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27. Part 6

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Running down the steps “Chris please, don’t go” grabbing his jacket, he is hurting me so much because I am sorry and he is walking away from me, walking around him “I know you are drunk but please, listen to me and stay with me. I want to come with you” Chris placed his hand over my face “talk too much, open the door” he moved his hand away from my face “what the hell is happening? You will wake your mother!” my dad said, sucking back the tears that were going to fall “Chris is drunk dad” Blake said, Chris fell forward a little and held my shoulder “so where is he going?” my dad walked down the steps “pops, nigga we going” Chris slurred out “we going home” I can’t even shut him up “like this? Chris, you can’t go anywhere like this” my dad moved me out of the way “why don’t we do this tomorrow” my dad turned Chris around “no” Chris hit my dad’ hand away “she don’t love me, don’t you see. I can’t be here” my dad stared at Chris in confusion “what happened?” my dad asked, I couldn’t control myself and cried out “nah, nah I can’t!” Chris dropped the bag on the ground, trying to walk by my dad “I do love him, oh my god. Why is he doing this!? Why are you punishing me over something so small” I sobbed out “you know what Chris, I was thinking that I should take you. We ride together, you tell me everything about Rylee” my dad opened the front door, Chris dragged his feet walking out “what you doing dad?” tears fell “stay here, if he wants to go home then he will” my dad picked up Chris’ bag from the ground “his bodyguards could take him” Blake pointed saying.

I don’t why Blake is awake with me, I don’t even know why my dad went with Chris. He could’ve just let him go on his own, I am so hurt by Chris reacting this way with me when I barely did anything to him “why was Chris saying you don’t love him? Did y’all fight?” Blake finally asked, I knew he was waiting to ask this, flicking the tear that fell “he said I was flirting with Kyrie, I was just happy to see him. I touched his arm and he got upset about that, Chris is insecure that I will leave him and cheat” Blake let out an oh “then why do that? Shit is mind blowing that you got Chris Brown head over heels, like you got Chris Brown out here drunk because of you. I know my sister ain’t that beautiful” side eyeing him, my ears perked up hearing a car pulling up on the drive. Jumping off the couch and running to the window, pulling back the blinds “dad is back” moving back, did he drop Chris off.

Dragging the door open, stepping outside not caring about any shoes “put some shoes on” my dad pointed, looking inside the car “Chris is here?” I pointed confused “oh yeah, he fell asleep. I told his boys that he’s coming back here, that was the plan” my dad walked towards the car door, pulling it open “but he wanted to go” I am so happy to see him still here but he didn’t want to be here “and my daughter didn’t want him too, it’s the drink talking. You speak like adults, Blake come here and help me pick him out. I knew he would fall asleep, he told me how much he respected me and he loves me and then he said other things” Blake moved me out of the way “what other things?” stepping back, I want to know “be careful with him” he is such an idiot, he gets me so annoyed at times. My dad held his top half while Blake held Chris’ legs, opening the back door and seeing Chris’ bag. Picking the bag out of the car and closing the door, looking at the front seat just to see if nothing has fallen out of his pockets. Seeing some keys on the floor of the car, leaning into the car to pick them out. Looking down at the keys, these are his. He has a picture of Roro, smiling at the picture and turning it around. Took me by surprise seeing the picture of Chris and I, on our first date at a theme park. I look awful, he is so stupid. Kicking the door shut, I don’t know why he thinks I would cheat when I barely trust a man.

Walking into the living room “he’ll be ok here, I am going back to bed now” my dad said, placing the bag down on the floor “no, wait dad” turning to walk over to my dad “what else did he say? Don’t hide anything away from me” I would like to know if he said anything about me “he just said she don’t love me, I said my daughter adores you. He said he is not good enough for you, he says you are above him. I think in his mind he thinks you are so much more better and he is worthless. Just both of you work it out, be adults. I know you love him Rylee, whatever happened between you both it happened so look to the future. He’s a very emotional man, I thought you both broke up. He cried” my heart fell hearing that he cried, he really took what I did to heart for no reason at all. I just didn’t think his love was so deep, I mean ok I know he loves me but he is crazy in love with me but I just didn’t realise that it was this deep.

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Scrunching my face up with my eyes closed, hearing my phone ring again. Groaning out in pain, my head and this sound. Turning around “fuck” my body fell to the ground “oh dear, be careful Chris” my eyes shot open hearing Rose, where am I. Staring at the ceiling and then hearing my phone ringing again. Patting pants, digging into my pocket and grabbing my phone. Looking at the caller I.D and answering the call “Nia” my mouth is so dry, oh dear god and my head “where are you?” closing my eyes, placing my hand on my head “I have no idea” looking to the side of me, Rose is watching TV “New Jersey” I said, I am sure I was making my way home “oh wow, so do you want to say to Royalty that you are not coming? You said you was taking her to Ballet class, she is waiting!” Nia is being loud “sorry, I just had a long night” holding the phone away from my ear “upsetting our daughter that wanted you, you piece of shit!” she screamed down the phone, looking up at Rylee “you a real piece of shit, you fucking told my daughter that you would be here. She is fucking asking for you, she will know how useless you are!” Nia is so loud, bringing the phone to my ear “sorry ok” disconnecting the call “breakfast on the table” Rylee said before walking off, sighing out closing my eyes, I feel sick.

Pushing the plate away, I feel sick even looking at that. The smell of food alone is making me want to puke “you need to just eat the food, that way it will disappear” Nathan said as he walked into dining room “why did I drink again?” I asked “you wanted too, you drank that lean like it was nothing too and then smoked all of our blunts” staring all wide eyed “I did?” I spat “he did!?” Rylee said too, I don’t even want to deal with that at all “uh yeah, it was cool” Nathan waved it off “cool? Cool!? He had a seizure last time so no, it’s not fucking cool. He’s not allowed that shit and he promised me that he would stop, how could you” Rylee’ voice is giving me a more of a headache “I need to go, thanks for all this” getting up from the seat “I can talk to you now, you are you. Drunk Chris no, but if you leave then don’t expect me to come running back to you. You can run away all you want but I know you will be calling me to come home soon, I won’t come home. If you can’t be an adult about this then don’t expect me to come home, decide now” Rylee came into my eye-view, I don’t want that either. Shaking my head sitting back down.

Looking at the caller I.D, has Nia called to cuss me out again “what” I said down the phone, eating some of the bread “silly!!” Royalty said down the phone “talk to him, it’s dad” I could hear Nia say in the background “baby, talk to me” Royalty giggled “what you doing ugly?” she is about to just be stupid and I am still tired as shit “where are you” she asked me “I’m sorry, I am working you know how I get busy with work baby. I honestly miss you so much, I am sorry” I feel bad because I did promise her I would see her “awwww no, I dance daddy” smiling as I closed my eyes “I can’t wait to see that Roro, I honestly miss you. I will be home soon, are you upset with me?” I need to fix myself up and go back to LA “no, I love you” a smile formed on my face “I love you too, you better show them how it’s done” I miss her little face so much.

I feel a little more refreshed now, I know what I need to do and that is speak to Rylee but I don’t really want to speak either because I am a little upset still. I need to man the hell up and get on with this talk, closing the bedroom door behind me “hope the hangover cleared up” Harvey said, looking down the hall “oh, yeah it kinda has” Harvey chuckled at me “you were something else drunk, you talk a lot too. Did you speak to my daughter yet?” shaking my head silently “it’s scary being in love Chris, it’s a scary feeling to have. I understand where you are coming from, I am so in love with Rose that I know if anything happens to her then I am gone with her, I can’t stand to be on this earth without her. She is my other half, she makes me complete. You remind me of me, I ran away from Rose a few times because I was like what is this, a big guy like me in love? What is that, talk and open up with each other and whatever my daughter did doesn’t mean she don’t love you. I know she loves you, she even left her job for you which I am not really happy about but she wants you happy so there is that, Rose told her to follow her heart and she did. Just please, both talk. You have the house to yourselves, I am taking Rose for her appointment” I am now wondering what the fuck I said while drunk, he has said all of this to me.

