When I was in high school I wrote this, which I refer to as my "overlong nerd joke"
  • Sophie:Hey, Olivia.
  • Olivia:Hey, dack.
  • Sophie:Uh… are you okay?
  • Olivia:If tronly.
  • Sophie:Tronly? What’s up?
  • Olivia:Nothing, Dack. It’s this stupid Trenglish assignment. My teacher is driving me crazy.
  • Sophie:I can tell. What’s the deal?
  • Olivia:We’re learning how to read poetry.
  • Sophie:Isn’t that fairly straight forward?
  • Olivia:Not anymore. First we learned meters. You know, Anapest, Trochee, Dactyl, and Triamb?
  • Sophie:You mean iamb?
  • Olivia:Triamb. It’s part of the assignment. The teacher wants us to recognize what words are which are which meters. Every time we say an/a trochee that starts with an/a vowel, we’re supposed to add an/a “tr.”
  • Sophie:Every time?
  • Olivia:Tralways, dack.
  • Sophie:So what’s with the “dack”ing?
  • Olivia:Well next she wanted to teach us the importance of punctuation. So every time we say an/a one-word sentence, we’re supposed to add an/a “Dack.”
  • Sophie:Glad I don’t have her. But one last question.
  • Olivia:What, dack?
  • Sophie:Why do you keep saying “an/a”?
  • Olivia:It was the last thing she did! Every time we say “a” or “an,” she wants us to say “an/a” instead.
  • Sophie:Why?!
  • Olivia:Apparently it keeps us focused on each individual word we choose.
  • Sophie:Well I think that’s a little overboard. To be honest, it’s hard to tell what you’re saying.
  • Olivia:I know. This project has me saying “Trokay, dack!” ‘til an/a pest I am.
Hī esse venustātēs et  silvās crēscere iussīs
dīvam  nōn etiam meminērunt. Officium nōn
culpae  portandī mihi; quī illīs  cōgere nōbīs
tāle animās tēlāsque libīdine nōn potuērunt.
Acriter ab meō honōre sum rapta, tametsī
nullae  curae dē lacrimīs, quās tam lacrimābam,
tēntae sunt. Bellam corrumpit ista meam orbem.

“These men did not even remember that I was a goddess, and that beauties and forests grew by my commands. The duty of carrying blame is not for me; it is for those men, our men, who were not able to control their minds and their weapons because of such lust. I was torn away eagerly by Venus from my honor, even though no concerns were held about my tears, which I was crying so much. That goddess is destroying my beautiful world.”

– Chelsea McManus, Helen of Troy

My attempt to translate the first four lines of the Aeneid into English in dactylic hexameter:

Arms and the man, I sing, who was exiled from Troy by his cruel fate,
First from the Ilian shores he came to Lavinian coastlines,
Tossed so greatly by land and sea by the violence of grand gods,
This, for the goddess named Juno, her hate so greatly rememb'ring,

Arma virumque cano, Troiae qui primus ab oris
Italiam fato profugus Lavinaque venit
litora - multum ille et terris jactatus et alto
vi superum, saevae memorem Junonis ob iram,

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Time and date: 13:31 CEST, 27.05.2015

Average hours of sleep: Not enough!! I guess maybe 6.5, I wish I was getting more. But I have trouble going to sleep before 12 these days

Nicknames: I have a fuck tonne of these it gets kinda ridiculous but these are the ones that get used regularly - Mai, Maisy, Mizzy, Wairead, Dactyl, Dackie. I don’t think anybody actually uses my real name …

Birthday: May 5th - put that in your diaries y'all ;)

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Height: Not really sure but I think I’m somewhere between 5"3-“4

Favourite colour(s): Autumn shades, greens, golds, browns etc

One place that makes you happy: Ballyquinn - it’s a beach back home, my family have been going there every year since forever and I love it so much there, man, living this far inland is KILLING me.

How many blankets do you usually sleep under: 2

What are you wearing right now: Brown woollen jacket, blue flowery shirt, white skirt with black lace, black leggings, Docs

Last book you read: Finally finished Tintenherz (Inkheart) on Monday and I’m super proud of myself for it because I read it in the original German

Favourite beverage: caramel latte, mmmmm sugar and hot milk my favourite. Or mango lassi

Favourite food: It’d honestly be easier to list foods I don’t like but Imma say apples. And pizza.

