when the weird yelling lizard who kidnapped you and feeds you cookies as a means of flirting turns out to be super hot 

based on a convo I had with @teal-colored-trash and @space-birdie on stream, and this awesome drawing that resulted from it!

Bonus: Dad to the rescue

And so their legacy grew….


Alec Appreciation Weeks | Week #7 - Alec + Thigh Holster

It sat low on his upper leg, adorning it with two shiny silver buckles. It was where he kept his seraph blade when he was using his preferred bow and quiver, as well as his stele. He’s right-handed, so it made sense for him to strap the holster to his left thigh for easier access.

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Victuuri AU where they meet on Tinder

(s/o to everyone on discord for enabling this, esp @actualyuuri​)

“You can’t swipe left on everyone,” Christophe laments. “He was cute.”

“Nope.” Viktor flicks his finger again. 

“Oh come on! He’s cute, too!”


Christophe sighs. “I’m seriously starting to question your taste in men, Viktor.”

“I don’t think he’s cute at all,” Yuuri says, frowning. Next to him, Phichit laughs.

“Come on, you never know. It’s just a fun game, and it doesn’t hurt to cast your net out a little!”

“I don’t want to cast out my net,” complains Yuuri.

Phichit rolls his eyes. “There’s gotta be someone here that’ll fit your exacting standards, Yuuri ‘I only date men who have done quad flips’ Katsuki.”

“And you making me swipe right on everyone isn’t going to help matters,” retorts Yuuri.

Phichit blows a raspberry. The next profile comes up. 

“I don’t know,” says Yuuri, looking at it with a frown. “He’s got a bathroom abs selfie.”

“Swipe right,” replies Phichit.

Viktor gets to the profile named “Yuuri Katsuki”, who is currently 1.2 kilometres away, and purses his lips. Because the guy’s picture has two very attractive men on it, but one of them sparks Viktor’s interest a lot more than the other.

Which one is Yuuri? His gut instinct goes for the one in the cat-eared beanie, but it could just as easily be the cheery-looking darker-skinned one next to him. Both of them are beaming in front of the Detroit Skate Club, though, and based on their next picture of them goofing around on the bleachers inside, must be involved with the DSC somehow. 

The third picture is a picture of a pork cutlet bowl. Just a fuckin pork cutlet bowl. Viktor groans, though he’s also intrigued. Christophe raises an eyebrow and leans over.

“Which one is he?” he asks. 

“Probably the pork cutlet bowl,” replies Viktor. He swipes right, intrigued.

“Ooh, Viktor Nikiforov is on Tinder?”

Yuuri purses his lips, looking at the selfies. They’re all recent ones from Instagram. “Could be fake,” he points out.

“There’s only one way to know,” replies Phichit, grinning.

Yuuri swipes right, intrigued.

It’s a match! the app announces, and Viktor wants to immediately fire off a message to Yuuri, asking him which one of the two men in the picture he is. But that might come off as rude, so he decides to go about it a little more sneakily. 

i notice you’re a skater, and you’re nearby. want to grab coffee sometime? and bring your friend! - vn

There. That should do it. 

He gets a message a couple minutes later. That sounds good, is the response. We’ll both be there. Time and place?

i’m only in town for a couple more days. i don’t know detroit very well. you guys can pick. - vn

How about Astro Coffee this Wednesday at noon?

Viktor smiles. perfect - vn

Yuuri’s not nervous at all. 

(That’s a lie. He’s grabbing coffee with Viktor Nikiforov. Or at least, who he hopes is really Viktor and not some serial killer catfishing as him.)

At least Phichit will be coming along. Which is fair, since he set things up. Though it is a little strange that Viktor had asked for both of them. Maybe he was more interested in Phichit.

But that’s strange. Phichit had his own profile. Heck, he’s going through it right now, for shits and giggles as they wait in line to place their order.

“Yuuri?” he hears, and turns towards the door, and oh. 

Oh no.

It really is Viktor Nikiforov. And he’s beaming like he’s made of pure, unadulterated sunshine. 

Viktor watches a young man in blue-rimmed glasses with a shock of dark hair turn at the call of his name, and his heart leaps into his throat, because oh.

Oh no.

It really is the guy in the cat-eared beanie, and he’s even cuter in person.

I want Shiro and Lance to go on a mission together. I don’t care what kind.

