* | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10* | Part 11* | Part 12* | Part 13* | Part 14

Warning: **Smut**

It had been almost a week now that you have been home. It was great to be home, the ambience was nostalgic and it calmed you down. You were helping your mum with cooking dinner when the doorbell went. “I’ll get it,” you said wiping your hands with the towel before going to the front door. You gulped, somewhat you’ve gotten quite jumpy on opening doors. A bit stigmatised. You took a deep breath before opening the door. A wide grinning Luke in his usual pressed suit was standing before you. You bit your lips suppressing the joy you were feeling in. “Luke!” you jumped at him, snaking your arms to his neck. “Someone missed me?” he joked. “Of course, I did, you stupid,” he grinned and gave you a bouquet of light red roses. “Thank you.” you blushed. “I have more in the car,” you sighed, him and his endless trait of spoiling you. “Luke, come on in.” your mum popped up out of nowhere seemingly not surprised (she may or may not have called him). “My daughter didn’t even invite you inside.” She joked you scratched your head. “Oh… right, come in, come in.”

Your house wasn’t small nor too big, but it was quite huge for a 3 person family. You weren’t rich and gold loaded like Luke’s, but actually your family was quite well off. You led Luke inside to your modern cut rustic style living room. Luke halted in the hallway looking at your family pictures. Little you to the now you pictures that decorated the wall. “Stop looking at those… it’s embarrassing,” you told him and held his wrist dragging him away. “Feel at home, I am just going to help mum,” you told him.

You head back to the kitchen, but your mum pushed you back to the living room. “Entertain Luke, give him a tour around. I can do this.” she mused a chuckle and you nodded. “Luke, come. I’ll walk you around.” you beamed him a smile. You gave him a tour of your house. You toured him around, there were 5 bedrooms in the house of which only 2 was used, yours and your parents. “This is my mum and my dad’s,” you showed him, then led him to another room. “This next 3 rooms here are vacant, at the end is my room.” you pointed and walked him through briefly to have a glimpse of your room. You dragged him passed the kitchen-dining to the backyard patio, where your dad was gardening. He likes gardening. He was picking flowers, “Dad! Luke’s here.” you cheerily announced and your dad looked up. “Luke, welcome to our house.” he paced towards your direction. “It’s nice here, Y/F/N, quiet and calm,” he said. “Yeah, that’s what we thought too when Y/M/N and I decided to buy this house.” dad said, “Just a second, I will just give this to Y/M/N,” your dad grinned. You hope to have a relationship like that, your dad over this years looked so in love with your mum and so was your mum. You gazed at their interaction from outside.

“I would want that too someday,” unconsciously you said. “I do too.” he uttered, both you and him gazed at each other. “You mean the world to me, I can’t imagine a future without you,” he confessed and you giggled at him, earlier down your relationship he seemed not to fond of being tied down but now… “You mean the world to me as well and I feel the same way.” he leant in a peck on your forehead. “You two, dinner’s ready.” Your mum announced, Luke’s hand interlaced with yours. You walk to the dining area where the plates were already set in the tables. Luke being the gentleman, pulled out the chair for you to sit down. Your parents were already seated on their respective seats. “You should visit here often, we rarely have visitors.” your mum chirped to Luke who bit his lips smiling. “Sure thing, Y/M/N.”

The dinner was full of cheerfulness and your parents kept embarrassing you in front of Luke. “Mum! Stop it, it’s embarrassing.” you were turning into a tomato as your mum continued with telling tales when you were younger. “You know Luke, me and my husband were really worried about Y/N…” your mum started and you narrowed your eyes not knowing what they were going on about. “How so?” Luke being intrigued looked up at you than your parents. “You see. We never met any of her boyfriends before, I mean she’s 23 now… we’re glad she actually told us about you.” your mum chuckled. “Mum… I didn’t really have boyfriends… there was one… but well…” that really didn’t work out. “Well, I am honoured to be the first one Y/N had introduced to you.” he had this winning smile plastered on his face.

After dinner, your mum started fixing the dining table. “Mum, I’ll do that, go with dad.” you offered. “Nonsense, you go with Luke,” she smiled. “Mum. Come on, I am barely home wouldn’t you want some help?” you chuckled. “Alright, alright, I’ll leave it up to you.” she gave in and headed to where your dad was, the living area with Luke.

