Fake Film Meme: [1/?] Descent into Darkness

A powerful High Priestess (Angela Basset) has been chosen by the Great Council to lead a group of warriors talented and strong like her, to close down a gate that has been opened between the world of the mortals and the spirits. 

The company consists of six witches. The first happens to be the Woman (Cate Blanchett) who over a hundred years ago had declared her undying love for the High Priestess before nearly getting her killed in the hands of witch hunters. The Woman is a headstrong spell caster with a talent of foresight. 

Then there is her Daughter (Jessica Parker Kennedy) a shapeshifter who can take any form she has laid her eyes on and is perhaps the most powerful witch of the group. 

Joining them are two nearly immortal, half-demon sisters with a taste for blood and a dark agenda of their own. The older (Eva Green) a pyro kinetic with a highly flammable temper and her much calmer, younger sister (Gemma Arterton) who has ability to summon and briefly control the souls of dead. 

Can they save the world of the living before it descents into eternal darkness and chaos?

The fate of the world lies in the hands of six witches and the war has just began. 

1.Livin’ in The Basement
2.Meditations by DAN
3.Bangin’ My Head on The Mic
4.Hacky Sack With Kittens
5.Lazy and Proud
7.Oreo Brownie
8.God Knows Why
9.I Threw Up Off The Porch
11.Drunk Ass Nigga
12.Those Fuckers Lied About The Weed
13.Bubblegum and Kicking Ass
14.Disco Amoeba
15.Cody’s Moving Back to Town
16.I Drank a Beer
17.Get Off Yer Phone
18.Nancy Botwin
19.Some More Stupid Shit
20.John Lennon’s Uncircumcised Penis
21.Concerto in D Minor ala Sid
22.Vaseline Groove
23.Super Anal Party
24.Obama is Black
25.We Don’t Need No Drummer
26.Pure Fucking Agony

I decided it’s time to get back to the reason I made this blog. To write about each and every release I’ve ever put out in chronological order. I’ve already wrote about Free Emerald State’s Volume 1 (my first cd), Dables’ Slacker Pop, 14 Songs, Pretty Ugly, Closet Monster’s Smoke Pot Kill Your Family (another old band of mine), and DAN’s first album Magic Mountain.  If you want to read about any of those, just put dables in the search box on my page because they are all rather old blog entries.

ANYWHO, here is the second release from my old band DAN, titled “Grandparents Forever”. It came out in January of 2010 on my self-run label Slacker Pop Records.

Here are the album credits:
David Walker - guitar, etc.
Clayton Marks - bass, etc.
Sid Shurer - vocals, etc.

Our buddies who helped:
Tucker-background vocals on “Lazy and Proud” & “Some More Stupid Shit”
Shelby-background vocals on “I Threw Up Off The Porch” & farts on “Disco Amoeba”
Cody-voicemail on “Cody’s Moving Back to Town”
Brittany-background vocals on “Super Anal Party”

Basically this was just a continuation of our first album Magic Mountain, although we moved away from a punk sound, going more for a psychedelic sound and trying harder to write funnier songs. The whole idea was to write short songs, usually only with one or two riffs, that just get straight to the point and hopefully would both rock and be funny. We were basically just trying to entertain ourselves. Not really a whole lot else to say about this album.

"Livin’ in The Basement" is probably my favorite DAN song, and it’s about how Sid and Clayton lived in Sid’s parent’s house basement, where we recorded about 95% of this album (the rest was recorded in my bedroom at my house). 

"Bubblegum and Kicking Ass" is another one of my favorites and is basically just a They Live reference.

"Cody’s Moving Back to Town" features a voicemail my friend Cody Blackwell left me informing me that he was moving back to Fountain Inn after living in Savannah, GA for the past 2 and half years. I recorded the entire song by myself. I was stoked that he was moving back and shortly after he came back, we formed the current lineup of Dables.

"John Lennon’s Uncircumcised Penis" was inspired by the cover of John Lennon’s Two Virgins album.  It is also the most played & downloaded song on bandcamp and it brings my site a lot of traffic. People looking for pictures of John Lennon’s dick I guess. Not surprisingly the second most played/downloaded song is "Super Anal Party". Go figure.

Immediately after finishing this one, we started working on another album that was going to be called Honey Berry Surprise (named after a blunt wrap) but it never got finished. We played two shows as DAN. One house show that went ok, and one show at The Hangar in Greenville that was awful.  My guitar’s input broke on the first song and I had to borrow someone else’s and the sound was horrible and there were maybe 10 people there. That’s about all there is to say about Grandparents Forever. I hope you listen to it and laugh as much as we did while recording it.

