The Outsiders Recast (2/2)


Dally: James Franco

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Johnny: Johnny Depp

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Two-Bit: Joe Keery

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Steve: Daniel Samonas

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Tim: Marlon Brando

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Curly: Dylan O'Brien

Bob: Dacre Montgomery

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Randy: Patrick Dempsey

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Buck: Chris Sullivan

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Strange Fact 004:

Matt: He’s just a terrible person.

Ross: He is racist, I think. It’s [reflective of] people that he’s viewing as different from him and an overall rage at the world. In this case, seeing his sister with someone like Lucas leads to that conversation.

Matt: But, also, any way he can find a reason to attack Max, he’ll use it. We wanted to be honest about what an [interracial] relationship like that would do, and how certain characters would react, and how a character like Billy would really react to that.

Source: The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter 4: Will the Wise’ @

California Nights ♫ Billy Hargrove

A/N: Please enjoy this entirely-too-long fic where absolutely nothing of  any significance happens. Pure fluff, as requested! I think it’s pretty cute, do me a favour and lemme know if y’all like it??  Happy reading!

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warning: Slightly suggestive at times. Probably typos galore, I didn’t actually proofread this one I have to get packing!

Words: 2715

Ever since you had moved from Hawkins, a town you quickly learned that no one had heard of in the middle of absolutely no where, all anyone you met could do was rave about the beaches in California. The feeling of a tide rolling in against your feet, the hot sand during a sunny summer day, the viable surf at all hours. People who lived beachside certainly had a healthy obsession with their environment. Not that you could blame them. Having come from an area that was mostly rocky mountain and forest terrain, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the gorgeous summer heat had left you feeling a little starstruck.

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Homeward Bound: Chapter Eleven

Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader, Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 |

Chapter Summary: Moonlit adventures and revelations galore!

Word Count: 5,412

Warnings: swearing, drugs, secrets

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Dustin was indeed fact excited to hear that you were joining him and Steve that night, as was your mother. It brought her much joy, especially after Steve declined her dinner invitation. Her attempts to push you and Steve closer together were still going strong, despite your protests and obvious annoyance. She made sure to yell at you to brush your hair and to put on some makeup, ‘for Christ’s sake!’. Not being in the mood to fight her on it, you complied, digging mascara and lip gloss out of your makeup bag and braiding your hair, using a dull pair of scissors to finally cut off the dried, fried ends. You found your hands dipping into the small amount of jewellery at your disposal, sliding the tiny gold star necklace around your neck, letting it sit in between your collarbones. You smiled at your reflection, noting the freckles peeking out onto your skin from the endless sunlight. Hawkins never used to be this warm in the summer, but this year seemed to be endlessly hot.

Dustin looked more than a little nervous when he peaked out of his door, looking for a sign of you leaving yours. When he saw you, he let out a low whistle, motioning you to follow him into his room.

“What’s up?” you asked, watching him curiously as he shut the door quickly, pressing his back to it to hold it closed in case someone tried to open it.

“Do you know what we do out there?” he asked, keeping his voice low, looking at you very seriously.

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