Luke excused himself saying he’d helped you. He removed his blazer and rolled up his sleeves. He started stacking the plates without you knowing. “Luke!” you shrieked giving him an alienated stare. Sure, he did stay in your flat, but you didn’t let him help with anything and now here he was. “What?” he asked. “Go stay in the living room, I’ll be done quick,” you told him. “No can do. I’ll help you,” he grinned making you roll your eyes. “Alright, Hemmings, are you sure you know domestic work?” you smirked at him. He had to think for a couple of seconds before replying, “No…” he answered. “Well bring those plates here,” you commanded him as you put on the washing gloves. You did have a dishwasher, but you were trying to be economical in your house. “So? What do you do?” Luke eager to know ask, “Haven’t you watched me do it in my flat?” you tilted your head… “Not exactly… we weren’t actually doing any of those…” he smirked. Damn right, you didn’t. When he stayed there in the weekend the plates ends up stacked over the sink and when weekdays come he’d have someone over your flat to clean it. You did other things in your flat… “Oh…” you blushed.

You told him that it was basically just putting bubbles on the plate and rinsing it. He actually had helped you soap the plates and rinse it. He, as well wiped the dining table. “Wow. Hemmings as a domestic worker.” you laughed. When your hands were clean and the kitchen and dining were squeaky clean too, you head to the living area. “I still have stuff for you and your family in the car,” he told you and you nodded following him outside.

“Luke when you said ‘more’ earlier, I didn’t expect this!” You gawked, the shotgun seat which was full of bags of you don’t know what, the passenger’s seat was full too, and you didn’t want to ask about the boot of the car because you knew that it was also going to be full. “Well… that’s more…” he chortled giggling at you. You slapped his arms playfully. “I swear to god, you need to stop buying shït loads of stuff for me.” you pouted, “Well, darling get used to it.”

You two unloaded his car, delivering the gifts into your living area. After a couple trip back and forth you had finished. You plopped yourself down to the sofa. “I hope you’d like them things.” Luke told your parents, “Oh dear, you didn’t have to, this is way too much Luke.” your mum told him, Luke only returned a smile. You love it when he smiles. Those dimples pop whenever. “Thank you, dear.”

It was getting late and Luke was preparing to leave. “You’re leaving? Please stay.” you gave Luke an eye he couldn’t resist. “Spend the night here, I mean Sydney is quite far.” Your dad reassured that it was fine for him to stay. “Mum, Dad, I’ll be leaving again tomorrow. I think a week off of work isn’t good. I don’t want my boss to fire me for having too much time off.” you told them, “I don’t think the boss would fire you for that matter,” Luke smirked. “Alright, but visit us more often. I am sure Luke wouldn’t mind it, no?” your mum asked. “Of course not, I’d like for Y/N to take time off as many times she wants, so she doesn’t get stressed.” Luke uttered making your mouth agape. “Hey! I actually am stress-free when working!” you protested.

It was getting pretty late, after the unloading of gifts and stuff, you and your family along with Luke watched the tele. “You could sleep together, no funny business!” your dad raised his brows making your choke on your own saliva. Your family and Luke really like making you a tomato. “Dad!” you bit your lips.

Luckily for Luke, he’d always have a change of clothes in his car. No, he didn’t drive from Sydney to Perth. He probably had one of his people ready him a change of clothes or whatnot.

You two headed to your room. You readied your night wear, he plopped himself on your bed. Your mum and dad changed your bed from the almost 20 years old singlet bed to a full sized bed, 3 years ago. “I am gonna go first then,” you told him and he nodded making himself comfortable in your bed.

Luke looked around your room. Like the living room it had a modern cut rustic style, however, it had a retro feeling around it. From the right side of your bed was a wall with a full-length map stretching across. Right at the Oceania continent, had the red pin along with a thread connecting to the places you have gone into. There were a lot of pictures of you and Cee, there were pictures of Michael with you too. Although, you rarely go home, when you go home you update your wall of glory. Around the map were yellow pins, he assumed that there were all the place where you wanted to go and travel. He took a picture of it putting note aside. Onto the left side was your ceiling tall tan wooden bookshelf, it had a different genre of books from what he could speculate. Then there was the balcony overviewing Perth’s seaside.

