This Week in The Entry: October 24, 2016

Monday: Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean find magic within friction. The New York trio’s full-length debut album, Human Ceremony [Fat Possum Records], emerges at the intersection of dreamy modern psychedelica and urgent fuzzed-out bliss. That push-and-pull colors the aural tapestry of these three musicians: Jacob Faber [drums], Julia Cumming [vocals/bass], and Nick Kivlen [vocals/guitars]. Tourmates The Lemon Twigs and locals Lazy Scorsese are supporting.

Sounds like: Hinds, Lucy Dacus, Twin Peaks

Tuesday: Flock of Dimes with Little Scream

Flock of Dimes is the solo project of Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner. Jenn is a signer/guitarist from Baltimore, Maryland and explores the atmospheric side of pop in her music. Her most recent album is titled, If You See Me, Say Yes. Laurel Sprengelmeyer — a.k.a. Little Scream — has earned herself a lot of admirers: Sufjan Stevens, Sharon Van Etten, the National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner, TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone, Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Perry. A collaboration with any of those artists would typically be an impressive stamp of endorsement, but Sprengelmeyer went ahead and got all of them to work on her excellent second album Cult Following. Those sort of cosigns only come from a deep found of respect, so expect to be hearing a lot more about Sprengelmeyer very soon.

Sounds like: Fear of Men, Callers, Frankie Rose


Wednesday: Fruit Bats

Eric D. Johnson is Fruit Bats. And Fruit Bats is back. “I’m finding my identity again,” he begins, “which is somehow, weirdly this dumb fake punk rock name that I put on a four-track tape.” Fruit Bats’ sixth album Absolute Loser represents a triumphant return to name, form, and self. Musically, Absolute Loser retains the same structural pop elements that made Fruit Bats so beloved in the first place. It’s the most honest, most confessional album of Fruit Bats’ career. Up and coming songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews, melding indie-folk and Americana with a rebellious country flavor reminiscent of her Southwestern roots, opens.

Sounds like: Dr. Dog, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird


PWR BTTM is a queer punk band consisting of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. The band was formed at Bard College where Bruce and Hopkins bonded over a mutual interest in bringing elements of performance and drag artistry into DIY culture. While at Bard the duo recorded a demo, Cinderella Beauty Shop, and the Republican National Convention split EP with Jawbreaker Reunion. On these releases, Hopkins plays guitar and sings, and Bruce plays drums. Since then, the two have begun to share vocal/songwriting duties and have also started to trade off instruments. Their most recent album, Ugly Cherries documents their experience with queerness, gender, and adulthood over the course of a year of living in upstate New York.

Sounds like: Mitski, Diet Cig, Girlpool

Friday: Heyday: 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis - The Photography of Daniel Corrigan Book Release Show

Daniel Corrigan has been the photographer on the Minneapolis music scene since 1981—just as the scene was coming to life. As both a freelancer and the official house photographer for the legendary club First Avenue, he has captured thousands of live concerts, shot countless band promo photos, and was behind the camera for many of the best-known and most beloved album covers by local artists. This retrospective, culled from his personal archive of tens of thousands of photos, presents a unique perspective into a vibrant world, through nearly 500 evocative black-and-white and color images. Performers include The Mighty Mofos, Dosh, Porcupine, DJ Lori Barbero, and DJ Paper Sleeves.


Saturday: The Blind Shake Celebrate Your Worth Record Release Show

Fronted by brothers Jim and Mike Blaha, with friend Dave Roper on drums, the trio have been tunneling through the underground since before telephones could talk. Having seven full length albums to their credit, several singles, three collaborations with psych legend Michael Yonkers and another with down-stroke warrior John Reis, the band continues to push the sliding scale between catchy punk songs and pitch red noise.

Sounds like: Coachwhips, Mark Sultan, The Intelligence


Sunday: Honeyblood

For Honeyblood frontwoman Stina Tweeddale, the title of her band’s second album came from somewhere close to her heart. Babes Never Die is not a shy motto, and one that’s triumphant sentiment rings throughout Honeyblood’s exceptional sophomore record. “The title is my own mantra,” Stina explains of the follow-up to their eponymous 2014 debut, which landed in many of the year’s most revered Best Of lists, with perfect score reviews from everyone from NME to DIY. The band also consists of drummer, Cat Myers. Touring support is Jay Som (aka an San Francisco singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte), whose constantly shifting vision embraces indie, alternative, pop, and even a little shoegaze. Local Monica LaPlante, with her style of garage rock/garage pop that’s loaded with class and charm, opens.

Sounds like: Alvvays, Coves, Ex Hex


Blog by Ellie Moonen

If you’re looking for your new obsession, look no further than Lucy Dacus. After seeing her open for Julien Baker last night, I can assure you that their single I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore will be on repeat for the next weeks.