Last movie you watched: Avengers Age of Ultron. Honestly I was kinda disappointed.

Dream vacation: the beach, oh my gosh, it’s SUMMER, my need to be by the sea has become an actual physical pain. So yeah, anywhere by the sea. Don’t care where.

Dream wedding: lots and lots of flowers. Simple dress, maybe cream or off white, but not pure snowy white, doesn’t suit me. Chocolate cake. Maybe white chocolate icing to keep it traditional? Family and friends, not too many guests. Oh and Catholic obviously, so in a church.

Dream pet: I wanted a mini pig for ages but I know that it’s hard to know if you’re buying a mini pig piglet or a normal pig. Even mini pigs get bigger than you’d expect, like about the size of a mid size dog or so I’ve heard. I still kinda want one though I love pigs and I could call it Mr. Gordo!!

Dream job: artist. I’d love to sell cards or design journals or some thing.

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Chrisscreama as Vampire Willow from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 3 Episodes The Wish (Episode 9) and Doppelgangland (Episode 16)
Photography by: Undiscovered Photography
Custom Willow costume by: Teryl Dactyl

terpsikeraunos replied to your post “This nerd just spent the last two hours translating the first…”

why did you pick that meter?

Of all the meters I have ever tried to translate dactylic hexameter in, this is the one that best allows me to keep as much information as possible in the same line it was in when it was in Latin without having to leave much of anything out, which is one of my problems with many verse translations of Latin poetry. While for us iambic pentameter holds a similar prestige to dactylic hexameter, most of the time it just offers way too short of a line.


“Of arms and a man I sing, of he who first came from the shores of Troy,
to Italy, Fate’s fugitive, and the sea-coast of Lavinium,
on land and sea much tossed about, so mastered by the force of those
who dwell above, and on account of savage Juno’s mindful wrath;
and much in war he suffered too, until a city he could found
and bear his gods to Latium: whence arose the race of Latin men,
the brood of Alban fathers past, and thus the walls of mighty Rome.
O Muse, to me recount the causes, by what godhead so offended,
or grieving what, the Queen of Gods impelled to face so many ills
and come against so many pains a man renowned in piety!
Is there such a mighty rage within the minds of those divine?”

imo gives so much better a sense of the original than

“Arms, and the man I sing, who, forc’d by fate,
And haughty Juno’s unrelenting hate,
Expell’d and exil’d, left the Trojan shore.
Long labors, both by sea and land, he bore,
And in the doubtful war, before he won
The Latian realm, and built the destin’d town;
His banish’d gods restor’d to rites divine,
And settled sure succession in his line,
From whence the race of Alban fathers come,
And the long glories of majestic Rome.
O Muse! the causes and the crimes relate;
What goddess was provok’d, and whence her hate;
For what offense the Queen of Heav'n began
To persecute so brave, so just a man;
Involv’d his anxious life in endless cares,
Expos’d to wants, and hurried into wars!
Can heav'nly minds such high resentment show,
Or exercise their spite in human woe?”

how sad to be misunderstood...by...Edgar Whitman Wilde

how sad to be misunderstood
to be evicted from life
to have the full tenure
of a torrid human existence
gesture horribly at you
in faultless reputation
like that of a rancid rage
over a lost trinket
or to be quarantined
while fingerless skin scolds
and noiseless voices are raised
in a donated generosity of savage ignorance
striving to make copious amends
in vain efforts to regrettable
slow acting poison that boils the mind
oh how sad to be misunderstood
such varicose viciousness
oh it’s sad quite sad to be misunderstood
to live through and inoculated hour glass
giving limitless time to a wildfire of idiocy
and when your breath speaks they laugh
black laughter that shatters wet umbilical truths
knowledge gestures to smoking nostrils
oh how sad, how sad it is to be misunderstood
to be drenched in the rain but not get wet
in which antiquity rests with its
mythologised stupendous ill effects
getting  vivid shadows massed all around
oh how sad it is to be misunderstood
until dactylic, hexameter, elegance
completes and slithering syllables
by their antiquity  focus a shuddering shriek
that sends an exploding heart through your chest