Twisted Interactions

Dacey and Dacers:



Lacey and Jo to Danny:

Sarita and everyone:

The Soccer Team(especially Scott) to Archie:

Lacey and Jo:

Tess and karen:

Jo and Rico:

Jo and Dacey:

Archie and Danny:

Phoebe to Everyone:

Lacey and her “Friends”:

Vikram, Tess, Kyle:

2013 Top 10 TV Ships

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  1. Sam and Andy (Rookie Blue) (167902)
  2.  Mary and Sebastian (Reign) (118331)
  3. Mary and Francis (Reign) (116110)
  4. Emma and Hook (Once upon a Time) (70655)
  5.  Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries) (49337)
  6. Stefan and Elena (The Vampire Diaries) (39342)
  7. Felicity and Oliver (Arrow) (24620)
  8. Lacey and Danny (Twisted) (19172)
  9. Austin and Ally (18830)
  10. Sam and Mercedes (Glee)(17683)

You are the best fans in the world. Let push them higher so that they can’t be catch. We want a Dacey or Kavan photoshoot!

So keep voting in here for Dacey or Lacey and Danny (Twisted)

I just wanna say...

To all the people who keep me alive with these fanfics. You guys are helping me avoid this struggle that I do not want! Your stories are so filled with life and depth.

I actually like Jo (the thirst is gone and in some cases shes a Dacey Supporter!),

I get to see Lacey and Danny POV, more Dacey, No PoorJo.

I hate Archie even more,

I absolutely love how some fics include back stories on why Danny was chasing Lacey since Day 1. You guys are truly amazing. I greatly appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Thank you!

Attention Twisted and Sleepy Hollow fans. 

I know my Dacers are tired of Jo and are tired of this back and forth they are trying to pull with Danny and Lacey’s Relationship. 

And Sleepy fans I know you are begging for some ichabbie action(even though it could take a season or two). 

If you crave some interracial love action between two leads without  interference from annoying love triangles, if you haven’t seen it already. I suggest “Cult” its a pretty decent show, 1 season so far, its like a mystery thriller, acting is pretty damn decent(its a CW show so if you watch their shows you know how the acting goes) and it scratches that itch. So check it out if you would like to, its on Netflix.  

Dacers, it’s been real. I loved catching up on the tag. Seeing people read the fuck out of Jo and dragging deluded Janners. I loved the shade of it all and the praise and appreciation of queen Lacey and king Danny. I’m going to miss this fandom. Even if the show is renewed, I won’t be watching. Lacey has no family and she has no friends. No one loves her (but us). Yet everyone loves Jo and can’t get enough of her. I’m just over it and sick of seeing Lacey shat on. Even the decoy Wacey relationship/friendship ain’t real. Please let me know if there is a new show and ship we can praise. Dacers 5Ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️