dab hard

The Critical Dab

(Party stumbles upon a group of cultists in the sewer).

DM: And in front of you are three insidious cultists, wearing black robes with their hoods over their–

Rogue (OOC): I dab.

DM: Okay, idiot, roll a d20.

Rogue: *nat 20*
*laughs so hard he cries*

DM: You dab so hard that a wave of energy pulses from you, giving the cultists disadvantage on their first attacks.

Cultists: *miss all 3 of their attacks*
*die without doing damage to the party*

  • Taeyong: *in the E.R waiting room waiting for Doyoung*
  • Jaebum: *Also waiting for bambam*
  • Taeyong: So what happened?
  • Jaebum: BamBam whipped his dab so hard he broke a few fingers, you?
  • Taeyong: Doyoung dabbed so hard he pulled a muscle
  • Both: *disappointed*

If you haven’t read this fic where Magilou teaches Eizen how to dab his feels away, I suggest you do.

EDIT: I woke up @ 6am realizing I completely missed the opportunity to draw Magilou magikazam'ing so hard she dabs her feels away so I fixed it