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anonymous asked:

could you please tell me more about this zombie au~?

glad u asked, anonymous friendo!!

anyway this this whole au spawned from @14luckywolf14‘s dream where the following things happened:

  • the kageyamas’ house was burning
  • mob went ???%
  • mob found death (through dimple) 
  • proceeded to fight death (to a draw)
  • made a deal w/ death
  • death offered mob a deal for his family
  • (still unknown what the deal was specifically so  we assumed immortality)

theeen came all the Actual Zombie au Stuff: ritsu possessing his own body, ritsu being ritsu (but in a zombie “phase”), ritsu possessing his own body, kageyama seniors trying (and failing) to blend in w society, eating cow brains as an alternate to human ones, dadgeyama’s dad jokes - [takes off hand] “u need a hand w that son”, mob going to reigen’s for an oasis of humanity

bonus: shou tries to teach ritsu the art of dabbing and ritsu’s arm flies off

anyway if u want more info tell @14luckywolf14 (bless her and her jokes) or me and we will whip some shit up


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