Sitting down on the couch across from Rylee, I have a feeling Rylee is about to drag me or maybe tell me what a dick I am. How can one woman be so beautiful without even trying, she is above me and it’s wild how she don’t even know it. If I was a female and this beautiful, I think I would be a hoe but she isn’t. Frowning a little, she really isn’t a hoe “what are you thinking?” Rylee said breaking my train of thoughts “thinking about what you thinking about” I shrugged saying “right, I am thinking what an idiot my future husband is, or if he wants to be with me anymore because I flirted with a man, a guy I knew from university. Ok I got a little taken back by his face, he is beautiful and I am sure you find other girls beautiful” rolling my eyes shaking my head “I actually don’t, you are the most beautiful girl I have been with” Rylee shook her head “no, that is a lie. You had beautiful girls” licking my lips “had!” I spat “I had! Until I met you but I don’t think that about anyone because now I have got you there is nobody else, if you think he is beautiful what am I? Ugly?” I am a little offended “wow Chris, no. I don’t think you’re ugly at all” why do I find myself getting so angry at this, I hate talking about this situation.

I am annoyed already “it’s fine, I am not good enough for you” looking down at my tee, I think I am done speaking now “really Chris? Really? Not good enough for me?” she pointed at herself “since when did Chris Brown get so sensitive, I met you and your confidence was sky fucking high and now you’re speaking to me like a defeated man. What is this Chris? I feel like I have changed you for the worsw” looking down at my hands, I don’t know what to say to her because I rather not “is it because I called another man beautiful? Is that what it is? Chris please stop being like this with me” Rylee pleaded with me “I don’t know what you want me to say?” I find it hard to even look at Rylee sometimes “I am in love and I don’t know how to handle it, I don’t think I am doing well at this love thing at all. The feeling of being scared is playing hard on me all the time, I am scared to lose you. If I lose you then what do I have? Then you find another man attractive, you probably see more in that then me. All I can give you is money” Rylee stared at me in shock “no, how can you think that!? You gave me your heart. I have realised that your heart is mine and I know you’re scared of that, Chris I don’t want you to feel like this. I would do anything for you and you know it, I left my job for you. Living with you, looking after Royalty for you. I love her because I love you and you think I want Kyrie? You are the man that loved a broken woman like me that did not want a man, you loved me for my scars and not my looks. Just like I showed you how to love, you also showed me how to love, I don’t understand why you think I would cheat on you. Trusting another man to touch me like that? I barely let you touch me” sighing out heavily.

Looking up at Rylee “this! What we have Chris is scary, I am scared just as much as you are. I am overprotective of you but I don’t like to know you think I am above you, I am in no way shape or form above you. I am not anybody else’s, I am yours. I am marrying you, I am engaged to you Chris. I am going to have friends Chris but I don’t want you to think I am out there to cheat, I am not even thinking that at all, I love you” Rylee got up from the couch “I feel like an idiot anyways, I have become a little bitch” Rylee sat next to me “no, don’t think that. Stop it, you have just changed and I like this Chris but I don’t like the insecure Chris because that is not you. Love has really got to you, trust me I am not going anywhere. We need to be as one Chris and more strong” Rylee held my hand “drink lean again I will leave you, if you die the fuck am I going to do? You want a baby then you need to stop this shit, I am changing and so do you” nodding my head “I am sorry Rylee, I fucked up because I let my fear get in the way, I put my guard up” Rylee bought my hand up to her lips, pressing a kiss to my hand “let’s look to the future” stroking Rylee’ cheek “have you finished your period now? I think you have, can we have sex now” Rylee giggled “I need a wax, we not doing anything until I am clean” I want sex now “just wait on it” Rylee winked at me.

“So, you two caused a car fire and made several people cry because…” Damien really was reaching the end of his rope today. Lucien and Ernest didn’t even have the decentzie to look guilty.

“They were the ones who hurt Amanda.” His son replied as if it was self explanatory. Ernest nods, looking very proud of himself.

Damien blinks. Hugo, who hasn’t even looked up from his hunched over position on his desk so far finally speaks up. “They were the reason why Amanda’s grades were going down and she had difficulties concentrating?” Both boys nod.
“So you two comited serious fellonies because you wanted revenge for a friend.” Damien added. “Not just a friend. *Amanda* dad.” Lucien countered. Damien supposed they had a point….it *was* Amanda of all people after all.

“Does anybody except us know that you are behind it?” Hugo asks and both boys shake their heads. They made sure no one could tell it was them, if they weren’t caught red handed by Hugo himself that is.

“Okay.” He says as he rises from his seat. “Lets go.”

“Go to where?”

“We call Amanda’s dad and are all getting ice cream together.”

The boys and Damien stare after him dumbfoundedly. “And we will never talk of this again.”

“Dude.” Lucien said to Ernest, “And you claim your dad’s a tool.”

One of the hardest parts of AP Chinese is the speaking portion! There is a wide variety of topics that it could cover. Here are some topics that you can prepare for!

Western vs Chinese

-  Western vs Chinese habitual differences (i.e. holidays, names, family structure, greetings, gender roles, time management, etc)

- Western vs Chinese clothing

- Western vs Chinese foods

- Chinese vs Western names 

- Chinese vs oil painting


- What to do when going to a Chinese person’s home for dinner

- Four great inventions - compass, gunpowder, paper, printing

- 2 idiom stories (i.e. 叶公好龙、拔苗助长、守株待兔、刻舟求剑)

- A riddle

- A poem (i.e. 鹅鹅鹅、静夜思考、etc)

- Beijing opera

- Characteristics of Chinese characters

- Confucius

- Zheng He

- A Chinese short story/tale

- Martial arts

- Paper cutting

- Chinese chess

- The Great Wall


- Describe a food (i.e. fried duck, dumplings, etc)

- Story about a food

- Regional Chinese foods


- Chinese New Year / 春节

- Lantern festival / 元宵节

- Mid-Autumn festival / 中秋节

- Dragon Boat Festival / 端午节/龙舟节

- Double ninth festival / 重阳节

- Qing Ming festival / 清明节


- Travel Plans

- Current Events

- Your idol

- Common signs (road signs or labels) in Chinese

- Introduction of your school

- What you would do in Beijing

- extracurricular activities

- Volunteering activities

- Ethics (i.e. benefits and consequences of using phones, the internet, phones, etc)

- Favorite movie

Other things to do for fun:

- Watch a Chinese movie. I recommend: Red Cliff, Back to 20, The Witness, Mr. Six)

- Listen to Chinese songs. I recommend artists like Jay Chou, JJ Lin (his song Twilight is soooo good), Jane Zhang, and newer idols like LuHan and ZTAO. 

- Watch a Chinese drama. I’m currently watching Fighter of the Destiny/择天记 but there are a tonn out there!

- Watch a Chinese variety show. I recommend 奔跑吧 (Running Man China), 极限挑战 (Go Fighting), 快乐大本营 (Happy Camp), 非诚勿扰 (If You are the One), Where are we going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿). 


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

Huntress- Part 18: Legacy

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E18 so warning: SPOILERS

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Part Seventeen

You watched as Uncle Dean walked into the room, he’d called Cas about fifteen times this week and still nothing. Dad walked in from the other entrance, holding a load of papers and articles. You all sat at the table, “Still no word from Cas?” Dad stated the obvious,
“Nothing.” Uncle Dean huffed. He picked up his guns and began to clean them. You noticed he did this when he was worried.
“He’s Cas. This isn’t the first time he’s just dropped off the map. He’ll be fine.” Dad tried to reassure his brother, who hummed a “Yeah…” in response. 

“Well, I’ve been researching demons. Turns out we have a lot of books on demons.” 
You chuckled.
“But nothing useful for Daegon.”

“Helpful.” You stated sarcastically. You glanced up when a notification appeared on your Dad’s laptop screen. “Huh,” He grabbed Uncle Dean’s attention “I just got an email from Mick…It’s a case.”
“Good.” Uncle Dean replied before wiping the barrel of his pistol.

“Why didn’t he call?” You wondered aloud.

“Some guy called Jarrod Hayes went missing last week in Tomahawk, Wisconsin….Mick say’s this place has a history.


“Well someone went missing every year for some time until it stopped twenty years ago…well, until now.” Dad paraphrased.

“What so it’s like a cycle or something?” You suggested.

“Something like that.”

As everyone was throwing some bags into the back of Baby your Dad stopped you. “You sure you’re okay to come?”
“Yeah. I’m fine.” You nodded. You were far too determined to quit.
His eyebrows furrowed sympathetically. “If you want to stop at any point just say.” He paused before adding “Promise?”
“Promise.” You smiled.