One where Shiro is unsure amd uneasy, is worried about Lance slipping up and telling a bad joke at the wrong time. Where he thinks Lance’s attempts at flirting will get them into hot water. But instead he’s seeing Lance with a whole different set of manners. Making alliance’s and gathering aliens for their cause. Where Lance’s diplomatic strategies work and the aliens of this planet are so charmed by the blue paladin Shiro gets kind brushed off to the side, even with his title of being champion. Shiro finds himself not minding one bit. Where after he pulls Allura and Coran aside and tells them. He’s momentarily shocked at their beaming smiles that, yes, they knew it would work Lance IS best for these types of missions. And Shiro is just stunned and so happy about it at the same time.

Or give me a mission where everything seems to go wrong and Shiro starts seeing things that aren’t there. His chest feels tight and hears the chantting he had to walk away from every night. And Shiro tries SO hard to stay strong to be the typical leader he’s supposed to be. But he’s just breaking and its freaking him out even more. But Lance won’t allow that. He tells Shiro to focus on his eyes. Tell Shiro its not real. Tell Shiro he’ll be there no matter what. Takes everything step by step until Shiro is comfortable again to the point where Lance is simply doing everything. And Shiro wants to be mad - why does Lance have to do everything for him? Why does he have to act like a big baby? But whenever he voices those thoughts Lance gives him this look, eyes as bright and some how cold looking as a winter sky. If Lance says it’s not problem then its not. And sometimes when things seems to hard and Shiro is gasping for breath and his vision blurry from tears he fe2ela Lance pulling him gently. Letting him know that he is here to HELP Shiro. And as embarssed he is when his tears are gone Shito admits that its not to bad to sit in Lance’s lap.

OR just a mission where the two of them goof off and the sunlight hits Lance just right and when Shiro looks he’s left breathless.


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

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hey, big fan of your recs, really loving the creativity of the viktuuri fandom in trying to parse out what caused such an intense rivalry. but what are your top ten all-time favourite fics


Hi, thank you for the sweet comment and request! It was really tough for me to find just ten fics, and I didn’t want to go with just the fandom favorites – but some of them did make it on here because they’re SO GOOD. Anyway, without further ado:

(gif by @lametooru)

My Top Ten Favorite Viktuuri Fics

Love!!! On Ice by Aeryi, Explicit, 72k (WIP)
When the world’s top skater Viktor Nikiforov is permanently injured in a freak skating accident and forced to retire from skating for good he knows his life will never be the same again. But while his life is empty without skating to fill it, being forced to become the unwilling coach of a headstrong Japanese rising star skater was the very last way he wanted to return to the ice. The reluctant coach and unwilling student clash over almost everything but even through the hatred, something different slowly begins to emerge. Can Nikiforov teach Katsuki the secrets to finally winning the gold? And can Katsuki bring back the meaning to his life that Nikiforov thought he had lost forever? Seriously one of the best fics I have read in any fandom ever. Thumbs up!

If You Can’t Handle the Heat, Get out of the Kitchen by yellowmellow2k2, Teen, 117k
“Viktor, try it.”
Viktor looked down at the plate of steaming katsudon, the house special. He flicked at a piece of onion resting on the top of the bed of rice. This, this thing, is what was made Yu-Topia beat his own restaurant in the Food & Wine awards?
Viktor frowned, placing his chopsticks beside his bowl. “Please, this shack has only two Michelin stars. I’m actually afraid to put this in my mou — ”
Yuri shoved a piece of breaded meat in Viktor’s mouth before he could finish, and Victor barely suppressed a moan as the pork melted in his mouth, tender and just the right temperature. The sauce it was covered in complemented the seasonings just right, and the egg —
“Yeah,” Yuri says from across the table. “Looks like you finally have some competition.” Great rival chef AU!

tear out my heart, and it still beats for you by hearseire, Explicit, 43k (WIP) **Graphic depictions of violence
Ever since a fateful event in Juniors, Katsuki Yuuri skates with only one purpose: to kill Viktor Nikiforov. Not to beat him, as that’s not enough — would never be enough to repay Viktor for the hurt that he caused Yuuri. 
He skates to open opportunities to kill Viktor, meticulously plans all the ways to make him disappear and hide the body and get away with the crime. His plans are perfect, plotted to the last detail, and Viktor would be dead a dozen times over by now if it wasn’t for the fact that there are other people trying to kill Viktor, and Yuuri ends up having to kill them instead. Because he is the only one that can kill Viktor.
Now, if only Viktor would get a clue and stop thinking that Yuuri is in love with him just because he’s saved his life multiple times, for god’s sake. Deliciously angsty and wonderfully suspenseful!