“Luke, I am done.” you emerged out the bathroom fully cloth with your loose spongebob tank top and black shorts. You found him looking around your room. “Found anything interesting?” you asked. “Yes. You,” he smiled walking towards you. He leant a peck on your forehead before going inside your attached bathroom. You passed him a fresh towel and this time, it was your time to plop down on your bed.

While waiting for Luke, you fiddled with your phone occasionally yawning. It hadn’t even been 10 minutes and you were fast asleep in your greedy position laid down on a starfish manner occupaying ¾ of the bed. When Luke came out, he had found you in your cute position. He dried his hair with the towel you had given. He took his phone and took numerous amount of pictures. He carefully picked you up and laid you properly under the sheet. He placed himself on the other side of your bed watching you sleep.

You stirred, you opened your eyes and found Luke still awake. “Did I fall asleep?” you asked the obvious and he nodded. “Are you comfortable?” you asked worried, “Of course, I am,” he replied. “Then why aren’t you asleep?” you queried. “I was watching you sleep,” he nonchalantly replied. “That’s creepy, let’s sleep you’re going to be knackered tomorrow.” you gave him a quick peck on the lips.

The next morning, you awoke from your slumber with Luke hovering over you. His arms splayed right across you making you secure onto his embrace. “Luke…” you whispered shaking him in the process. “What’s wrong babe?” he groaned his eyes still close. “Wake up.” you flipped him over straddling him.  You leant in a chase kiss onto his plump lips giggling. “Wake up, Lukey.” you cooed pinching his cheeks making him groan. You leant in a few couple of kisses until he started forming a gracious smile on his lips. “One more,” he demanded and so you did, right then he slipped his tongue to yours, he slowly sat still making out with you. He pushed you down to your back pressing into the mattress. You moaned playing with your tongue dancing in sync with his. You tapped his shoulder numerous times. He pulled away leaving you breathless, “I wouldn’t mind waking up to that every day.” he smirked. Your chest still heaving hard as you take in some more air. “Yeah… me too.”

You washed your face and changed to casual clothes, short black pencil skirt and crop top to tease. Luke as always, he was dressed in his pressed suit, it was a clean black suit. His blond locks not in a quiff, but with a dishevelled look that fitted him perfectly. “You look great,” you smirked biting your bottom lip. “Don’t do that…” he growled. “Don’t do what?!” you tilted your head. “Bite your lips… it’s turning me on… I don’t think I could hold on, a week was painful.” he caressed your neck, his touch sending you shivers still. He squeezed your bum before you two head downstairs where your mother had already readied the dining table.

“Good morning, you two.” your mum greeted both you and Luke. “Good morning too, Y/M/N.” Luke saluted. “Dear, the two is here, let’s eat breakfast.” your mum called your dad who was in the garden yet again. Your dad soon joined you three.

After the harmonious breakfast, you started packing everything in your small luggage where Luke had placed your belongings the other day. You had done it in a matter of a few minutes. Luke lifted upur bag downstairs for you, the gentleman he was, as always. You wore your 6’ black heels before headiing to the door.

“Luke and I will be going now, mum, dad,” you said to them. “Alright, visit us again, soon.” your mum chirped and you nodded. “Take care of Y/N for us, Luke.” your dad says, “Of course, that’s my job.” Luke showed him a toothy smile. Your parents walked you to the porch of your house. Luke’s hand snaked around your shoulder as he pulls your bag. “Thank you so much for the hospitality,” he said his gratitude. “You’re welcome, son.” your dad nodded.

You gave them a huge hug and a kiss before mounting yourself at the shotgun seat of Luke’s car. Luke got your bag in the boot of his car and went to the driver’s seat. Luke hovered over you, pulling the seatbelt which you seemingly forgot. “Thank you.” you gave him a kiss on the cheek. You had your windows down and waved to your parents a goodbye.

Luke pulled out of your house lot and headed straight to the airport. Your house wasn’t that far from the airport just around 20 minutes drive. For some reason, you noticed that Luke had workers everywhere (of course he has). The car you used was taken by someone probably one of his many chaffeur. He took the initiative to carry your only bag like a normal person, for once.

