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Marrying Love and Art with @dabsmyla

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Blending marriage and work may be a challenge for some, but Dabs and Myla — collectively known as Dabs Myla (@dabsmyla) — make it look easy. The Australian graffiti and street artists, who are based in Los Angeles, have been making bright, bold pop art since they met in school some 12 years ago. “During our time at school we fell in love and straightaway started working together on projects and paintings,” Myla says. “After a few years, we found we loved working together so much more, so we made the decision to start solely working together under one name — and have been ever since.”

Dabs says in their 10 years as a couple, they have never spent a day apart. “We still really like each other, and are so happy to be around each other all day and night,” he says.

The duo collaborates at every stage of their projects, from start to finish. “Usually we will call out at the beginning what each person would like to paint: ‘Is it cool if I paint the boy, the cat character, the car, the television and the flowers?’” Dabs says.

In terms of daily inspiration, the two cite mid-century design, graffiti and the golden age of animation. “But we think our biggest inspiration is each other,” Dabs says. “We make our work together and for each other.”


Opening this Saturday, September 1st at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California is a group show curated by Dabs Myla entitled, “Marvelous Expeditions."  The Dabs Myla curated exhibit features work from 32 of their closest artistic friends (Such as Tatiana Suarez, Misery, Dabs Myla and POSE - Above) and revolves around the idea of travel and the exchanging of ideas as well as culture.  For more information visit Thinkspace Gallery.


Animated fun houses have been a staple in Dabs Myla’s quirky world of characters. Originally hailing from Australia, the Los Angeles duo frequently features playful installations as a part of their exhibits. Most recently, the world got to see their set design chops in action when they designed a massive backdrop for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. One month later, Modernica Factory in Los Angeles came knocking on their door. The company is well known on the west coast for its locally made mid-century inspired home furnishings. Nearly six months have gone by since their first meeting, and today Modernica and Dabs Myla will debut what the couple calls their “dream art-house”. 

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Los Angeles 2015

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