The three of you raised an eyebrow at the Sheriff. He was adding the finishing touches to some sort of taxidermy project. It was a little creepy to say the least. You’d taken on Claire’s advice and after managing to convince your Dad to let you tag along as they posed as FBI agents. It was amazing what a little makeup and smart-wear could do.

“You know what I don’t get…” the Sheriff began “Why the fed’s are so interested?” He didn’t look away from his work.
“Just following orders.” Uncle Dean answered in a way that said it wasn’t up for question.
“What can you tell us about the case?” Dad asked after clearing his throat.
“Not much to tell,” the Sheriff picked up some sort of tweezers and began fixing any hair that looked out of place to him “Some kids were hanging out, Jarrod went home and never made it.”
“You don’t seem very worried.” You noticed his casual demeanor.
“If you ask me he bailed. He had it tough you know…real tough.” The Sheriff started to sew something up on the creature.
“Tough?” Uncle Dean raised an eyebrow.
“His Mom left years ago and his Dad…well…lets just say Jarrod fell down the stairs a lot.”

“You knew he was being abused?” You tried not to sound angry.

“We tried to help him, but taking a child away from his parents, even if they’re the evilest people in the world, its hard.” 
You couldn’t argue with him, but you didn’t fully agree either.

Uncle Dean went back to the issue at hand “You said Jarrod was with friends the night he went missing, did any of them say anything?”
“Nothin’ worth repeating….there, ain’t he precious?” The Sheriff sat back from his completed work and did a sort of ‘voila’ pose. You smiled awkwardly, trying to look impressed. 
“Any idea where we can find any of these friends?” Dad wondered.

“Darren Boston? Agents Stark, Martel and Pond.” You held up your badges briefly.
“Ah no…” Darren whispered to himself, tossing his joint to the floor. You picked it back up and handed to his confused face “That stuff’s expensive.” 
Thanks?” He mumbled.
“We uh, we wanted to ask you a few quick questions about the night your friend Jarrod Hayes went missing?” Dad explained.
“What about it?” He huffed.
“The Sheriff said you were with him.” Dad continued.
“Yeah well the Sheriff can suck it. He thinks Jarrod just upped and left this town.”
“And you don’t?” You said curiously.
“I know he didn’t. But the cops aren’t gonna believe me, not if the Sheriff doesn’t. He’s got it in for me.” Darren complained.
He held up his fag in an obvious manor “Why do you think?”

“So what did happen?” You encouraged him, if he hadn’t told anyone else, which by the sounds of it he hadn’t, he’d be more likely to tell you.
“I tried to save him…” Darren took a deep breath “But the monster got him: Black Bill.”

“Black Bill is a local urban legend…” Your Dad began to explain, but paused when neither you nor Dean were paying much attention. One, you already had the wiki page up on your phone and two, you were starving so food was the priority. The waitress finally cam over with your orders, spending extra long giving your Uncle his so she made sure he saw “the look”. You hid behind your milkshake in embarrassment for him as he winked.
“Focus.” Dad managed through gritted teeth, nudging his brother.
“I am focused! Black Bill, urban legends blah blah what’ve you got?” Uncle Dean clearly wasn’t “focused” but you were too busy reading your own phone to bother saying anything.
Dad coninued “Apparently he has the head of a goat-”
“A goat?” Uncle Dean stopped him “Like mehh a goat?”
“No. The black and white type that goes Moo.” You remarked, earning a bitchface from your Uncle and a smile from your Dad.

“So where are we going with this?” Uncle Dean tried his best to stay on board as he followed the waitress round with his eyes.
“You’re an actual creep.” You looked at him with a disgusted face and he swatted you on the back of the head “What would you know, you’re what, twelve?”
“Old man.” You hissed.
“Baby.” He snapped back.
You stuck your tongue out at him “Fight me.”
“I’d beat your ass.”
“Guys!” Dad drew your attentions back to the case “Focus.”

“Why don’t you two uh, focus on the case.” Uncle Dean didn’t take his eyes off the waitress, who was glancing at him whenever she had the chance.
“Don’t wait up.” He mumbled, slowly getting up from the table “We can just use the colt. Dusts anything.”
“Still, if it fails it’s nice to have a plan B.” You shrugged.
“I’m done with you two and your..logic.” With that he got up and made a beeline for the lady. 
“Oh don’t do the hot coffee thing.” Dad winced in preparation for whatever awful pickup line he was about to attempt.

Uncle Dean whistled a little before smirking “This coffee is hot, almost as hot as-” He then gestured towards her.
You sunk into your chair “Oh please no that was so painful to watch.” 
Cringing you faced away from the pair of them, making Dad chuckle. “Wanna go?” He said, clearly feeling the same.

After an all-nighter of researching and endless energy drinks, or coffee for your Dad, you were back in the same cafe. Hopefully, Uncle Dean would arrive soon so you could carry on with the case.
You glanced up when the little bell went at the door where he whispered something to her before grinning and heading in your direction. 
He sat down, looking way too proud with himself. “Good night?” Dad asked.
“Why would you even ask that?” You mumbled.
“Awesome. So awesome.” Uncle Dean smiled widely as he looked back over to her taking her jacket off.

“So uh, any idea what we’re dealing with?”
“A satyr.” You said- keen to change the topic.
“A what?” Uncle Dean raised his eyebrows, stuffing his face full of your Dad’s order. 
“Half man-half goat thing, like Mr Tumnus from Narnia.”
“You are such a nerd.” He commented.
“Nerd life is best life.”You shrugged, taking your phone back from him.

“They lead people to the woods for massive orgys and then the Satyr would, quote, “feast on the flesh of his victims until his belly was full to bursting with their moist slippery meat””. 
Uncle Dean slowed his chewing and pushed his plate away “Oh, so now what?”
“We were gonna question Darren…”
“Were going to?” Uncle Dean didn’t like where this was going. 
“Yeah,” Dad nodded “His Mom called to say he never made it home from work last night.”

“Excuse me, Sir. Hi, Agents Stark, Martell and Pond. We’re looking for Darren Boston?”
“Darren?” The man looked puzzled “Is he in trouble?”
“No we uh, spoke to him last night. We just wanted to ask a few follow up questions.”
“No he didn’t actually show up for work today. Sorry I can’t help you any more than that…The last time I saw him was yesterday. Big day today, though. It’s a shame he couldn’t have pulled his load.”
“How come it’s a big day?” You asked.
“See that man over there, he’s the health inspector. They’re trying to shut us down. We can’t afford to upgrade to better equipment.”
“And the owner?” Dad pressed.
“He’d rather play Sheriff.”
“Wait,” Uncle Dean stopped him from saying anything else “You’re telling me Sheriff Bishop owns this plant?”
“Yeah-“ He paused, noticing a man waving for his attention “Excuse me.”

“So…” You sighed, watching him walk away “We talk to the Sheriff.”
Uncle Dean continued “Find our witness who later goes missing.”
Dad finished “Last seen somewhere owned by the Sheriff. Coincidence?”

The three of you walked behind a curtain to reveal racks of meat. It stank and it took any drop of hunger you had out of you. Ew.
“Sheriff.” Uncle Dean cleared his throat. The Sheriff turned round on his heels with his hands half in his pockets “What are you doing here? Still trying to track down Jarrod?”
“And Darren Boston. He went missing yesterday.” You added.
“Geez, first I’ve heard.”
“Sheriff, what do you know about Black Bill?” Uncle Dean went straight to the local legend.
The Sheriff sighed “Parents tell it to their kids so they don’t stay out so late or play somewhere they shouldn’t. He’s like the boogeyman, you know? Ain’t real.”
“You sure about that, a lot of people in this town go missing.” You questioned him furhter.
“Yeah, they work at the plant, get bored and move on.”
“And what about Darren?” Dad tilted his head.
“The kid was drunk, high or both. He’s not exactly a trustworthy witness.”

“Okay, thank you for your time.” Dad thanked him before turning and leaving with you both. Once you’d made it out of the main area you began to discuss the case. “He’s not acting suspicious at all.” Uncle Dean scoffed.
“But how’s he connected to the satyr?” Dad couldn’t get his head round it and neither could.