Luke and you were led by his own cabin crew to the check-in. He would occasionally point this and that at the shops around while you assumed the person next to him on the other side, his personal shopper lists everything.

After pinpointing this-n-that, you two finally arrived at the tube connecting to his baby, huge ass private plane; it was a different private plane from the one you rode. “Sir, Ma'am,” the stewardess ushered you two to your comfortable, ivory coloured seat. “Sir, your oders has been placed, it’s ready waiting in Sydney.” the person he was talking to earlier said and he nodded. “Welcome, Abord.” The pilot introduced himself and had all the instruction as always. “The flight duration is 4h10, it’s currently 11:30, we are expecting to arrive at 15h30.” the engine started and headed to the runways.

After the take-off, the kind stewardess asked you two for what you would like to eat or drink. “I am quite full, thank you,” you smiled at her. Luke stood up and offered you his hand. You took it narrowing your eyes at him. He led you somewhere and firmly commanded, “Do not disturb us unless we have landed.”

Not even a second later that you two had entered the room where he led you in you were already swinging at his shoulder. “Hey! Put me down,” you laughed and playfully slapped his back. He threw you at the king-sized bed that you had now noticed. He loosened his tie, his clear blue sky like eyes turned into dark oceanic blue, lust. “Your crop t-shirt didn’t help, did you know how I wanted to rip that off it in your parent’s house.” you fake gasped. You knew him too well by now.

“This will have to go, unfortunately,” he took off your crop top leaving you with your laced tube bra, biting his lips. He kissed you with passion and lust, his tongue never missing the opportunity to slip into yours. The battle of dominance builds up, your hands travelled to his nape. You smirked, you pulled him closer and used all your strength to have him on the mattress straddling him in between your pulled up skirt. “Let me help you this time,” you again with your habit of biting your lips came.

You grinded yourself in his torso in a slow motion making him groan. “Fück baby, don’t tease me, I am giving you a leeway to top right now, don’t push it,” he growled. You chuckled but started unbottoning his shirt. You caressed his stubble, showering him kisses around his nape down to his chest. You kept your gaze at him as you down to his trouser. You positioned yourself to be able to suck him off.

You licked the tip of his member teasing him. “Baby.” he moaned. You took him to his full size and sucked him off gently. He gripped your hair, you obliged to sucking him off more, in a more sultry way. “Fück… fück… baby, I am near…” he said and you hummed. You pulled away to his dismay, he looked at you like you were a dead meat. “Baby, I was near…” he groaned.

You stood up, pulling down your skirt and laced underwear in painfully slow manner, “Fück, give me a fücking strip show soon.” he watched you with that smirk of yours plastered in your face.

You positioned your entrance at his erected member, slowly entering. You let out a moan and waited till you adjusted to his length. You started humping slowly, gradually increasing your pace. However, Luke gripped onto your waist and started to vigorously pump you deeper down. “Mnnn… Luke… fück… fück…” you mewled, your hands gripping to his shoulder blades digging deep into his skin. Your fingers curled making visible scratches around it.

“I am near, Luke…” you gritted your teeth. He told you he too was near, you both reached your climax at the same time and released the lewd liquid all over. You dropped down to his chest with both yours and his eratic breathing sync. “That was…” you started, “the best,” both of you said in sync.

It didn’t end in that, he flipped you down, pinning your hands together. “Not done yet, princess,” he smirked. You bit your lips looking at him, he showered your nape countless of kisses, ocassionally some hickeys, unbeknownst to you. His left hand travelled to your breast massaging it while he sucked on the other. “Fück. Luke…” you moaned, hungry for his burning touches. Soon his hands played with your clit, you snaked your hands around his neck that was previously gripping the bed sheets.

“Shït…” you cursed as he entered three fingers at once. “You like that baby, huh,” he fastened his pace making you eratically moan filling the room with erotic moans. “Ah… ah… faster…” you demanded, pleaded even. “You really like it when I do it rough,” he said stiffling a chuckle to his amusement. “Mnn… I am at my limit…” you said, but he pulled out. “Why’d you stop?” you complained. “Payback… you made me wait,” sarcastically he remarked rolling his eyes. You laughed, he positioned himself to enter, then at one second he went in fullyand without caution he pounced with a faster paced. “Fück. Fück. Fück…” there wasn’t even a pause inbetween the curses that left your pretty dirty mouth. “Faster!” you said, arching your back, your nails digging on his back yet again. “Fill me in, Luke…” you begged, “Baby, I am coming,” he said and one second he came inside you, followed by that you released your climax too.