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Autumn (Or What It Feels Like To Fall) Vol. 7

You can blame Autumn for its leisurely arrival to the Lone Star State (ICYMI, I moved to Austin this year) for the lateness of this mix. With this week starting to bring some slightly cooler temperatures (relative to the months of sizzling heat that is) it’s safe to say that Fall has arrived. As usual, to go along with the colorful foliage and warm fashions, I have a new Autumn mixtape to help evoke the wistful, carefree feelings of this grand season. Click here to listen to this mix in its entirety.

01. Mutual Benefit - Getting Gone
02. Lucy Dacus - Dream State…
03. Wilco - Quarters
04. Frank Ocean - Ivy
05. Slow Club - Silver Morning
06. Adam Torres - High Lonesome
07. Local Natives - Past Lives
08. Case/Lang/Veirs - Song For Judee
09. American Football - I’ve Been So Lost For So Long
10. Okkervil River - Judey on a Street
11. Margo Price - Hands of Time
12. Teenage Fanclub - I’m in Love
13. Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan - Dreaming
14. Cass McCombs - Bum Bum Bum
15. Angel Olsen - Never Be Mine
16. Radical Face - A Ship In Port
17. Júniús Meyvant - Gold Laces
18. Caveman - Never Going Back
19. Sturgill Simpson - Breakers Roar
20. Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour - Wandering Aengus
21. Ruston Kelly - Black Magic
22. The National - Peggy-O

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Your Favorite New Musicians Of 2016 (So Far)
All Songs Considered asked you to share your favorite new artist of the first half of 2016. Here's your top 10.

It’s only June and this year is already jam-packed with remarkable new artists who’ve released some of 2016’s most memorable music. These are artists who released their very first songs or first full-length albums so far this year.

I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
Lately, I’ve been feeling like the odd man out.
I hurt my friends saying things I don’t mean out loud.

I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
I got a too short skirt, maybe I can be the cute one.
Is there room in the band? I don’t need to be the front man.
If not, then I’ll be the biggest fan.

I don’t want the joke to be on me.
Yeah, I’ll buy the clothes and I’ll be the best dressed.
Yeah, I’ll read the books and I’ll be the smartest.
I’ll play guitar and I’ll be the artist.

Try not to laugh.
I know it’ll be hard.
I’m serious.
I know it’s a first but…

I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
Yeah, I’ll be the gossip, hear it through the grape vine.
Pass it on, she’s done with the old times.
That funny girl doesn’t wanna smile for a while.

Magyarosaurus dacus, M. hungaricus, M. transsylvanicus

Source: http://bbcplanetdinosaur.wikia.com/wiki/Magyarosaurus

Name: Magyarosaurus dacus, M. hungaricus, M. transsylvanicus

Name Meaning: Magyar Reptile

First Described: 1932

Described By: von Huene

ClassificationDinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Plateosauria, Massopoda, Sauropodiformes, Anchisauria, Sauropoda, Gravisauria, Eusauropoda, Neosauropoda, Macronaria, Titanosauriformes, Somphospondyli, Titanosauria

Magyarosaurus was a sauropod from the Hateg Basin in Romania, aka, the land of dinosaur island dwarfism that is quite famous - and Magyarosaurus is no exception. It lived in the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous, about 70 to 66 million years ago. It is known from multiple individuals and, due to island dwarfism, was the smallest titanosaur and one of the smallest sauropods, at only about 6 meters long and only about as tall as a person. So if for whatever reason you want a puppy sized sauropod as a pet, this is the closest you’re going to get. 

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magyarosaurus#/media/File:Magyarosaurus-_human_size.JPG

It is known from about 10 individuals, and perhaps more, and was preyed on by large pterosaurs such as Hatzegopteryx. The phenomenon of island dwarfism lead the adult individuals to retain a lot of juvenile characteristics, but the histology revealed these individuals to be adult ones, with a reduced growth rate and high metabolic rate. Still, I don’t blame previous scientists for having trouble believing in a world where this was possible: 

Source: Mark Witton

Osteoderms have been found associated with Magyarosaurus with strange in shape and size, and eggs have also been found that may be that of Magyarosaurus, with the Hateg Basin serving as a nesting place in the Late Cretaceous. One of the embryos preserved inside the egg shows evidence of armouring. It lived alongside many other dinosaurs such as Telmatosaurus, Struthiosaurus, Balaur, Bradycneme, Elopteryx, and Zalmoxes




Shout out goes to @chetos11!

I don’t know what can make people foolish. My face has already collapsed, but someone still couldn’t find that I was struggling. However, I thought I didn’t express any anger on my face at that time. Blamed on myself.  


今日歌單: Lucy Dacus - I Don’t Wanna be Funny Anymore

We are beyond thrilled to release the June cover featuring the one and only @julienbaker. This issue will include authentic and passionate artists from all different backgrounds, ranging from Latina punk band Cabrona to Tucson based illustrator @pantehart with others features from Lucy Dacus and Sarah Bogosh. Be sure to be on the look out for the 15th issue dropping Friday, June 24th! Photo by @morganmartinez


Watch an intimate session with 21-year old singer/songwriter Lucy Dacus​ and her band in the Amoeba Hollywood green room. Her honest and insightful debut album, No Burden, is out now on Matador Records.