dab up

Can we just acknowledge all the amazing things happening at once in this? Oak’s little jig, Anthony’s fancy moves, Thayne’s facial expressions, Leslie hurrying by with his pants only half-on, and Jon Rua just jumping up and dabbing. 

These silly boys give me life <3

this week has been LIT and im gonna tell u guys why:

  1. i got sir’d at taco bell monday night in the drive thru! it was my first time getting sir’d after speaking and i was on cloud 9 my guys
  2. i was at work today and my trainer didnt show up so i talked to my supervisor and i was like what do and he was like “hey, does anyone wanna train him?” and i was SO SHOOK i had to look around to make sure he was actually talking about me LOL bc i never came out as trans to him so idk if?? someone told him or if i just got he’d right off the bat?? either way i’m SUPER HAPPY because i was getting ready to get she’d and i got he’d instead and YEAH!!!!
  3. I GOT SIR’D OVER THE PHONE. I’ve been getting ma’am’d pretty consistently over the phone at work and I’ve just gotten used to it bc honestly what are u gonna do. at the end of the call today the guy on the other end said “ok thank u sir have a good day!” and hung up and i was sitting there like :O and my trainer was like wha.. and i was like FKDHG!! I JUST GOT SIR’D!!!

holy fuck i cant even tell u guys the fucking relief like i thought this was not gonna happen ever and it’s happening so fast and i feel so fucking lucky bc i’m not even 2 months on T yet and i just,,, really needed this. it still doesn’t feel real like i’m prob gonna get ma’am’d again tomorrow and that’s ok it’s just the little victories u gotta appreciate