You stole a few of Uncle Dean’s chips as he grabbed ketchup from the other table, throwing you a suspicious glare as you munched on them. “Did you take some of my fries?” He raised an eyebrow. You shrugged, swallowing. You were about to act all innocent when Dad came into the diner. “Seriously? You can eat after what we just saw?” He looked disgusted at his brother.
He shrugged, taking a bite of his burger. “This is heaven, Sammy.”
You took another chip when he closed his eyes, having a moment with his burger. He then opened one and glanced at you, swallowing before saying “Will you stop.”
“I’ll stop when you run out of chips.” You smiled sweetly.
Anyway,” Dad ignored you both “Did we find anything out?”
“Yeah, all the past victims worked at the factory.” You said after taking a sip of your hot chocolate.
“All of them?”
“Yep. So they must be connected.”

“Must be. What I found is that in the past if you lived here you worked at the plant. The Bishops owned everything. From the factory to the housing. Only, recently they’ve been having to sell things off. Everything except for the factory and their housing estate.” Dad placed a photo in front of you both.
“Damn.” You looked at how posh and defined it was “Now that’s a house.”
Dad’s phone buzzed and he checked the screen “It’s from Mick, he’s wondering how the case is going.”
You didn’t mention anything, but Mick had been acting a little out of character recently. “Tell him it’s going just fine.” Uncle Dean managed between bites.

You flicked your torch on and stayed close to your Dad and Uncle, treading carefully through the estate. As they turned to go different ways, exploring the place, you did so too, walking into the huge kitchen-diner with a door at the other side.
“Dean, Y/N!” Your Dad called, turning your attention away from the backdoor “I’d say we just got lucky.”

You and Uncle Dean came face to face with a huge wooden door- at leas 8 different locks bolting it shut. “I’d say he’s hiding something.” You said, watching as your Dad began to pick the locks.
After a few minutes of fiddling about with them the door swung open to reveal a gloomy looking staircase leading into the dark basement. You descended down in silence, one hand with a torch and the other with a gun.

It was a large-ish room littered with torture devices and blades. You noticed the definite smell of blood and cringed as you shined your torch over the bloody table. The door from upstairs sounded and you froze. The three of you shared a worried look as the footsteps grew loud from the floor above. It must have been the Sheriff.
He crept down the steps, straight towards the three of you. Immediately, you stepped off to the side as not to be the ones at gunpoint. Dean cocked the colt and held it against the Sheriff’s head. “Hey.” He grumbled.

You took the gun from the Sheriff’s grip and held it away from his reaching distance, Uncle Dean hit him against the wall and demanded “Talk.”

“You won’t believe me…” He looked down. You could tell he wasn’t exactly a keen killer. “We’ve got a pretty open mind.” Dad countered.

The Sheriff sighed “My family…we’ve got a secret..Black Bill is us. When we were kids Dad told us about how a monster came to our house and made us rich in return for food.”
“Food?” You narrowed your eyebrows in question.
“Human blood. We made Black Bill up…”
“So who’s the monster?” Uncle Dean questioned.

You nodded slowly before saying “The God of sacrifice.”
“That’s right.” The Sheriff nodded sadly. “We starve him until he’ll give us anything we want. In return for some poor son of a bitch’s blood we get rich. But after my Dad died I put a stop to it. I didn’t want to kill anyone, I just wanted to put right what we’d done wrong.”
“So uh, where’s Moluch now?” You asked, peering into the hatch you presumed he’d been in.
“He’s still there. Locked up, hoped he’d starved to death.”
You looked between him and the hatch in confusion “He’s definitely not in here.” You knelt down next to it and shined your torch “Empty.”
“What?” The Sheriff stood up straight and snatched the torch from you, making you sigh. He took a look for himself in fright “No no no…no-” He was cut short by a booming sound from upstairs. 

“Stay down here, I’m going up.” Uncle Dean spoke quietly, holding his gun up more than before. “Dean, there could be a God up there.” Dad scoffed at his brother. “I’m cool.” Uncle Dean held the colt up. You couldn’t help but worry about how much he relied on it.

After a few minutes of silence you left the room and crept up to the top of the stairs, perring round the corners- nothing. “Y/N?” Dad called from the bottom “What are you doing? You don’t have the cult! You don’t even have your gun!”
“I don’t need it.” You said, catching a glimpse of the man following Uncle Dean. You left the steps heading up to the first floor so you were following someone following Uncle Dean. 
Your Dad watched as you turned the corner, glancing back and forth between the Sheriff and following you. “Y/N!” He hissed, well aware you probably couldn’t hear him.

You ducked behind a wall when the man lunged at Uncle Dean, not sure whether to announce to them you were there or stay hidden. The fought until Uncle Dean parried the wrong way, allowing the man room to flip him over the edge of the stairs. He quickly locked the basement door before your Dad could run out. You stayed hidden, watching as he dragged Uncle Dean out of the building, now wishing you had your gun. When you were certain the coast was clear you headed down and unlocked the door. A very disappointed Dad awaited the other side.
You didn’t know what to do. “Next time, bring a gun.” He scolded, heading out of the building before pausing “Where’s Dean?”
“Taken.” You said, taking your gun back from him and holding your mobile up “Or being taken.”
Dad watched your screen, a small blip appearing as it tracked his phone. He sighed “Okay let’s go.”

“Dean?!” Dad called out. You all crept through the factory, weapons at the ready. “I’ve lost the signal but he’s somewhere around here.” You said, looking about for any niches. 
A loud growl echoed throughout the hallways and crates. You all turned, aiming your guns towards the sound, which was a iron door that looked like it could only be opened from this side. You crept towards it, but your eyes averted to the side for a second, noticing a shadowy figure in the corner of your vision. “Right.” You whispered, stepping to the left.
Your Dad glanced at you in confusion before looking past you and noticing what you meant. It was a man with a mask of a satyr- reflecting the fake legend of Black Bill. He lunged at the pair of you, both stepping away from his attack. He then attacked the Sheriff, both of which fell to the floor, wrestling and fighting. The Sheriff tore his mask off and shouted at him “Pete! You’ve got to stop!”
“Don’t act like you care! My whole life I’ve got shit all! The crap!” He kicked the Sheriff away from him and rose, aiming his gun at him “Not anymore. I’m going to be a hero, saving this town,” You watched as your Dad held his gun up “And you’re dea-”
He pulled the trigger, sending Pete to the floor with blood oozing from his wound. You grabbed the colt from him, tossing it at Dad who’d shot the lock. He caught it and swung the door open. You watched as Moluch stared, as if aware of his fate. The gunshot boomed through the metallic structures, ringing off the walls as Moluch’s whole body lit up like lightening coursing through him before he fell away to nothing.

“Colt…” Dad breathed “Dusts anything.”

“You guys should head off.” The Sheriff looked away from his half-brother. 
“Sheriff,” Dad sighed “We can hep clean up and-”
“No this I can do…It’s my legacy.”

“Hey, I’ve been thinking,” Uncle Dean said, putting beers down on the table. He glanced at you before handing you one, making you smile “What’s our legacy? Do you think people are gonna remember us in years to come?”
“No.” Dad stated bluntly, making you chuckle. “Well I mean we’re not exactly the type of people to be written about in the History books. But the people we’ve saved. They’ll remember us and then they’ll eventually fade away too. But that’s okay. Because we left the world better than we found it.”
“Wonder what’s gonna happen to this place,” Uncle Dean asked another “After we’re gone.”
“That’s up to this one.” Dad ruffled your hair “There’s gonna be a next generation of Hunters. We’ve already seen glimpses of it: Y/N and Claire.”

Nodding slowly, as if taking in Dad’s words, Uncle Dean flicked his blade out an began carving something into the table. You leaned to the side slightly in order to read it. “What are you doing?”
“Making our mark.” 
When he’d finished scratching away at the wood you could read it: ‘DW’. You smiled, watching your Dad take his own blade out and do the same. Then, to your surprise Uncle Dean held the blade out to you and smirked. You looked at it, not sure what to say. He took your hand and placed the blade in it for you “Those initial’s aren’t gonna write themselves.”

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Family (MGK)

Machine Gun Kelly, MGK

@val2557  asked: Can you make a imagine of being married to machine gun kelly?

“(Y/N), are you sleeping?” Kelly asks me, waking me up from my mid-day slumber. It’s one of those days, where Kelly is not on the road or in the studio, but he has an interview leaving him out of the house for some hours and me doing some shit that I want in tranquility.