i’m falling for your eyes (but they don’t know me yet) by natashagrimley, Gen, 89k (WIP)
“I — I’m sorry, but who are you?”
So the rumors were true. Yuuri didn’t remember him at all. The words that left Yuuri’s mouth just then shouldn’t have left like a kick to Viktor’s stomach, causing nausea to rush over him like some sick tsunami. He was supposed to hate him, after all. Yuuri didn’t know how to skate anymore; this was supposed to be a good thing. So why did he feel like his whole world just came crashing down?
After a tragic accident, Yuuri loses all memory of his figure skating career, including the rivalry between Viktor Nikiforov and himself. Time may heal wounds, but only Viktor can give back the memories of their rivalry that were lost. What happens if Viktor doesn’t want to give those memories back? Very angsty!

coffee, cupcakes and other ways to fall in love by rebooten, Teen, 20k
“That’s funny. I like you just like I like my coffee too.” The barista’s glare changed in an instant to a coy smirk and Nikiforov’s heart leapt a little in his chest at the sight. It had been weeks since he had first spotted the man at his favourite coffee shop and he had been trying to charm him from the moment their eyes first met. Unsuccessfully so far but he knew it couldn’t be long now.
“And how is that?” Nikiforov replied, layering his tone with as much suggestiveness as he could muster.
“I don’t like coffee.” LOVE this!

the breaking of your soul (upon my lips) by rose_summerfield, Mature, 90k (WIP)
Viktor meets a boy with a secret.
(A secret as big as himself, that threatens to swallow him whole. A secret deeper than the seas that Viktor longs to chart.)
The boy doesn’t talk to him, barely even gives him the time of day. But the more he pushes Viktor away, the more Viktor pushes back.
(And maybe it’s all right, because Viktor has his own secret, too, tucked away in this new cottage by the sparkling Irish seaside.) Heartbreaking and beautiful Selkie and Swan Maiden AU!

The Spy Who Loved Me by vodkaluce, Mature, 26k (WIP)
There were three rules to being the world’s top spy:
1. Never reveal your real identity
2. Complete every mission, no traces left.
3. Don’t fall in love with the criminal you’re trying to catch.
Viktor Nikiforov, aka agent 009, somehow managed to break every rule in 5 minutes. Awesome spy AU!

Before the Camera, Behind the Screen by lord_fourquadjumps, Explicit, 33k (WIP)
“I don’t know, I’ve been reliably informed by a lot of people that I’m very impressive.”
Nikiforov flicked his eyes to where their bodies were joined, only the smallest pieces of fabric separating them, eyebrow raised suggestively. Katsuki snorted in disgust, then rolled his hips in an unexpected movement that made a certain part of Nikiforov perk up in unintentional interest.
“I’ve seen better.”  SUCH a good actor AU!

The Strings of A Heart by ebbehmoth, Teen, 56k
Viktor had never tasted so much green on his tongue as he did in the moment he saw Katsuki on the stage, his long, slender ( — too long, too slender — ) fingers wresting perfection from the strings of the cello perched against his legs. Not a single beat missed, not a single note sour. Even his vibrato left no faltering tremble in the stillness of the hall.
Yuuri Katsuki, newest member of the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, was in possession of a musical talent so bright it threatened to eclipse his own. And as he watched the other man shine, Viktor resolved to figure out exactly how a complete nobody in the music world could have ever gotten this good. LOVE this fic!

a truth, universally acknowledged by bravelied, Teen, 120k
Yuuri can feel his hackles rising, feel the indignance coursing through him with every word hurled at him from Nikiforov’s mouth. Balling his hands into fists, he barely manages to keep his response civil:
“You are mistaken, Mr Nikiforov, in believing that this declaration could have ever tempted me to accept your hand.”
Nikiforov’s eyes should have turned to ice at such a blatant refusal. But they do not, and briefly Yuuri’s breath falters, but he soldiers on.
“From the very beginning — from the very first moment — of my acquaintance with you, your words and mannerisms have left me in no doubt as to the depths of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disregard for the feelings of others. Even in the months since, your actions have only served to reinforce this foundation of distrust and dislike. I now can easily say, without concern or hesitation, that you are definitively the last person on this earth whom I could be prevailed on to marry.” A fantastic Regency/Pride and Prejudice AU! Such a lovely slow burn!

