Aasmano se utara noor hai koi..
aasamano se utara noor hai koi..
aisa lgta hai k hoor hai koi…
aasmano se utara noor hai koi

Daastan intimate moments part 1..
First meet
Stairing each other from their respective terraces

He is a really good looking guy, there’s no doubt about it. I liked Khoobsoorath as it is just what they said it would be.. a light-hearted, silly fairy tale that would remind you of the films you saw as a kid.. it’s like a detox to your soul.. but he didn’t have much to do in it.. but I got kinda curious about the hype that surrounded him.. so I decided to check his work in Pakistani TV series he were a part of and I thought I’d dodge it if it ran for 1000 episodes like Indian TV shows, fortunately for me, they were around 25 episodes.. so I started my watching spree with Zindagi Gulzar hai.. I really liked it. It was far from the tv shows we watch in India.. then I went on to watch Humsafar.. the story was close to the stuffs we watch here. . All the Saans-Bahu drama.. but their chemistry was so lite and pretty.. there were certain moments in it which were so magical.. as a whole I liked Zindagi better but there were these scene stealing perfomances by Fawad that was so mesmerizing for me.. (*spoilers ahead*) where he removes the hair clip from her head, the whole “Jaoon? Nahi..” in the car, the scene where he calls her up and apologizes for being rude to her and asks her to wait for him to return home (my heart was fluttering at his conviction) then later in the end where he is ready to forgive her for what she did (it was a mis-understanding) and begs her to start over.. he adds this nuances to certain scenes which makes it.. like I said.. magical.. Then I started watching Dastaan and was blown away by the content, the production, the script.. I was awestruck! I could not shake off the feeling of utter disbelief that it was a TV show, it was of stellar quality. There was this epicness to it which you feel while watching period movies. And I liked this one better than Zindagi and Humsafar. It’s one of those show that takes your breath away and leaves you in its trance for a long time. Fawad’s potrayal was charming, brave, witty, naughty, romantic, passionate and all sorts of things that make you swoon.. and I liked this one more because there were more intimate scenes than the other two which I appreciated. . I can go on and on about it but I shall not. Every scene Hassan and Bano were together were my favourites.. Then I ended my spree with Behedd, a telefilm in which Fawad looked like million dollar worth, it was a really good one too, he was great and the story was lite and well scripted, you all should check that out, its only 80 minutes.
A wish from the heart

To feel so immersed in something, then to have no fears…. forgetting the ‘supposed’ repercussions, being careless for once. How I wish that I could let these feelings of anxiousness go….. just to be free and explore, what destiny is to be mine, and what is my daastan….