"Not anymore…” I whimper as I prop my body on my elbow.
“Good, good. Get up. I wanna take you out. Go get ready.” He says cheerfully, looking at me like a 5-year-old.
“Kels…” I groan.
“Shush… I want to take my wife out for lunch and spend the evening together. Don’t ruin this for me…” He pleads and I chuckle.
“Why are you chuckling?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.
“I don’t know. I guess the word wife is still new to me …” I say, shrugging. Kelly laughs and strokes my cheek.
“Wife, wife, wifey, wife.” He sings, earning a slap on the shoulder.

I get up from the couch, placing the book that was rested on my hip on its place on the bookcase. I jog upstairs to our bedroom and enter the closet, taking in the hangers full of clothes. I pick up a simple blue skater dress and a light blue jean jacket, seeing that it will get pretty chilly after 6 P.M.
I place my clothes on the small armchair in the closet, before I shimmy out of my homewear. I put my bra and grab my dress as I hear the soft crackling of the floor, signaling that Kel entered the room. I turn around and look at him as he leans on the doorframe
“Whatcha looking at Colson?” I tease him as I slip into my dress. He groans and I see him roll his eyes.
“I hate you when you call me by my actual name…” He says. I shrug and grab my jacket, smiling mischievously at him.
I walk up to my vanity, thinking of the makeup I want to put on my face.
“No, don’t wear makeup… ” Kels stops me as I open the drawer.
“Why?” I ask, confused.
“Well,  first of all, you don’t need to. And second, I want to be able to grab your face and pepper your face in kisses without having to worry about your makeup…” He replies, looking at me smiling. I chuckle and place a kiss on his lips before I slip in my jacket and he takes my hand in his.

“Ok, what’s the plan for today? "I ask as we get in the car.
"Well, I was thinking of going for lunch just the 2 of us and then maybe go pick Casie up and do something the 3 of us. ” He says, focused on the road ahead of us.
“Sure, I’d love to spend some time with Casie. Maybe she can stay with us tonight.” I suggest, making him smile.
“Are you sure about that?” He asks.
“Yeah. You know what we should do?”
“What should we do, baby doll?”
“Redecorate one of the guests’ room and have it just for Casie. She can pick the theme and the colors and I can work on it. You know, have something to do when you are on tour. "I suggest, excited about it.
"That would be really great. We can ask her today and she can stay the weekend and you 2 can work together on it. Maybe I can help too. ” He says, making me smile as I picture all of us doing something together.

During lunch, he tells me about the new songs and the cities he is going to visit to promote his new work. I can see his excitement and the spark in his eyes, making me remember the time back when we first met.
I smile and stare at him, lost in his features: he is the same M, the same man I see on stage and in videos, only calmer and just mine.
“Why are you smiling like that? And why are you staring at me? Do I have something stuck in my teeth or is there something on my face?” He asks, laughing and wiping his face.
“No, no… Just… I am so in love with you man…” I say, shaking my head.
“Stop it. I am married.” He teases me.
“Yeah, to me… I reply, giggling.
"I am so lucky to have you, man…” He mumbles and I blush a tiny bit.
“Yeah, you are.” I shoot back, taking a sip from my wine. He chuckles and shakes his head.
“Should we go, babe?"He asks, checking the time on his phone. I nod and pick my bag, reaching inside to pick my wallet and pay for our lunch. Kelly slaps my hand away and picks the tab, bringing out his wallet from his jacket.
"Sometimes I hate you."I state, slipping my jacket on.
"Yeah, yeah. I know.” He replies, walking up next to me. He places his arm around my shoulders and kisses my temple

The drive to Casie’s mom’s house was pretty short and we mostly jammed to M’s album.
“Hey Cas…How are you? ” I greet her as Kelly helps her get in the car.
“Hey (Y/N)… I am fine. ” She replies cheerfully while waving her hand.
“All set.” He announces after he buckles her.
“Where are we going, dad?” She asks as he gets on the driver’s seat.
“That’s a nice question. Where are we going, Colson?” I repeat the question, curious to know the answer.
“You two are seriously the 2 most impatient people I’ve ever met.” Kels groans, avoiding the answer.
“Answer the question.” I demand.
“Yeah dad, answer the question…” Casie demands, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
“You are both not playing fair… We are going to the aquarium and then maybe to the planetarium if this little one is not asleep by then. ”
“I am not little…” Casie protests and he chuckles.
“I know baby. I am talking about (Y/N). ” He responds, laughing. I punch him lightly on the shoulder as he and Cas laugh.
“Why are you laughing, young lady?” I ask her, faking being offended and making her giggle even more.

The trip to the aquarium was really fun. Casie and I got so mesmerized by all those colorful fish swimming, that we literally glued our faces to the glass. In the end, Casie fell asleep on our way to the planetarium, so we had to turn around and get home.
“It’s a pity we didn’t get to see the stars. ” I comment as he parks the car in the garage. He chuckles and grabs my hand, bringing it to his lips.
“I get to see them every day, right beside me.” He replies.
“Smooth as hell. ” I comment, placing a kiss on his bottom lip.
“I need a proper kiss. ” He whispers, stroking my hair.
“Put Casie to bed and we will see. "I whisper and exit the car.

While he carries Casie out of the car and into the house, I run upstairs to bring some pillows and blankets for Casie’s bed.  I walk in the guests’ room near our bedroom, finding Kel with Casie on his chest and torso. I place the pillows and blankets on the bed, as quietly as I can.
"Can you help me put her pjs on? I don’t want to wake her up.” He asks me.
“I don’t think that you will fit in her pjs…” I mock him. He rolls his eyes and places softly on the bed.
“Daddy?” Casie says sleepily, rubbing her eyes.
“Oh, you are awake… Can you put your jammies on, princess?” He asks, handing her the cozy clothing.
“Yes. Dad, can you tell me a bedtime story, please? ” She asks sweetly. I know for sure that he is not able to tell her no, especially now that she wants to spend more time with him, so I just leave the room and go do my nighttime routine.

After 30 minutes, Kelly is still in Casie’s room, so I just get up and towards the room to see if they are alright. I stop outside the door once I hear talking coming from the room.
“I really like her. She is sweet and cute and always smells nice. Casie says and Kelly snorts while laughing.
"That’s nice, cause you know, I married her and I wanted you to like her too. ”
“I think she loves you. ”
“Yeah, I know. And because I love her too, I want to build a family with her.”
“Oh…” Casie says simply, sounding a bit sad.
“What’s wrong baby? ” He asks her.
“If you and (Y/N) have another baby, will you stop loving me as much as you do now? Or will you just play with the new baby and leave me?” Casie asks, making me tear up. That is exactly what I never wanted to happen.
“Darling, of course not. I will never stop loving you. You are my babygirl. And no matter how many babies I will have with (Y/N), I will never leave you. You are always going to have mom and dad. Plus (Y/N) who loves you so so much that sometimes I am jealous, cause I think that she loves you more than she loves me. In fact, she is the one who suggested we make you a room in here and decorate it however you like. You are pert of this family too, no matter how many members there are inside of it. Ok princess?”
“Ok, dad.”
“Now get some sleep, because tomorrow we have to go shopping for your new room in here. Goodnight baby.”
“Goodnight daddy.”

Once Kelly exits the room, I hug him tightly.
“You stayed here the whole time? "He asks me.
"Not the whole time. Just the last few minutes. You handled it really well.” I whisper, stretching to leave a kiss on his lips.
“Thank you, baby… Now let’s get to bed. We have a long day tomorrow, angel.” He whispers in my ear, while picking me up bridal style and making me giggle.  

Imperfect Pt. 2 [Batsis]

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Pairing: Brother!Dick x Reader (more so than the others)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1098

Part 1 | Part 2



Dick watched [F/N] make her way around the crime lab effortlessly, not faltering a step despite staggering her way to the car just an hour ago. She spoke with numerous officers, detectives, investigators, examiners and forensic scientists about the investigation at hand.

It was a strange sight; a sober [F/N] who was serious and actually conversing with police officers about something other than another complaint or arrest. Dick could tell the people she spoke to were also quite shocked. This was the infamous [F/N] Wayne after all.

It was then that Dick realized [F/N] wasn’t who they thought she was. She clearly wasn’t drunk tonight, she clearly wasn’t unintelligent and she clearly wasn’t some clueless, stuck-up trust-fund kid.

After another hour or two, [F/N] took a seat beside Dick, who hadn’t moved an inch since he arrived. He was still in shock. She offered him a bottle, which he took hesitantly.