“Fück… yeah…” he exclaimed, pulling out of you and kissing you passionately. “D'you like anything?” he asked being considerate. “Yes please, apple juice would do me great,” you replied covering yourself with the duvet. He stood up wearing his boxers and opened the door walking out flashing everyone, you assumed. He came back with a glass of your prefered beverage and handed it to you. You were quite surprised that he got it himself.

After chugging down the glass of apple juice, you were so refreshed and hydrated. He went to grab the handyphone from the nightstand, “Bring me a set of clothes and also prepare me that light crème baby pink dress for Y/N,” now that was the real Luke, “Call back and say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’,” you demanded him, and his face paled. “Luke.” you once again told him, he sighed and gave up picking back up the phone, “Please and thank you,” he said before putting down the phone. “Happy?” he queried, “Very!” you chirped. “Manners, Luke, we are reinforcing that skill,” you added, he couldn’t actually defy you. He was way to wrap around your finger, so tightly.

A knock soon came, Luke went up opening the door flashing the stewardess his body that was covered with scratches yet again, she handed the things he asked for earlier. “Shower?” he asked and you nodded. You placed your feet on the floor and stood up, taking your first step was a fail. It sent you to the floor groaning, “Fück…” your legs gave up from the activity earlier. Luke looked at you amused. He definitely was rough, but you asked for it and now you’re paying the price. Luke picked you up with ease and led you to the connected shower room.

“No more, okay!” you told him and he laughed nodding. You used the wall as a support to stand up while he washed your hair and your body. You two spent around 10 minutes cleaning yourself. He patted you dry and covered himself as do you. He, again, carried you to sit down on the mattress, he got down on his knees grabbing the fresh pair of underwear and slipping in your feet. “Silly, I can do it…” you giggled as you bend down to get the fabric ip your waist. You wore the bra that was paired with the panties you were wearing. He helped you slipped on the dress he had asked for them to prepared. The dress was a high waisted seamed dress that fell above your knees. It was a semi-cocktail and waterfall chiffon dress.

He wore a white button-up tucking it in his paired black skinny jeans and wore his black shoes. You know those ‘adult shoes’. “D'you want heels or flats?” He giggled asking and you rolled your eyes, “Flats, please.” As you wish, he had a pair of black flats in his hands. “There we go, sugar,” he slipped them at your feet like prince Charming.

The plane landed not long after you and Luke settled down back to where you were earlier. You noticed that the cabin crew with you was blushing, “Is… is there something wrong?” You asked one of the crew, she pointed on your neck. You instinctively touched it, there was a little sting, you pulled out your phone and used it as a mirror. You had found a couple of hickeys, “Oh my god, Lucas!” you shrieked quietly. He looked at you from afar as he was talking to some people, you don’t know. From afar you pointed at your neck and he rolled his eyes giggling, sending you a wink. He does likento show what’s his, doesn’t he?

You and Luke headed to his pent, what you were suprised about was when you came, bags and bags of branded stuff came. “What are those?” Curiously you asked him, “Oh that, that’s yours,” he said nonchalantly. Your brows furrowed a bit, you didn’t remember going on shopping spree… “I didn’t - oh my god, it was you!” You pointed accusing him. “That was when you were pointing a lot of stuff in the airport!” You definitely stated the obvious. “Why do you keep buying things for me?” He groaned smiling at him, you limped a bit towards him and gave him a hug. “I like to spoil you sugar, and I don’t take no for an answer,” he kissed your forehead, “You just gotta get used to it.”

“I guess I have to.”

Author’s Note

Oh my god, hello people,

First of all, I want to say sorry for the super long wait for this update!!! I got a lot of writer’s block! However, I hope you guys enjoyed the series!!! I hope this filler chapter suffice you for the one and only last chapter :<!!!

So I guess this is the penultimate for this series! Enjoy guys!

