I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
Lately, I’ve been feeling like the odd man out.
I hurt my friends saying things I don’t mean out loud.

I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
I got a too short skirt, maybe I can be the cute one.
Is there room in the band? I don’t need to be the front man.
If not, then I’ll be the biggest fan.

I don’t want the joke to be on me.
Yeah, I’ll buy the clothes and I’ll be the best dressed.
Yeah, I’ll read the books and I’ll be the smartest.
I’ll play guitar and I’ll be the artist.

Try not to laugh.
I know it’ll be hard.
I’m serious.
I know it’s a first but…

I don’t wanna be funny anymore.
Yeah, I’ll be the gossip, hear it through the grape vine.
Pass it on, she’s done with the old times.
That funny girl doesn’t wanna smile for a while.

If you’re looking for your new obsession, look no further than Lucy Dacus. After seeing her open for Julien Baker last night, I can assure you that their single I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore will be on repeat for the next weeks.

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We are beyond thrilled to release the June cover featuring the one and only @julienbaker. This issue will include authentic and passionate artists from all different backgrounds, ranging from Latina punk band Cabrona to Tucson based illustrator @pantehart with others features from Lucy Dacus and Sarah Bogosh. Be sure to be on the look out for the 15th issue dropping Friday, June 24th! Photo by @morganmartinez

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I don’t know what can make people foolish. My face has already collapsed, but someone still couldn’t find that I was struggling. However, I thought I didn’t express any anger on my face at that time. Blamed on myself.  


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