“You’re… with the CIA.” were the first words that spilled out of his mouth. He saw her nod in the corner of his eyes. “Does dad know?”

“What do you think?” she asked, swallowing the water from her own bottle.

“Does anybody know?”

[F/N] stared down at her bottle before answering in a hushed voice, “no, not people in my personal life anyway. Only my associates, top officials, selected law enforcement workers, my clients… and a few other selected individuals.”

When Dick didn’t respond, she questioned him. “Are you angry?”

Dick stared ahead. Was he angry? He didn’t know. He was utterly speechless and he honestly didn’t know what to feel, so he just shrugged.

“You’re more quiet than usual.” [F/N] commented.

“What? I just discovered my sister was not the family’s disappointment but really a CIA agent. How am I supposed to feel?” Dick snapped, sounding unintentionally mad. He immediately calmed down. “Sorry, it’s just–”

“I understand.” she stated softly, “you have every right to feel whatever you’re feeling. 

“Why didn’t you tell us though?” Dick inquired, “why did you make us believe you were someone else?”

She cast her eyes down, looking ashamed and guilty. “It’s better that way. This life I chose is a life of secrecy, and I don’t want you to get mixed up with all the things I’m in.” Hearing the pain in her voice, he realized he mustn’t have been too harsh on her. It must’ve been hard on her as well.

“You’d understand though. After all, you kept your other life a secret from me.” she continued, giving him a small smile. He opened his mouth to deny her accusations, but he realized that if she wasn’t as clueless as they all thought, she had figured it out a long time ago.

Suddenly, Dick had this urge to laugh. He shook his head as a smile crept its way up to his face. “You had us all fooled, you know that?”

“I know.” [F/N] smiled. “That was kind of the point.”

“You know what we all thought of you?” asked Dick, knowing the answer to the question already.

“I’m a good for nothing waste of money, energy and space?” she guessed.

“It isn’t that bad.” Dick stated, frowning at how lowly she thought of her image.

She shrugged. “Damian seems to think that way, and don’t even get me started on Jason.”

Dick wanted to counter her arguments but what she said was true. Instead, he stated, “if they know who you really are, they wouldn’t be thinking that. They’d be as amazed as I am right now.”

“Perhaps.” she acknowledged. “But Jason is even more incredible than me, and Damian has phenomenal skills that I can only dream of. I’m not that amazing in the eyes of skilled warriors.”

“Yet you made us all believe you are someone else.” Dick added, grinning. He knew what he felt now; pride. He wasn’t confused anymore because he couldn’t be prouder of his younger sister. “You, [F/N] Wayne, tricked a family of the world’s greatest detectives to believing that you are someone who is far less than who you really are. No wonder the CIA came begging at your doorsteps.”

A smile slowly made its way to [F/N]’s face. “You know, I hate coming home, because it means I have to put on an act in front of the people I love and care about, and watch them hate me. I hate seeing the disgust in their eyes… all the disappointment and resentment. I hate hearing how I should be doing better with my life. I hate that you believed my act.”

“So it means the world to me to hear you say that. It’s good to finally be honest with someone.” By the time [F/N] finished, Dick really had tears in his eyes, because he was one of those people. He believed the act, and now he was grateful that she told him the truth, the whole truth.

“So… what now?” asked Dick, sighing.

“Now, you keep this between you and me.” [F/N] stated firmly. “I know the Commissioner will call Batman for help, let him be surprised.” She smiled but it was halfhearted, and he knew there was something else to it. “However, this investigation is my investigation.” There was something in the tone she said it, a darkness.

“I thought the CIA doesn’t do domestic investigations.” said Dick.

“They don’t, unless the individual may be related to terrorist activities.” [F/N] answered.

“So this is…”

“No.” she said immediately, her tone cold. It sent a shiver down his spine.

“So… what is it?”

“The victim is a CIA agent.” said [F/N], “an agent who happened to be investigating a gang that may be related to terrorist activities before he was killed. That makes it our business.”

Dick nodded. “And why is it your business?”

“He was a husband, a father with two beautiful children. Now, they’ve lost their father and their mother is left to care for them alone.”

“Was he also a friend?” Dick whispered.

[F/N]’s eyes softened. “He wasn’t just a friend, he was my mentor. He welcomed me into the CIA, and was in many ways another father.”

“I’m sorry.” said Dick.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” [F/N] stated, “in given time, they’ll pay.” She stood up. “Now, we have to go back so dad won’t wonder where we both are, and we both require rest.”

Dick raised an eyebrow. “Is that all to the plan?”

“Of course not, but I’ll be explaining the plan when I meet Nightwing.” [F/N] scoffed.


“And you were trained my the world’s greatest detective too… idiot.”

Part Of The Family

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Just cute kiddie Dean and Sam having fun. Accepting into the family. Just pure fluff.

Word Count: 1119

Summary: Y/n and John take the boys to a carnival.

A/N: Ok, just random fluff that I wanted to write. Cos I love me some John and cute little adorable Dean and Sam being happy. Hope u like it.

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John Winchester, would you hurry your butt up?”

“Just a second, princess”.

“Can we please go now?” Sam whined, pulling at y/n’s hands and trying to drag her to the car.

“We need to wait for your daddy, baby”, she answered, leaning down to scoop him into her arms, letting the boy play with her hair again.

“Dad! Hurry up”.

Y/n chuckled, seeing John hopping out of the cabin, trying to fit his foot into the shoe properly.

“I’m here”.

Y/n rolled her eyes, waiting for him to unlock the impala.

She got in, Sam beside her, Dean sat up front this time.

“So, you guys ready to have some fun?” she teased, leaning forward and ruffling Dean’s hair.

Sam began giggling in anticipation, Dean not able to keep the smile off his face.

“You got everything?” John asked, looking at y/n from the rear-view mirror.

She nodded, sitting back and looking out of the window, occasionally playing a few games of rock paper scissors with Sam while John drove them to their destination.

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If someone asks me what my favorite childhood memory is, I’d probably say when my dad used to make me sit on his shoulders so I could see everything from above. It’s nothing any daughter wouldn’t have experienced, but I can still remember dad’s eyes glowing with pride looking up at me laughing. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I can still hear our laughter if I try hard, I can still feel the wind in my long brown hair and the sun kissing my skin. I know I don’t remember my childhood, things that you would want me to remember just because they were so special to you. I remember mom telling me how you’d take me upstairs on the roof and sing me to sleep. Every night, you sung the same song. I wish I could remember how it felt, falling asleep to your beautiful voice. I really wish I did. But I can recite that particular song in a heartbeat, even though I never understood the meaning behind the lyrics just because you sung it to me so much. I don’t know when or how I started picking up the lyrics and singing along, but that song will always hold a special place in my heart. Just like you do.

So, where did everything go wrong, dad? How did we end up here? You used to be my rock, a shoulder to cry on, my support system. When did you become one of the reasons I can’t sleep at night because the tears won’t stop spilling? I remember how you used to come to me at night when I fought with mom and was crying silently. Somehow you always knew, even though I’d try my best to not make a sound. I remember how you used to pat me on my head and sing me to sleep. I still remember those car rides, when you used to drive me to the other side of the city, amidst the heavy traffic and unrelenting heat, just to buy me my favorite cupcakes. I still remember laughing at that one song that would always be played on the radio every time you drove me to my classes, and how you’d explain the meaning behind the lyrics. I still remember how your face glowed with pride when my 10th grade results came out. I remember, dad. I still remember.

So where did all that go? The laughter, the conversations that were only ours to keep, and how I’d constantly annoy you will my antics. Where did that vanish?

I’ve tried so hard to make you proud, dad; so hard that I started basing my existence on it. Would you blame me? I’m just a little kid trying to make her dad proud. That’s all I ever wanted.

So did your expectations surpass your love for me? I know I failed, dad, I failed you. Now I’m the reason you’re hurting. I’m the reason I’m hurting because my eyes can’t meet yours. I’m the reason for the tears in your eyes, and believe me when I say those tears haunt me.

I wanted to make you proud, dad. And I failed. And you don’t see how much I wish I could take all of it back. If I could go back in time and make things right, I would. But I can’t.

Now I’ll have to live with it. Maybe that’s the right punishment for me. Maybe I deserve it. Maybe I deserve crying myself to sleep every night and not having you patting my head and singing me to sleep.