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Would you rather it would rain rockets like in israel or a rain of huntsman spiders?

huntsman spiders are the bros of the spider kingdom.

see this shit?

these spiders will fuck your shit up. One day I was helping my dad clean the pool and there was a sydney motherfucking funnel-web spider on the bottom of the pool, alive, waiting.

they do this thing where they can form a bubble of air, and they fucking scuba dive with that shit. if you scare them, you have to be careful because they will run at you and bite you until they are confident you will die. 

so dad proceeds do several things i’ve never seen him do before or since, he:

  • starts visibly sweating and considering his escape options,
  • takes a fucking knee in front of me, and
  • tells me never to tell anyone else in the house what we found today.

then he gets the pool net and attacks the spider with a 2 meter long pole and disposes of the body.

huntsman spiders don’t spin webs because what fucking badass needs a web to catch stupid bugs? not these guys. their bites contain no venom because only losers fight dirty. and they proceed to go to pound town on all cockroaches that cause you grief because huntsman spiders know who the real bad guys are, and it ain’t the humans.

so let it rain huntsman spiders, shit, send me the huntsman spiders you don’t want in the fucking mail. they all have a home with me.

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Your daughter is so beautiful oh my god! She looks just like you!!!

she is such a little cosmic mermaid starbust thats such a compliment! she is so far away from me in sydney with her dad right now so i miss her sooooo much <3 look at that big cake moon face nawww we both love you <3

5SOS Preferece: Cramps

A/N::  Here is a preference. You can give me idea’s on what you’d like me to write in terms of preferences. Sorry it’s not my best. IMAGINES ARE CLOSED I HAVE SO MANY AT THE MOMENT.

He Comforts you


The light shined through the semi see through curtains of the hotel room. I was with my boyfriend, Calum Hood, in LA. Stretching as I wake up, a pain in my lower abdomen radiates through me.

“Ah, ow.” I say out loud, knowing Calum wasn’t here. I look to my left side and see a note.


I am at the studio recording. I love you. There is pancakes and bacon on the table. Enjoy baby. Call me when you wake up.

-Love Calum

I smile at his kindness and call him. Just as he answers, another wave of pain washes over me, causing me to whimper in pain.

“Hey (Y/N). What’s wrong baby?” He asks, concern coating his voice.

“Cramps.” I say, knowing he would know what’s wrong.

“I’m on my way back baby. I’ll go get chocolate and a movie for you.” He says softly yet sweetly.

“Thanks Cal. I love you.” I say, laying back down.

“I love you too.” He says before hanging up.

I lay there waiting for my prince to come back to me.

“(Y/N)! I come baring gifts!” Caum’s accented voice rings through the hotel room. He walks to the bed and sits next to me.

“Hi baby. I also bought some Midol for you.” He hands me a water bottle and a few pills. I take them and lean into him.

“Thank you.” I say softly as he wraps his arms around me.

“No need to thank me baby.” He rocks us softly as he kisses my temple. He then starts to sing softly. He lays us down just as I am about to fall asleep.


My twin brother, Ashton Iriwn, had taken me to LA with him. I didn’t want to go honestly. I hadn’t been feeling well. My period, this week was HELL. And Ashton dragging me everywhere with him made things worse. It was to the point where I was in tears.

“(Y/N)! Come on the guys are going shopping!” Ashton yelled through our hotel room. I just bury my face in my pillow and cry silently from the pain.

“(Y/N)?” Ashton asks softly then coos. “Awe sissy. I’m sorry.” He walks over and lays next to me. “What happened?” He rubs my back.

“You keep dragging me places and I am on my period. The cramps are incredible horrendous and I can’t move.” I say, coughing on my spit. Ashton then hugs me from behind.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). Really I am. I had no idea.” He says, rubbing my stomach. A thing he has done since I first started my period.

“It’s hurts so badly Ash.” I whisper.

“I know baby girl. I’m sorry. I’m here.” He sits up and pulls me into his lap, another thing we do. Then he proceeds to rock us back and forth.

“Ash, not today. Nausea.” I say and he stops and just sings out loudly and off key. That causes me to laugh and then groan.

“Oops. Sorry little sis.” He says and I hit him.

