Autumn Life in the Russian Countryside with @edgy_frog

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“Spending time in my countryside house, ‘dacha,’ is always special for me, especially in autumn. It is sad that we can not capture the smell of autumn leaves or fallen apples on the ground in photography,“ says Instagrammer Yulia Tepaeva (@edgy_frog) from Vladimir, Russia. "I love the aesthetic of the north. A morning fog, swallows flying around a nest above my window, wheat in my hand. These small details help create a special mood in my photography,” Yulia says. Her love of country life is visible throughout her Instagram feed. “I run through the wind in the forest, and in every type of weather, just to capture the perfect image. My phone and its battery always give up before I do.”


The first day of Fashion Week was such a adrenaline rushing/ family reunion day. I went to literally six shows and two after parties last night. Had such a great time sitting next to Dacha Polanco (actress from orange is the new black) at the Houghton show, Met Coco Rocha at the Supima design competition, reunited with all my favorite babes at the Chromat show, had a trippy adventure at the Gareth Pugh Lexus design bash, and I got a sneak preview of G-Star Raw collection.

My Outfit for Fashion Week: Day One:

White Organza Shirt: Sheena Triverdi

Floral Gold Skirt: Sheena Triverdi

Undergarment Bra: Chromat

Shoes: Wasteland

Hair: Brittan White

Makeup: Yuui

Thank you Getty images for these beautiful photos of myself.


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Expectations Simon Croft

A book of four visual poems about Ukraine on themes of Fortune, Memory, Fears & Utopia

From the artist:

The project is a kind of love story – a place that I was in love with. So there had to be pictures of the dacha, my former mother-in-law Larissa or sister-in-law Sveta, and other friends who are kinds of heroes to me. And there was this passion that I felt when meeting strangers with whom I had some kind of mutual understanding. Especially in the Nineties - when the region had been deprived of contact with the rest of the world for so long - almost every new meeting was electric and special. Sometimes in those days it felt like being one of the first aliens to make contact with an undiscovered planet. Some of that feeling still survives.

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NEO S/S 2016

PHOTO: Alek Živković
MUA: Sanja Orlandić Sretković
HAIR : Dacha Hair
MODEL: Marijana Stracenski

This collection was heavily inspired by traditional Maiko, Geisha and Oiran hairstyles named “shimada” as well as “obi” belts, and cultural heritage of the forerunner of modern technology and minimal design, Japan. Handmade jewelry and accessories in my collection are a vital yet individual parts that if taken of can change the visual identity of the individual garment, the whole collection as well as being a show-off of my designing ideas, is an innovational strive of mine to make a fashion product that can be reused unlike today’s fashion makes us believe!