dabbbe talks

it still baffles me how people will make “reblog this post if x, like if y!” posts to prove a point and expect accurate results like…………. you do realize that if you reblog you put that shit on all your followers dashboards and no ones gonna see what you pile into your likes………..

“look at how many reblogs and how little likes!! :D” my guy my dude. why am i not surprised.

you’ll never listen to me.


can’t help myself but count the flaws.

a mix for a certain cynic’s time with the amis, and one fervent ami in particular.

01. young the giant - cough syrup || 02. los campesinos! - and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison || 03. the naked and famous - young blood || 04. cyberbully mom club - u make me want to listen || 05. kate nash - paris || 06. basic vacation - i believe || 07. the lighthouse and the whaler - venice || 08. little hurricane - sheep in wolves clothes || 09. cœur de pirate - comme des enfants || 10. dikta - visitor || 11. george blagden - i will follow you into the dark || 12. soko - we might be dead by tomorrow || 13. dikta - a day at the opera || 14. keaton henson - corpse roads || 15. pigpen theatre co. - grand old paris