Of Flames and Flowers: An Elucien Pregnancy: Part One

Authors Note: This is the first time I have ever written an elucien fic, so bare with me, please.

Lucien had nightmares about his brothers and what they would do to his pregnant mate if they were alive. He was so, so glad that they were dead. Burned by Nesta’s flames for trying to force the mating bond between her and Eris. His sister-in-law was one of the very, very few to have two mates. Eris and Cassian. And he was glad to see his brother burn for what he tried to do to her and for what he had done to his lost love. But his nightmares..his brothers butchered Elain in them.


Her mate was having a nightmare. He was thrashing in the bed, drenched in sweat. She began humming, calming him with her magic.

He slowly stopped thrashing, but his breathing was heavy. She continued humming and moved a strand of hair out of his face.

He grabbed her wrist, reflex, and opened his eyes, the mechanical one whirled but his other one, the russet eye looked right into her eyes, pure panic in it, she soothed, “You are okay, Love. It was just a nightmare.”

He sat up, rubbing a hand on her distended stomach, and looked at her, “It was about you and Dacia and the baby. My father took you-” Dacia, the late Tamlin and Ianthe’s child. The two died in the war, leaving the babe an orphan. An orphan whom she raised and love as much as her unborn child.

A pain wrapped around her lower spine. She winced but ignored it. It was a false alarm, just like the other ones.

She leaned down and kissed him on the lips, quieting him, “Love, it was just a dream. I promise you, we are okay.” His breathing started to slow back to normal.

Dacia must have heard him thrashing, “Is Papa okay?”

She turned to look at her daughter. Her three year old self was a little beauty, her long golden locks were tangled and her green eyes were filled with worry as she bit on her sleeve.

Lucien sat up, “Come here.”

She winced again.

Dacia ran into the room and climbed on the bed, her loose nightgown bunching at her knees as she climbed up. Her skinned knee almost completely healed. She planted a kiss on Lucien’s forehead, “Feel better?”

He kissed her forehead, and looked into her eyes, “I do now.”

She tucked a hair behind Dacia’s ear, and said sternly, “You should be asleep, young lady.”

Dacia gave her a toothy grin, “I’m sorry, Mama. But he was sad.”

Lucien grinned wickedly at her, “Yeah, Mama. I was sad.”

She rolled her eyes as Dacia asked her, “Will you tuck me in?”

“Of course.”

When she stood, oh Cauldron. Her water broke.


The rock sculpture of Decebal/Decebalus is a 40-m high carving in rock, representing the face of Decebal/Decebalus, the last king of Dacia, who fought against the Roman emperors Domitian and Trajan to preserve the independence of his country, which corresponded to modern Romania. 

The sculpture was made between 1994 and 2004, on a rocky outcrop on the river Danube, at the Iron Gates, which form the border between Romania and Serbia. It is located near the city of Orşova in Romania.

It is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe.


Fata Padurii (“the Forest Girl”) is a demon that lures young men into the woods, where it kills them. She has two faces: when she first shows herself to a man, she is a young and very beautiful woman, tall, thin, with big, black eyes that shine into the starlight, curved eyebrows, ruddy cheeks and long, dark hair. After she mesmerizes the victim with her beauty, Fata Padurii turns into a hideous and scary monster, she kills the boy and eats his heart. She only appears at night and never leaves the woods, so she doesn’t attack human villages. This monster is a symbol for a maturity test which all young men have to face: discovering love. The deadly threat of the demon warns the lad that love can have a dangerous side, at the same time with the beautiful one. There is a masculine counterpart for her in the dacian mythology, who appears to young women. His name is Zburatorul (“the Flying Man”), but he is less dangerous and aggressive than Fata Padurii. The romanian folklore contains several superstitions related to this demon: you shouldn’t whistle or sing in the woods at night and you shouldn’t fall asleep near a burning fire, as these signs might attract the monster. Fata Padurii is the daughter of Muma Padurii (“the Mother of the Woods”) and Paduroiul. Her parents are enemies and she doesn’t love any of them either. She stole from her mother the spell which makes her beautiful, and from her father - the magic ivy that she uses to trap her victims. She eats her prey’s heart not only as a trophy, but because she needs it for the transformation spell to work and turn her into a young woman.

Of Flames and Flowers: An Elucien Pregnancy: Conclusion


Feyre stilled and looked at her sister. Elain’s eyes were full of tears but she said, “Give him to me. I’I may be able to do something.”

Alis leaned over and presented her nephew to Elain. He had a shock of red hair and his eyes were cloudy russet. Lucien leaned over Elain’s shoulder and brushed his thumb across his son’s hair and murmured, “Ash. His name is Ash.”

Elain smiled, “Yes. Ash Archeron.”

Elain was a grower of beautiful things and a healer of the rarest kind. Her own healing magic, she didn’t think it would be enough. But Elain’s, it could be.

Feyre watched as she leaned over her son, and two shimmering tears ran down her cheeks into Ash’s eyes. She blinked back surprise. She wasn’t sure why Elain’s quiet strength kept surprising her, but it did.

Ash blinked, the tears absorbing in his eyes. The milkiness faded away but the russet, it changed to a lively green, Elain’s healing magic manifest.

Elain smiled sadly, touching Ash’s face, examining his eyes,“He won’t be able to see through his eyes, not really. But through my healing magic, he will be able to see through vibrations in the earth. I’m not quite sure what his own magic will be, though.”

Lucien tucked back Elain’s hair, “So he can’t see as well as most people. Sight isn’t everything.”

