• Davey: To get sex from someone, you just have to talk to them a bunch until they want to have sex with you.
  • Race: Literally none of those things are true.
  • Davey: Oh?
  • Jack: Have sex with me.
  • Katherine: No.
  • Jack: Have sex with me.
  • Katherine: I told you no.
  • Jack: Have sex with me.
  • Katherine: Alright.

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So because of high demand I drew in the stripper heels from my original Crop top Yuuri inspired by @zephyrine-gale
I have to thank you guys for the amount of notes on the original! It blew my mind! I’m so happy everyone seemed to love him! ^-^ 
I’m highly tempted to do a crop top pole dancing Viktor, but idk yet since I’m working on YOI playboy bunnies~

“Last night I saw a documentary on Ted Bundy..,”

my bf is watching documentaries on serial killer Ted Bundy, && he watched a documentary on Columbine since I told him I was obsessed with these types of things (?!!)

Like, get you someone that doesn’t judge your weird killer obsessions,, get you a nice dude who tries to know who the unibrow/lady killer was.. next up, his gonna find out about Elliot Rogers YouTube videos 😂💕

She just seems different, you know? I don’t know, I just got a feeling about her. You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?
—  Dean, Blue Valentine