Attn: Bunberries, Jogians, Tuhaders, Dacers, Kavaneers

We would like to start a Twitter campaign to express our support and interest in Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury being cast in another new series (together or separately) on Spike. Also, if you are a fan of the TUT miniseries, we are  showing our support for the creators of the show by asking for Spike to expand on the “Pharoah” theme by creating an anthology series. We will be focusing our efforts on the decision makers at Spike, such as Sharon Levy, the EVP of Original Programming and Kevin Kay, President of Spike TV (still gathering contact info on him). If you know if any other contact information for executives working at the Spike TV Network, please let us know.

If you’d like to be apart of our Twitter campaign, please tweet @SpikeLadyLevy to express your support and interest in KAVAN being cast in another series. We each represent this fandom as a whole, so please remember to be respectful. Our two main objectives are to show the executives at SPIKE that there is a sizable interest and fanbase for these two actors that another successful series can built around  and expanding upon the pharoah’s theme with a diverse cast so more POC are hired.

Thanks to the mega success of Tut in the US and abroad, we now have a huge opportunity to make our voices heard. We will be organizing a trend later. My fellow organizers and I  will be posting more information soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to inbox me. :-)

Let’s show SPIKE how this fandom gets sh*t done!


I’m a dacey fan, but I’m mostly a Lacey fan. It just sucks that Danny went through all he did just to get Lacey, than turn around and say “It’s always bee you, Jo.” Like does he have a thing where he can’t stand to see either Lacey or Jo has a boyfriend. He broke up Archie and Lacey. I was rooting for Danny to get Lacey, but now it’s like Lacey would’ve been much happier and appreciated better if she had stayed with Archie instead of falling for Danny’s charm.

Danny dropped Lacey like a hot tamale and he never came to ask how she was doing. Everything that came out of Danny’s mouth had to be about Jo, even when Danny and Lacey were together!

And now Lacey left the one guy that actually treated her right. Besides the fact that he was the one who framed Danny, he actually was going to let Lacey back in and forgave her for being with Danny, but because Lacey’s feelings for Danny was so great, she ended up choosing Danny.

That was the moment that Dacers were really happy. Until Twisted 1B came up, the shit really hit the fan. They brought Lacey and Danny back together only to break them up again, like wtf! And now Archie is gone all her friends are gone and are not her friend. Danny has a new-found love for Jo. Charlie was obsessed with Lacey and now he likes Jo. Jo this. Jo that. 

It just sucks so bad that Lacey has suffered through so much yet no one cares. And Danny had the audacity to break up Lacey and Archie, soon realizing that he has feelings for Jo out of nowhere, and practically ruining Lacey’s life. Why doesn’t Lacey get an apology? Why doesn’t Lacey get to cry and let her feelings all out? Why does her heart have to be broken and never fixed, while Jo gets to have her pity moments?

I don’t hate Jo. I don’t. I don’t really care at this point if Janny happens. What I really care about is that Lacey has someone who cares about her and has a family to be with her. I want Lacey to have someone who was by her side and appreciated her as Archie once had. But I guess that’s too much to ask from the writers. Now that I’m looking at Twisted 1A, I see that maybe it was best for Lacey to stay away from Danny and maybe Archie wouldn’t have framed Danny. Maybe no one would have gotten hurt including Jo. Or maybe the writers would still try and create the mess that they did. All I know is that I kind of miss Archie and Lacey moments, though I’m still and will always be a Dacey fan.