“Only by 12 minutes and 38 seconds!” I say. He chuckles and kisses my forehead.

“Sleep (Y/N/N). I’ll be right here.” He says while rubbing my side.

“Tell me a story?” I ask in a childish voice.

He laughs and nods. “Of course. Once upon a time there once was a beautiful princess named (Y/N) Irwin. And her hot brother, who was the princes, Ashton Irwin, were laying in a bed reminiscing about everything they have been through together. Because the princess was going away to college soon. And that made her brother very unhappy.” He was cut off by my snores.

“I love you (Y/N).” He says kissing my temple.


My dad, Luke Hemmings, was currently on tour. My mom wanted me to spend more time with my dad, since he toured most of the time. We were currently in Sydney, Australia, where my dad lived. I was at his house in my designated room. I honestly don’t feel like I belong here. I am nothing like my dad. Or so I thought.

“Dad? Do you have any Midol?” I ask as I walk into his kitchen.

“No. I don’t sorry. You can go get some?” He says, causing me to go crazy.

“This is exactly why I hate spending time with you. You never do anything for me. It hurts to walk, I’m on my period dad.” I say a bit harshly. He flinches at my words.

“I’m sorry.” He simply says.

“Why do I even bother? I’ll just have uncle Calum do things for me since he always does.” I say walking out of the room. “Is it really too much to ask to be treated like your daughter? To be loved by my dad. I honestly want you to be there for me and you can’t even do that.” I start to cry and I just walk up to my room. And I am there for a good 20 minutes before my dad walks in with a bag of things.

“I bought you some Midol, sweets and a bottle of apple juice since that’s still your favorite.” He says with a smile. “I’m sorry I’m not here for you ever anymore. I really am. I love you though. I love you so much. You’re my pride and joy, even if I don’t show it much. I’m here now.” He says handing me the Midol and juice. I take the pills and curl into a ball.

“Just like your mother.” He says crawling in behind me, puling me to his chest. He rubs my stomach and whispers how sorry he was. I then fall asleep to soft voice of my dad saying.

“I love you, (Y/N) (Y/M/N) Hemmings.”

Michael (bold is Michael’s texts and Italics is yours)

Mikey!!!!!! Bring me some chocolate please?


Cause I need it.

Oh that time of the month huh?

You know me so well!

You’re lucky I love you.

Love you too.

Be there on ten

I had texted my best friend, Michael Clifford, because he knows just what to do when I am on my period. I absolutely adore him. He is just everything you could ever want in a guy! (A/N:: Am I right ladies?!) I am in love with the man. But he doesn’t love me back. I know this. It’s so frustrating. Not as frustrating as the cramps. I am currently on my couch in the fetal position trying to get rid of these cramps.

“Fucking cramps!” I yell into the empty space of nothingness. (A/N:: I have no idea why I said that…) The movie I was watching, I think its called Safe Haven. Anyway I was sort of watching it along with trying to get these cramps to subside, when Michael comes in with a bag and a box of pizza.

“So I was already getting the pizza and on my way over. So we have extra food.” He smiles and sits next to me.

“Thanks Mikey!” I say and grab a slice of pizza. He wraps his arm around me and I snuggle into him while we eat.

“You know, I really like you (Y/N).” He says out of the blue. I smile and kiss his cheek.

“Feelings are mutual Mikey.” I say and he turns to me.

“Really?” He ask, hope filling his eyes.

I nod and peck his lips. He shakes his head and pulls my head closer to his.

“It goes like this, (Y/N).” He says with a light chuckle before our lips meet. And yes the kiss was magical. When we pull away he has the biggest smile on his face. “You taste like pizza.” He laughs and I laugh.

“I wonder why.” I sarcastically say as I crawl into his lap. “Can you hold me? My cramps are back.” I say and he wraps his arm around me. He rubs my side and I instantly relax.

“Hmm. Thank you Michael. I love you.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”



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They had just finished putting the finishing touches on their apartment when Henry asked she question she had been hoping to avoid.

“Mum,” Henry said, hesitantly, “I need to talk to you about something.”

“What is it, kid?” She replied absentmindedly, attempting to straighten out the cushions on the couch.

“It’s about my Dad… My memories of him don’t really make sense anymore.”

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