Mythology Meme

1/4 Titans: Aura

The Titan Goddess of the Breeze and fresh, cool air of the early morning.

A proud virgin huntress, she compared her body to that of the Olympian goddess Artemis’ who sought out Nemesis to restore the balance between the two. As her punishment Aura was raped by Dionysos. The event drove her to madness. She became a cruel and violent killer of men. Aura gave birth to twin sons of Dionysos, one of which she swallowed whole. The other was saved by Artemis.

She was turned into a stream by Zeus.

SHOW PREVIEW: Benny Blackwell Benefit at Radio Room/Chi Cheng Benefit at Ground Zero

With the holidays just around the corner, ’tis the season to give. And if that’s one things bands from the Upstate have showed in the past few years it’s their compassion for different causes and their ability to rally others for it as well. With that being said, tonight is no different both in Greenville and in Spartanburg.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dables – Dables

It’s been a long-time coming, but the full-band debut of Dables is finally here. For those unfamiliar with Dables, it was originally the solo project of Fountain Inn musician and Daniel Johnston worshipper, David Walker. Over the past several years he had been quite prolific as a solo artist, but eventually his desire to make a louder noise led him to forming a full band incarnation with Cody Blackwell and Jake Garrett both trading off bass and drum duties.

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John The Revelator - Stagnant Water(2011)

Available on the internet for the first time, and for free download for a limited time only, local legend John The Revelator aka Jake Garrett, the drummer for Dables, brings you his latest solo album and I think it rules. He recorded it on my Tascam Portastudio in the course of two weeks when I let him borrow it. LISTEN OR DIE!!

Happy New Year! Look forward to these in 2013...

Well it’s a neaw year so that means New shows, new music, and good times. First keep your eyes and ears open for a New album which should be out in Feb. or March. It is a split album done with our friends Dables. Also we don’t have too many shows booked yet, but we’ve been working on some new tracks and hope to go to the Jam Room Studio to record our 2nd album. THis will likely happen in the Summer and MAY, be released late this year. Hope everyone enjoyed 2012, and get ready because we’re going to help make 2013 one hell of a year. -MJM

INTRODUCING: Un_Scene (Music of a Different Flavor) First Show

Many of our readers are probably familiar with Greenville gangsters and pranksters, Din of Thieves. But what they may be unfamiliar with is lead singer Caleb Riley’s ambitions outside of the band. In addition to many solo and collaborative electronic projects, Riley has also been planning his own venture into the arts, and hosting events under the name “Un_Scene”. Their first gathering is this Friday February 3rd at The Artistry in the West End of Greenville. Musical acts will include David Walker of Dables, and Leigh Steinhouse of Romancing The Devil. We caught up with Caleb Riley to discuss the details of the event, and most importantly if there was going to be alcohol provided!

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steveman-art asked:

tabletop rpgs are my second biggest hobby, so yeah. of course im gonna ask about that (right after drawing). ;3c have you dabled in Cyberpunk2020 and/or Shadowrun? I love cyberpunk genre stuff. ^u^

I’m afraid I haven’t, I’ve only just recently gotten a long-term tabletop group together. I did give my bestie a copy of Shadowrun for christmas, but I haven’t heard anything about Cyberpunk2020 :O

..somos el río de Heráclito, quien dijo que el hombre de ayer no es el hombre de hoy y el de hoy no será el de mañana. Cambiamos incesantemente y es dable afirmar que cada lectura de un libro, que cada relectura, cada recuerdo de esa relectura, renueva el texto. También el texto es el cambiante río de Heráclito.


N’KISI CONCORDE TRAILER new Detroit & Hamtramck art documentary from NIKKI SASS : BRITTIN RICHTER on Vimeo.

N’kisi Concorde, a documentary feature, investigates the lives and work of two Detroit-area outsider artists and visual storytellers, Olayami Dabls and Dmytro Szylak, whose extraordinary installations reflect the power of the imagination unbound by artistic conventions or popular tastes. Though unrelated by work or acquaintance, these artists are united by the power of their singular visions to stimulate lively public engagement and to color the cultural landscapes of their communities.

Filmed over the course of two years in Detroit and Hamtramck (a city within Detroit) by two Michigan natives.

For more on our film please check out:

We were also featured in Colin M. Day’s film Building Detroit Part 2 for MOCA tv.

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