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BATB 2017 Brainstorming

*some teen about Lumiere*: candelabra? more like candelabruh haha *dabs*

Disney animators:

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  • Taeyong: *in the E.R waiting room waiting for Doyoung*
  • Jaebum: *Also waiting for bambam*
  • Taeyong: So what happened?
  • Jaebum: BamBam whipped his dab so hard he broke a few fingers, you?
  • Taeyong: Doyoung dabbed so hard he pulled a muscle
  • Both: *disappointed*

If you haven’t read this fic where Magilou teaches Eizen how to dab his feels away, I suggest you do.

EDIT: I woke up @ 6am realizing I completely missed the opportunity to draw Magilou magikazam'ing so hard she dabs her feels away so I fixed it 


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for those who missed/wanted to find the remix of refrain boy, here it is!

Lovely day for a dab. @budmuffin tagged me to take a rip. I’m going to tag @horrordive @astr0zombies @brokensimplicity @chiefingwolf @bongtheripper420 @dejaentend-u @meet-me-on-the-dank-side @stoned-mama @sex-drugs-scooby-snacks @smileyvamp @chenelson @thcolleen @suckmybigbong @coffeepotsmokin @royallyoily to stop and take a rip with us. Hope you guys stay nice and high, above all the bullshit today will throw that you.

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rfa finding out mc has an addiction for doing the dab move?

like that one kpop dude my friend showed me like bambam or something?? lmao he was cute and dabbed that’s all i know


  • he gets it, but at the same time doesn’t
  • he’s seen his share of students dabbing in class but? doesn’t get why
  • it’s a dance move right
  • MC does it and his first instinct is to laugh but he tries to hold it in because. it could be rude
  • he tries to join MC but his timing and coordination really only work in the videogame world it seems


  • is this what the kids are doing nowadays
  • very much a suburban middle aged mom
  • what is this dab. is it a trend. a food. music. why is MC sneezing into their arm without actually sneezing
  • is MC sick
  • of course she catches on quickly- it’s a trend, after all
  • she finds it quite silly, but somewhat endearing to see MC dab and giggle


  • he’s a casual
  • he knows what a dab is, and understands it’s like, a meme or something right?
  • but he’s not a dabber himself
  • he acts like it’s all serious though?
  • like reassuring MC that their dabbing is good and it’s amazing and yada yada
  • will dab one (1) time for MC


  • ?
  • ?????????????
  • so it’s like… a dance
  • but why spontaneous
  • you wouldn’t randomly macarena, so why randomly dab- jumin 2k17
  • not that he thinks it’s bad he just doesn’t quite grasp that it’s a meme because people find it funny
  • says “bless you” the first times MC dabs because he thought it was a sneeze


  • um? sweaty? this is is place
  • dabberoni to hide feelingolis
  • he claims he one dabbed so hard he got a sore muscle on his neck. it’s up to you if you decide to believe him
  • joins MC on their dabbing antics
  • dab 4 life