Me on HIGHTHERE app RN (7:00 am): “going to the zoo out of dab oils got the $$$ pls help a sister out fore i have to go to the zoo dabless” “I can’t smoke Blunts at the zoo y'all” “NEED A NEW PLUG” “im bout to craigslist hunt for budder” “hel p me before i get lured into an FBI trap” “need to smoke friends up today who got shatter”

Me on Google: “is it dangerous to meet up w a craigslist cannabis plug” “will i be ok if im not lifted 24/7???? No.”

“I’m f***** up because i have to be at the zoo today not stoned the entire time and i was gonna smoke my girl UP today but i chiefed my whole stash away last night w her and now i only have enough for 1 blunt and I’ll get NEUROTIC”

Once we become apart of the body of Christ we must help and encourage each other. Being apart of the body is not only a pleasure it’s also privilege. Lets use this opportunity to lead others to Christ and also encourage each other to keep on the straight and narrow path.