dabs up

Bambam is seriously the funniest man and he always makes me laugh at his adorable stupid jokes. Even though I joke about wanting to punch him for constantly dabbing I love him in spite, Happy birthday to the young and rich Bam 😳💕

Can we just acknowledge all the amazing things happening at once in this? Oak’s little jig, Anthony’s fancy moves, Thayne’s facial expressions, Leslie hurrying by with his pants only half-on, and Jon Rua just jumping up and dabbing. 

These silly boys give me life <3


I KNOW it’s only been a couple of hours since the new Sims video went up, but bear with me. These are all just based on sad/shy Evan and forward/friendly Dab. Not necessarily shippy (because they’re toddlers!!)

- Evan is clingy towards Dab and whenever their parents take them out on a playdate, Evan holds onto the back of Dab’s shirt, following him from behind.
- Evan is the soft spoken one between the two, and is always happy to play games with Dab but he’s still quite shy every time. They play Cops and Robbers, Saving The Princess in the Tower, etc.
- They keep their drawings of each other posted on their bedroom walls. Dab’s favorite one is a crayon drawing of them as Prince and a Knight, standing on top of a scribble of a slain dragon.
- Someone at daycare hurts Dab by telling him his semi-curly long hair makes him look like a girl. Evan throws his butterfly toy at the kid’s head and they both get into trouble. When their parents arrive to pick them up, Dab is sniffling into Evan’s shirt with Evan consoling him.
- Dab introduces Evan to his first friend the large dinosaur stuffed toy in his room. Evan gets childishly jealous and comes to their next play date in a dinosaur onesie.


The original clip! I don’t know what TF kind of energy he’s on but pass some of that off young Frat! #Repost @6_solo
S/O to the GS3 DAB CHALLENGE!!! Everybody know the 🔵MAB⚪ walking away with this W! LET’S GET IT!!! 🎵Big Will (@bigwillthepartyking )- Dab On Em🎵 🎥: @russ_duhh
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