Note: This is a post inspired by @victuurificrec‘s fic rec posts, created after I drunkenly asked @kazliin if there would be an in-universe version of victuurificrec for the Rivals-verse. Kaz said there was. I asked what a typical viktuurificrec post would look like, and Kaz let us create this as a result. Some of the fic summaries were written by her, others by victuurificrec, others by me, and the murder AU summary was written by @exile-wrath. Hope this was amusing!

The Three Years You Were Gone

“The three years you were gone were the longest of my life… I think that’s when I realized how much you meant to me. I almost told you in one of my letters”

“Why didn’t you?”

“You’d already been away for so long… I guess I was scared if you didn’t feel the same way, then maybe you’d never come back.”

Somewhere in the three years before Korra comes back~ Asami has music-video esque daydreams….? Sure, why not. Just dabbling in more animation for Korrasami week. : )

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Letter - Mother Mother/victuuri for the ficlet prompt!!

i like this song omg! so cute 💖 have something related to the colours soulmate au that @witchfell and i came up with a while back!

Dear Soulmate,

My name is Viktor Nikiforov, and I am six years old. Your colours are blue in my head. I wonder if you are a baby. My teacher Miss Irina hepled me with my spelling. I wish you were older so we can play together. Do you like ice skating? I like ice skating. We can ice skate together when you get older!

Viktor (age 6, Russia)

Dear Soulmate,

I wonder what colour I am in your head. You are such a beautiful blue in mine, pulsing gently with all of your emotions. We have to meet in order to start hearing each other’s thoughts, so I can’t wait for us to meet so that we can talk secretly through our thoughts too. There’s so many things I’d like to tell you that I can’t tell my parents or Yakov. I would tell my dog, but he can’t talk back like you could. I bet you would like my dog. He is a puppy named Makkachin. I got him for my ninth birthday after I won a skating competition! It wasn’t much, just a regional competition. I want to be good enough for Nationals soon, though!

Viktor (age 9, Russia)

Dear Soulmate,

Are you skating, too? I can feel you flying in my head somehow. Maybe you are doing something else, but it’s the same feeling I get out on the ice, so I hope it’s because you’re learning how to skate. I was getting a bit scared to have a soulmate who didn’t skate, or who hated skating. I mean, I would still love you even if you hated everything about the ice, but it’s a lot easier this way! I’m preparing for the Junior Grand Prix now. I wanna win gold in the Junior Grand Prix and then move up to Seniors next year and eventually become the world’s best skater. It would be amazing if we could skate on the same ice together, so I hope you work hard at it, too!

I know in my previous letters I don’t talk about much else. But then again I guess there isn’t that much in my life besides skating and my dog Makkachin. My family is nice I guess but my parents are never home, so I spend all the time at the rink with Yakov anyway. My rinkmates are friendly but I can tell they think I’m weird because I’m so focused on becoming the best figure skater. I wish I had you to talk to. You never respond to these, but then I don’t expect you to. 

I wonder where you are, my soulmate, and what you do, and what your family’s like, and if you like dogs. I want to know everything about you. All of your likes and dislikes, all of your hopes and fears. I guess we’re supposed to love each other already, but I don’t know if you will. I’m kinda weird. But maybe you’re a little weird, too. I’d like that, if we were a little weird together.

I tend to ramble these days, so I think I’ll shut up now. 

Viktor (age 12, Russia)

P.S. My coach and my ballet teacher are soulmates too. And they’re married. I wouldn’t expect you to want to marry me, though! But it’s a thought!

P.P.S. Please say you like dogs! 

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Why I Appreciate RTTE

When I was watching HTTYD 1 and 2 back to back, I had a thought: I really appreciate RTTE. 

(Confession: I don’t know anything about the canon of the HTTYD series, so I won’t pretend I do.)

I love the movies. I love the way they explore the themes of identity and friendship and differences. But I love RTTE because we get more than just the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless (which, naturally, I adore). We get more than just the developing feelings of Hiccstrid (if you look at my username, it’s obvious how much I love Hiccstrid). 

But in the movies, we don’t get much of the others. Snotlout, Fishlegs, the twins, even Chicken, and their dragon companions are just background characters. 

However, in RTTE, we get to see them in a brighter light. We see them develop as main characters, with flaws and strengths and quirks. We get to know the entire gang. We see their relationships with their dragons develop and grow into what they are in the second film. 

For me, RTTE fills in that hole (especially for character development) between the first two movies. It lets us know the gang wholly, not just Hiccup, Toothless, and some Astrid. 

Because of that, I love and appreciate RTTE.