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My 2016 thank you notes:

*cue piano music*

Thank you Running man, for exposing Jungkook’s abs.

Thank you Mingyu, for showing us that people can look hot in Cheetos hair.

Thank you Got7 stylists, for cutting Jackson’s right sleeve off.

Thank you MMA fan-cams, for showing us that Exo & BTS love each other.

Thank you Rapmon, for being the reason Bangtan was created.

Thank you ISAC, for idol interactions & Min Yoongi running.

Thank you Wonwoo, for always laughing at Hoshi’s lame puns.

Thank you Mark’s friends, for… nothing, absolutely nothing. 

Thank you J-hope, for being the reason Suga smiles.

Thank you puberty, for hitting Bambam like a truck.

Thank you JB’s forehead, for getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you BTS, for making me actually read for once.

Thank you S.Coups, for taking care of 12 screaming children.

Thank you Got7, for making me search what ‘hard carry’ means.

Thank you Dabbing, for showing us who our real friends are.

And finally thank you Kpop, for being the reason why I have no life.

Happy Holidays ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ



Featuring my Titan, @masterjuridical‘s Warlock, and @shapingsicknesskillsforever‘s Hunter winning the fashion war.

Disclaimer: Since I began this art yesterday we have modified our teamcomp to be completely Hunters all running Ace of Spades and the Void Flayers Cloak.


anonymous asked:

C D and P

  • C. Who I like and why I like them.

Hmm, I’m assuming this is in general and not strictly romantic? So imma callout @myshipwillsailon. She’s super kind and as much as you deny it ya meese she’s super empathetic and in general is just a wonderful person to talk to. I’d fight her anyday (ง'̀-‘́)ง And she’s really smart and tries her best at everything, which I respect. Did I also mention very talented? Her art and writing is so fantastic and h eck. Naailah is a good bean.

  • D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

It’s not that I’m not willing to talk about it per se, it’s just that I can’t quite piece it all together? I mean just in general these past few years have been gradually getting worse and worse, but there are specific events. Maybe dealing with my mom? Ever since my dad was diagnosed with MS, she’s gotten really bad with anger/taking it out on others (even after being told so, she denies it and doesn’t care.) I remember my mom getting so mad, storming around the house, screaming, slamming doors, that I had panic attacks throughout the day, and then she suddenly went back to normal. Or when she started screaming at me in a parking lot. Idk. In general, it’s just relationships with people that bring me the most grief. I’m not too sure on how to give a proper answer to this one.

  • P. Why I hate school.

I don’t wanna get fuckin started here, but schooling systems are fucking awful. Funding has a massive impact on it, but like ashjbvhfv. Teachers aren’t properly taught how to implement new programs and how to actually teach students, since not everyone learns the same way. Schools base their entire system around bullshit things like common core, which I’d need to make a separate post for. Students have their intelligence marked with A SINGLE FUCKING LETTER. ONE L E T T ER. DO YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID THAT IS? OKay, I’m fucking salty. Like memorization isn’t the measure of how intelligent a student is. And just in general the way they try to do things is so stupid and I want to fucking deck the higher ups like bitch what are you doing?? I mean, there’s the simple answers of like, peer pressure, socializing, etc, but I don’t care about that too much. And they never consider the mental health of students. Even neurotypicals find it difficult to manage in school, how the fuck are neurodivergents supposed to handle it?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 

What’s up guys? It’s your boy Bambam aka Dabdab. *dabs*

Bambam introducing himself

I knew this day would come. Soon GOT7 will introduce themselves as DAB7!!! And the fanclub name will change into IDAB7. Just wait and see!