Todoroki: Midoriya, are you All Might’s secret love child or something?

Midoriya: I-It’s not-um…-it’s not like that… W-why do you ask?

Todoroki: Well… Lately, I’ve just been thinking of conspiracy theories about pro heroes… Like Aizawa-sensei and Shinsou, you know? *mutters* Besides, it’d be pretty awkward if I ended up dating my teacher’s son

Midoriya: *so excited that he missed the last part* Now that you say it, it makes a lot of sense… *starts scribbling theories in his notebook*

Facing the League of Villains

Midoriya: *cross-referencing his notebook from memory* Dabi, are you… um… Endeavor’s s-secret love child…?

Dabi: Unfortunately, yes.

Todoroki: wait wHAT-