dachi draws


uppin’ the ante on my kickstarter project “Scribbles”, by also giving you the option to snag this comic I wrote and illustrated about an innocent mariachi band that is unexpectedly hurled back in time to Ancient Japan. check it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thegreyninja/scribbles/posts/955373

3 days left - Sketchbook, plus comic, plus potentially even MORE COMIC. also I think the comics are rad and that you will dig them. Same goes for the sketchbook ;)  Your move.

Also, we’re over $3,000. we’re sooooo close, but I need some more help to get the word out and push this thing!!!!!!! reblog, repost, share it on facebook or instagram, have a lovely conversation with your mother and just mention it in passing… OH, PEOPLE OF TUMBLR, HEAR MY CRY!!! I think we can totally pull this off!!