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Megyn Kelly calls these soft ass babies on these college campuses, “Cupcake Nation”.

 A bunch of elitists crybabies, whom apparently are not ready for the real world. “Safe spaces” and “First Amendment Zone’s” are a joke and a threat to liberty, freedom, free speech and all rights.

New puppy in like 3 weeks

So it’s been a year and 10 days since my childhood pet, Spike the Dachshund died.

My mom’s been wanting another Dachshund for a couple years, and we have finally gotten our shit together and visited a breeder.

She had two boys (I was encouraging males b/c my dog Dixie is female and I think she’d get on better with a boy), and we eventually picked the red and white one. So in about 3 weeks there will be a new puppy!

P.S. the breeder had a gorgeous planted angelfish tank


Why Capitalism is Great

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Dana Loesch Plays ‘Newest Gender Pronoun’  Tumblr edition -| Louder With Crowder

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Trigger-Free Trick or Treat

Published on Oct 26, 2016

Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media model politically correct costumes for your safe, SJW Halloween!

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The Next Great American Revolution

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