—  things i wish i could tell you, dad

I found this cute set and got it, not knowing it’s based on a Chinese reality tv show - Where Are We Going, Dad? I just thought it was cute.

But I didn’t like the heads/hair of the figs that came with it, so instead have imagined Ren and Hux on some strange planet, trying to keep a low profile, but they need some form of conveyance. Hux foolishly let Ren go off and take care of that. He was not impressed with what Ren brought back.

Youtuber!Taehyung as a Father

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life who looked so super cute in BV S2 I only got to watch about half of it but he was really really cute him in plaid/flannel is 100% just amazing his outfits are always wo W I love him so much, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • For the original youtuber!Taehyung post, click here, that post also features the proposal bit  and for father!Tae, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!tae post, he has a lot of kids, in order of age, it’s a boy, twin girls and then another boy
  • Just a quick summary of youtuber!tae, he has a vlogging channel, it’s mainly vlogs, there are a few tags here and there, there are some sit down and talk videos, some Q&As but 70-80% of the videos are vlogs
  • Since he does share a lot of his life with his viewers, it’s a no brainer that he’s gonna wanna tell them about the bbys asap like right after he finds out and has a minute to celebrate with you and maybe calm his heartbeat down a bit, he’s pulling his camera out and talking about it
  • He may not upload that clip until you give him the okay but he’ll film it on the same day so his reaction is genuinely !!!!!!!!! like his eyes are still watery, his smile is still s o so so big and happy and all square
  • His entire face is just so lit up and it’s so clear that he’s the happiest he’s ever been bc he just found out that his lil munchkin his teeny tiny baby is coming within just a few months 
  • His viewers get to watch his bbys grow up and that’s one of the biggest reasons he started his channel 
  • Not only does having his videos on the internet provide him a great way to look back at his memories in the future, it also gives him a way to build a family
  • He’s never felt like his viewers were just his viewers, they were so much more to him than a number on the screen, they’re like family to him
  • So to him, it’s only common sense for him to talk about his biological family with them
  • On the first day the bbys are born, Tae’s showing a couple of clips of them, he doesn’t film too much bc he’s so distracted with the fact that his child(ren) is laying right there and they’re so cute and smol and he wants to give them hugs and coo at them and sing to them a bit maybe
  • The viewers get to see the bbys grow up day by day
  • They get to see the bbys go from being so lil and tiny and barely able to lift their own heads up to them still being lil but not so much and being able to run around and talk a mile a minute and form their own personalities and it’s the be s t
  • Tae can always look back on bby boy’s first word, he can always look back at how the girls would cuddle each other whenever they were near each other, he can always look back at how bby boy #2 was running the mere second he figured out how to
  • They’re in nearly every video, it’s s o rare for him to post a video where they’re not at least in the background
  • Like even if his videos that aren’t vlogs, they’re gonna be in the background or you’ll hear their voices or they’ll be in and out of the frame
  • Even in the few videos they’re not featured in, you’re gonna see a toy or a bottle or a shoe, anything that would hint at the fact that he’s got four kids running around the house
  • Tae is such a fashion lover like he’s so into his style and developing it further and letting it change as he gets older like he went from wearing the baggy clothes and the cut up shirts that he loved so much to the Gucci and I honestly love that he’s so open about it and that he’s like hey man I bought these really cool shirts wanna see like hell yeah bb I wanna see
  • So he’s gonna l o v e being able to dress his bbys up in cute lil outfits (until they get to the age where they can start picking out their own clothes at least) like does Gucci make children’s clothes bc if they do it’s game over their entire fucking closet is just gonna be Gucci
  • They’re always looking super super cute, the girls are sometimes in matching outfits bc he can’t resist it it’s just too perfect of a set up to not give them matching outfits but normally he gives them different outfits or maybe they’ll have a similar theme
  • But their hair is almost always different, one of them will have pigtails, one of them has a bun or a ponytail, a couple of braids maybe a head band or two 
  • The boys sometimes have matching outfits with Tae bc how can you not my biggest head canon is that his boys would look so fucking similar to him like havE YOU EVER SEEN TAE AS A BBY THAT SHIT IS CUTE
  • So they gotta do the matching bit at l e a s t ten times within the first month, it’s the minimum
  • And they get lil beanies bc bbys in beanies are one of my favorites it’s so fucking cute and they love trying to wear Tae’s watches or his rings and they’re basically his mini mes
  • They’re in their pajamas a lot in videos too tbh Tae’s family would literally have a designated “pajama day” where no one can get out of their pajamas and everyone has to be super comfy and happy and so many cuddles happen
  • It’s so blatantly obvious that he adores them so much, there isn’t a single video they’re in where he doesn’t kiss their lil cheeks at least once
  • Like his intro is literally the bbys popping into frame one by one and him kissing their heads as they come in (ending with him kissing yours)
  • He films this one clip he l ov e s so much of him walking across the street with them and bby girl #2 is holding his hand and then bby girl #1 is holding hers and then bby boy #1 is holding onto hers and then bby boy #2 is holding onto his so it’s one long train
  • They’re nicknamed (affectionately) the ducklings by his viewers bc they follow him around a l o t and they are lil kids so they have the lil waddle walk that lil kids do and they just look up at him with those big puppy dog eyes like “where we going next dad”
  • He does a series called Cooking with the Kims where he and the bbys try to cook or bake something for you and it’s always s o fucking cute and funny and messy very messy
  • Imagine Tae cooking and then add in children just take a moment to think about that bc my heart is just gone it belongs to him completely
  • It always ends with someone having flour in their hair or sauce on their cheek basically a mess
  • He always gives them lil snacks to keep them entertained while he handles the actual heat part of the cooking process bc the last thing he ever wants is his bbys getting hurt he is not having that happen
  • Sometimes the meals may be a bit burnt but it’s always made with a lot of love and the bbys always get to decorate the plate
  • His favorite video he’s ever made with them is one of the Cooking with the Kims videos bc he feels like it sums up his life really well
  • It’s a bit chaotic, four bbys but it’s so loving and everyone’s giggling up a storm and they’re cuddling with each other as it goes along and everyone’s joking around and having so much fun and your voice is in the background bc you’re watching it all go down so it’s a video with all of his loves in it, the dog’s in the background, the hamster is in your hands when he points the camera at you, it’s his lil family all together in one video  
  • “Any reason there are chocolate chips in my Alfredo??”
  • “We wanted to give you dinner AND dessert”
Family Joker X Harley X Daughter

I watched mom run her hands softly along the ‘Damaged’ tattoo dad had permanently a crossed his head. I never cared for the tattoo, it meant that he thought there was something wrong with him. Mommy and I didn’t think that but our rants could never sway him any other direction. “Dad where are we going?” He looked back at me smiling saying “Harley” depending on mom to reply. “Well baby batsy found our house we.. we’ve got to go to the next one” A hot flash burned a crossed me “So we are never going back?” Mom made a disappointed face grabbing my hand shaking her head ‘no’  My heart quickened and tears came out of my eyes. “Baby what’s wrong?” she said looking over at my father concerned. “He can’t get yo-” dad went on to say but was distracted when the car was suddenly stopped letting the laws of motion take hold,. 

Mom was thrown violently against the dash, My body would have followed along side of hers but was stopped when my chest met the back of her seat, smashing my awkwardly onto the floor.. I gasped in pain yelling out. “Dad help me!” little droplets of blood leaked from somewhere on my forehead. I waited his answer only hearing the sharp wind that was sneaking its way into the car through the busted windows. “Dad please” I croaked again feeling a pain vibrate through my rib cage. 

He was gone. Which shouldn’t have surprised me he had done this all throughout my 14 years of existing. Though I didn’t meet him until I was 7, when ever a bad situation would arise he would leave the scene letting mommy or his men take the fall. He would always break mommy out of wherever the Batman took her, it would just take him awhile. A pair of arms pulled me from my position, exposing my eyes to the awful brightness of the sun. “Let go of me” I said weakly looking at the bunch of cops that surrounded me, just a bunch of helmets that pointed guns in my face. “It’s his daughter and Harley” a man said said. I tried to identify who it was but everything was becoming fuzzy. “I’m going after him” 

Anger rose up in my chest I knew who it was. The pointed eared son of bitch who’s only purpose in life was to tear my family apart. “Leave my family alone!” I screamed fighting every move the cops and paramedics tried to make on me,thrashing my legs and arms painfully around until they decided to stop playing along with my little game and stab a long needle into my arm. My body relaxed and I was washed away into darkness. 

