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So because of high demand I drew in the stripper heels from my original Crop top Yuuri inspired by @zephyrine-gale
I have to thank you guys for the amount of notes on the original! It blew my mind! I’m so happy everyone seemed to love him! ^-^ 
I’m highly tempted to do a crop top pole dancing Viktor, but idk yet since I’m working on YOI playboy bunnies~

She just seems different, you know? I don’t know, I just got a feeling about her. You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?
—  Dean, Blue Valentine
congrats on the tony.

legit suuuucks.


You cuddled closer to Daveed as the sunlight poured into the shared apartment. The white duvet wrapped around both of your bodies. Daveed snored and hugged you tighter to his chest before loud screaming came from inside your apartment.

“Daveed Diggs Tony nominee!” A voice the two of you knew a little too well, yelled in the apartment. You groaned and pulled the duvet over your head while the door burst opened. Malcolm and Rafa allowed themselves into the bedroom, a bottle of champagne in Malcolm’s hand and Rafa’s phone in his.

“Daveed get your lazy ass up!” They shouted, receiving a groan from the both of you and stomping from the neighbors above.

“Shut up.” Daveed murmured and twisted so he was facing you. His arms never left yours, even when the heavy covers were ripped from your body revealing your bare legs to the cold air.

“Stop.” You whined and reached out for the blanket before failing. You wrapped yourself closer to Daveed as he let out a loud groan, opening his eyes to the sunlight.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked the two men who were staring at Y/N’s legs which were wrapped around his. Your underwear peeked out from under the gray Oakland shirt.

A silence surrounded the four of them.Daveed opened his eyes and looked at his two friends. His eyes narrowed before he began to speak.

“Stop looking at her like she’s a piece of meat.” He growled and pulled the shirt as far as he could before closing his eyes and cuddling back to you. His hair was puffy and pushing against your face as you let out a soft sneeze. The boys all cooed at how soft and sweet the sneeze was. You were like a kitten.

Daveed removed himself from you while reaching down to grab a pair of sweatpants from the ground. You let out a moan and turned your body so your back was facing them. Daveed grabbed the blanket form the end of the shared bed, setting it on you. Daveed grabbed Malcolm and Rafa by the arm before walking out. He lowered his voice before speaking.

“Why the fuck are you here?” He asked in a harsh whisper. Both men’s hands went up in defense.

“We wanted to celebrate your Tony.” Rafa defended as he pointed a finger at the bottle of champagne in Malcolm’s hand.

“You could’ve called and said ‘hey! you’re getting a tony. Congrats.’” Daveed mimicked before he crossed his arms and turning to look inside the room. He noticed how the blanket was over your face and your arms were wrapped tightly around his pillow.

“That would’ve been perfectly fine!” He muttered and looked back at them.

“You might be right,” Malcolm said as the two men put their arms down from the air. His finger was pointed at Daveed at this point before he began to speak. “But, if we had known you already celebrated we wouldn’t have came over.” A gasp left Daveed’s lips at the comment.

“We didn’t do anything!” Daveed defended with a grunt and took the men’s arms, guiding them to the door.

“And now you’re going to leave,” Daveed told the men and opened the door. He shoved both of them out, taking the bottle from his brother he gave a fake smile and waved a goodbye before closing and locking the door.

Malcolm murmured something before they walked away/

Daveed sat the bottle on the side table of the bedroom once he walked back in. His body got back into the bed while he wrapped his arms around you.

“Congrats on the Tony.” You whispered and pushed back against Daveed. “Thank you,” He whispered and kissed your forehead.

“I love you.” He whispered in your ear as he wrapped himself in the blanket. 

 “I love you.” You repeated before falling asleep again.