Feyre thought back to when Lucien told her the story about Amarantha taking his eye. There was so much more to a person than how they see. Such as their heart and their mind. But he will be able to see. He will be a good and loyal and loving person, just like his parents.


He was so beautiful, his son. Vibrant green eyes and a shock of red hair, just like his. It felt like a cosmic joke. His eye taken away from the bitch Amarantha and now his son was blind. But there was more to life than what you could see. And he was going to make sure he got so do it.

Ir was Nesta, Nesta who said, “We are all a family. We accept and love each other despite our flaws, Ash is no exception.” He knew that she didn’t see him being blind as a flaw, but as how family were together, no matter what.


Lucien looked past Elain to see Dacia chew on her nightshirt, “C’mere.”

A grin cracked on Dacia’s face. Careful of her steps she ran to him, trying to not trip. He picked her up, motioning towards the babe, “This is Ash, your new brother.”

Dacia furrowed her eyebrows in thought, and poked Ash’s cheek, “I like him. He reminds me of a fox.”

Luicen grinned. This is what family was. Everyone loving each other and accepting each other. He couldn’t wait to see what kind of female Dacia would be and what kind of male Ash would be. He wouldn’t force orders on them. He would let them make their own choices, for better or for worse.


Just found this

This is probably the strangest church of Romania: the St Nicholas Church in Densus. It’s one of the oldest churches in Romania and South East Europe, built in the 7th century. Some materials are from the fortress of Sarmizegetusa, the Dacian capital.

And oh, there’s a mural painting of Jesus wearing Romanian traditional clothes. Great, right?

Inner Court: Part Eight


Author’s note: It’s been rewritten, I added a few things to it. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Mate. Mate. Mate.

The word sounded inside his head, growing louder and louder with each heartbeat. He left his mate in the hands of an abusive father. A father who was now most likely punishing her for losing the Bellum Armis and making him look weak in the eyes of his enemy and he just left her there.

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Today’s the Sanziene holiday in Romania. It’s the celebration of the summer solstice. And there’s more. It’s also the day of the ie, the traditional Romanian blouse. What once was a peasant blouse is now a modern and fancy style icon. The tradition and the beauty of Romanian blouses passed from generation to generation. Every region or even village has an own design. 

God, we love the return of the ie!

Inner Court Next Gen

Authors Note: This is a continuation of the Family in all but Blood. I just didn’t like that title. So here is this instead.
Authors Note: Blake is my newest obsession. Gods I hope you all love him as much as I do.
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Dacia spied the blonde hair and Illyrian wings before she fully winnowed in. Shadows crept around their master, making him near blend into the wall he was leaning on. But she knew that lazy grin anywhere. Blake. Mor and Azriel’s eldest son. Her best friend. He and Adrien were a few years older than Bay. Blake was born right after she was, making them the same age. His youngest brother, Nate, he was rather fond of Bay.

Pushing off the wall, he sauntered over to them. He towered over her. He had a solid frame, Illyrian hunting blades strapped to his chest. The siphons on his hands shone in the moonlight. She could only see the two on his hands, but she knew he had more. He crossed his arms, “What can I do for you, Princess?”

Forcing herself to not smile at him, she said, “I need to see Rhysand and Feyre.”

Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, Blake sighed dramatically, “Rhysand and Feyre, Feyre and Rhysand, there’s a nickname in there somewhere,” he snapped his fingers, “Let’s call them Feysand. So much faster, don’t you agree, Princess?”

She shrugged him off, “I don’t have time for you to be an ass, Blake. Where are they?”

His lazy grin edged, “The Court of Nightmares.”

Running his hand through his hair, Bay sighed, “Let’s get going then.” The stress of finding Ash wore thin on Bay. Dacia knew that Bay had been in the Nightmare Court, just once, if she remembered correctly. 

“Oh yes, let’s,” Blake said cheerfully. His smile was light but it didn’t reach his eyes. As a Shadowsinger, it was more than likely that Blake knew what went down with Bay. It ended with Ash healing Bay’s broken arm, her brother yelling at Bay for losing his temper. Of course she didn’t know why he had a broken arm to begin with, and surprisingly, neither did Ash. Bay just told him to leave the matter alone. And he did.

She held up a hand “Who said you could come with?”

He arched a brow, “I did.”

If the situation was different, she’d laugh at Bay’s glaring as he argued, “Don’t you have the Blood Rite to prepare for?”

Blake’s cocky grin reappeared, “Don’t you?”

Bay glowered at him, but kept quiet.

Blake and Adrien were two years apart, Nate a year younger than Adrien. Making Nate the same age as Bay, but the three brothers were going into the Blood Rite together. They refused to be separated. Cassian had caved, letting the age slide, so they wouldn’t be apart. The brothers were a fighting unit, a lethal fighting unit at that, and it made the war camp Lords nervous.

Dacia knew that Blake, in his own way, was asking if Bay was ready. Of course he couldn’t ask nicely, the ass.

“Wait,” Blake said.

Temper flaring, Dacia growled, “What?!”

A glint shone in his brown eyes, the razor sharp smile replaced the cocky one, “You got to change.”


Ash kept himself calm, not letting the Illyrian training he recieved take hold. He let her hold the blade to his throat. Fear was coming off her in waves, her blood pressure dangerously high, and any sudden movements would end up with her blade in his throat. The pregnant female growled,“Who are you.”

He calmly said, “My name is Ash Archeron. You know who I am, Azure. You are friends with my mother, Elain.”

She wavered, “I- I know that name. Am I Azure?”

“Yes,” he said calmly, “You have short-term memory loss. I’m here to try to help you remember. Will you let me?”

After a few seconds of silence, she lowered the blade, “yes.”