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This is not my best due to running out of motivation to write it. More to come Same Bat-time. Same Bat-Channel!

The Meeting.

a/n: So I wrote this last night but had to sleep and ended up not posting it. This was fun to write though. 2 smuts in a row ;) Please do let me know if you enjoyed this and if you’d like to you can request anything :)))

Carl’s PoV: My dad calls our group to our house for a ‘meeting’. He likes to keep us all informed on his plans so no one falls behind. While we wait for everone to arrive me and (Y/n) stay in my room. Her head laid on my chest as I read my comic. I thought she had fell asleep. That was until I felt her hand creep from my stomach to my clothed crotch. She palms me through my trousers and my breathing laboured. I could tell she was smirking as I grew harder and harder by her touch. She had me under her thumb and she knew it.
“Guy’s everyones here now.” My dad calls up to us making (Y/n) stop her movements. I whimper a little as she stands.
“Maybe if your good…” Is all the only part I hear her say when as she leaves the room. I hear her walk down the stairs and I take a seconds to straighten myself out. More importantly to make sure my hard on isn’t visable. I walk down the stairs and sit next to (Y/n) on the sofa and my dad stands in front of us all. He starts to talk about who is doing what shift and who could possibly be going on a run. From the corner of my eye I see (Y/n) scan the room. I furrow my brows but then raise them when (Y/n) places her hand on my thigh, too close to where I need her most. My cheeks flush but she just takes her hand away. I decide that I can’t take the erection straining against my boxer anymore and stand. All eyes focus on me as I clear my throat.
“I need to talk to (Y/n) .” I quickly scramble to grab (Y/n)’s hand to lead her upstairs and into the bathroom.
“Carl what the hell wa-” She starts to utter loud enough for me to hear it but I quickly cut her off by kissing her, my tongue entering her mouth as she kisses back.
“(Y/n) please do something, I’m gonna start howling if you don’t.” I say rapidly against her lips. She furrowed her brows, bewildered, before looking down at my prominent hard on which was now visable through my jeans. She steps foward, plants a kiss on my cheek and then drops to her knees. She undoes my belt and tugs on my jeans, sliding them down my legs along with my boxers. She grabs a hold of my length and pumps it a few times before wrapping her plums lips around me. I hiss at the contact and buck my hips up, causing her to gag slightly. She bob’s her head up an down before deep throating me and I moan loudly so she stops. I look down at her breathing heavily.
“Shhh, they probably all know what’s going on up here now.” She smirks up at me and puts my length in her mouth again. No matter how many times she does this, it continues to amaze me. She continues to deep throat and bob her head up and down while I continue to moan.
“Don’t stop, I’m g-gonna cum.” I whisper to her and she sucks faster and moans around me. I feel it. It tips me over the edge and I cum in her mouth. She quickly swallows the salty substance as she continues to suck, ever so gently, and then pulls away. She stands and wipes her mouth.
“Satisfied?” She questions while I buckle myself back up. I lean foward and plant a kiss on her lips.
“Yes, but in all fairness that was your fault.” I defend myself and she furrows her brows. “You shouldn’t have touched me earlier before the meeting.” I smirk and we both leave the bathroom. We walk downstairs to find everyone still sat where they were when we left. My dad starts to talk.
“We were going to carry on with the meeting but felt that you two should be included. We didn’t know how long you guys were going to be or what you were even talking about. That was until someone,” My dad looks straight at me, “Made a strange noise and then we realised what was going on. Too bad we didn’t have any earplugs.” He finishes and everyone laughs. Including (Y/n). I flush a crimson colour.
“I’m sorry for touching you before the meeting.” She puts on a fake pouty face and flutters her eyelashes at me. We sit back down and she cuddles closer to me than she did earlier on. It was her fault I was so damn turned on. I wasn’t going to let her get away with it. It was my turn to place my hand on her thigh. It was going to be a long night.

Movie night - Trio (Drabble)

A/N: I blame @callieskye for this fic and tagging @trademarkblue since it’s Trio day. Yes, i wrote this while the Pizza was baking. -DG

“So what are you doing after work since Ginny’s stuck in Holyhead?”

Harry looked up from his stack of reports and saw Ron grinning at him. “I have no bloody clue. This case is driving me spare and I can’t make sense of any of the shit that anyone is writing up in reports.”

Ron took the parchment from Harry’s desk and put it atop the urgent stack. “You’re off duty since it’s two hours after your shift ended.”

“And what am I supposed to do, go home to a mostly empty house to eat toast and read and miss my girlfriend too damn much?”

“Nope. You’re coming home with me, and changing your shirt and Hermione is taking us to a theatre.”

“Ron, look, I know you adore her but mate, y’all can have a date without me. All I seem to do is sit there watching you bicker which we both know is foreplay.”

“And we’ll be on our best behavior tonight around you,” Hermione walked up and Harry gulped. “Not every interaction with Ron is foreplay. Sometimes it’s actual conversation and discussion. Right, dear?”

“She’s right, you know. You could learn from us.”

“Well, then, Mum, Dad. Where are we going tonight?”

Hermione smiled. “I saw a listing for one and figured you and Ron would enjoy it. Last time we had a movie night, I picked and all I heard were complaints for a week.”

“Of course we would. It was a birds movie. Blokes aren’t into, even progressive sods like we are.” Ron stood behind Hermione and Harry could swear she was leaning back into him, relishing his presence.

“Well, I think you’ll like this one. It’s a gangster movie and has a jewelry heist, some match fixing and some boxing, from what I read, and I thought the two of you would find it amusing.” She looked at the two of them and waited.

“So we’re going to the movies tonight, and I’m coming with because you’re feeling sorry for me being all alone tonight?”

Hermione shrugged. “Well, that and I was mean to you last week for trying to stick a fork in your hand for trying to take my food.”

“No, I was out of bounds there. I should have asked.”

“So we’re asking you, Harry, if you’d come to the movies with us?” Ron picked up his ruck and pointed at Harry’s inbox which wouldn’t be emptied if he worked another full day. “If you ask really nice, we’ll buy you a fizzy drink if you’re good.”

“Oh geee, how nice of you,” Harry cheeked and gave Ron a rude gesture.

“Well, get your gear. We’ll eat at the Leaky, drop our things at the house, and catch the show. We’ve got maybe 2 hours before the movie starts.”

Harry picked up his ruck and stood between his best friends, who loved including him even if he felt a third wheel most of the time.

a confession

yesterday i succumbed to toxic masculinity and swam in painfully cold water just to show my Manliness or whatever

Forever - Cars Fanfic Drabble

A little something I came up with. It’s not meant to be accurate or anything; I was just bored and decided to write this up as the idea came to me.

“Dad? Where are we going?” Lightning asked, swallowing anxiously. He didn’t like cars that were much bigger than him and had mean, grumpy faces.

“Far from here. It’s going to be a long drive, which is why we filled up on gas back there.”

“Where is that?”

“Arizona, Lightning,” his father sighed.


Lightning frowned, fixating his vision on the back of his father’s spoiler. He’s never heard of that place before. Whatever it was, he couldn’t wait to see it. He had to resist the urge to ask if they were there yet.

“Where’s mom? Isn’t she coming too?”

No answer.


“What?” his father huffed, obviously sounding annoyed.

“Is mom coming–”

“No, she’s not.”

“Why not? Where is she? Is she coming home later?”

Silence again.

Lightning glanced up at the top of his father’s head, not being able to see his eyes. Once again did he admire the markings his father had painted on his body. Yellow and blue lightning bolts scattered amongst his form, casting off a beautiful glow and shine.


“She’s not coming back, Lightning! She never will! Deal with it. Your mom is gone. Forever.”

In preparation for Lucifer’s Season 2 finale on Monday, @sanoiro and I came up with some headcanons and wrote a one-shot for what could come as a final scene. Hope you enjoy!

A Place That’s Warm and Dark

There are certain implications when you are a celestial being that never cross your mind. The Fall was one of them for Lucifer. The other was the beads of sweat trickling on his puffing cheeks. He knew pain and he certainly was not a stranger to shedding more than enough blood at a celestial confrontation. This time though his constricting torso, battling for a regular breath, holding back a scream was asphyxiating him.

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