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soft emoji asks

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

🌿  - what place do you wish you where right now? why?

💫  - what’s the feeling of one emotion that you’ve never been able to label?

🌷  - what are some physical traits you are attracted to?

💐  - what are some personality traits you are attracted to?

📺  - describe a picture you’ve had in your head and wanted to take. 

👼🏼  - what is your ideal friend like?

🌙  - are you more nostalgic or foward-looking? or are you neither?

☁️  - what colour does one of your idols remind you of?

💞  - what does love feel like to you?

🍃  - what’s one thing that you regret never saying?

🐰  - what’s one of your favourite childhood memories?

 - what normally happens in your dreams?

☕️  - who makes you feel warm and cozy?

🌟  - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?


I wanna try making short comic strips inspired by some of my favorite artists such as @z-t00n @k009 @ry-spirit and many others. Some of these comic will feature my original stuff/characters so be warned. I wanna make a webcomic some day but I have no experience making comics so until then these short comic will do whilst I get more practice in!

This is the song Sonic is listening to btw link

Shadow is just like: da fack?


@fialleril Double Agent Anakin?

what if


diana’s searching for akko rn right? and then how about somewhere after ursula vs croix star wars reenactment, diana found akko and then JUST GIVE HER THE BIGGEST, TIGHTEST HUG EVER AND SAY THINGS LIKE, “oh god akko… i’m so glad you are safe!! you made me so worried!”

so basically if we can’t get akko to hug diana, what if Trigger planned it the other way around?

What We Find

August, 1996 - Remus Lupin’s flat

Tonks: Look, I can either make myself look like your postman and trick you in to letting me in…

Tonks: What the -

Tonks: *shaking Remus awake*

Tonks: Have you been like this the whole time?

Tonks: Merlin’s sake, Remus.

*Remus protests weakly as Tonks heaves him off the floor*

*They are both silent as she works*

Tonks: Remus, you can’t live like this.

*Remus frowns as he hears her rummage through his kitchen*

Tonks: *handing him a piece of chocolate* You’ll feel better.

Tonks: Hey…

Tonks: I’m not going anywhere.

Tonks: Of course.


And my love is yours but your love’s not mine

So I’ll go but we know I’ll see you down the line

And we’ll hate what we’ve lost but we’ll love what we find

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

Underappreciated characters: Capheus from Sense8
  • seriously?? Why does nobody talk about him?? he’s such a beautiful person like wow.
  • he’s poor, has almost nothing, lives in a place filled with violence 
  • he does everything he can for his sick mother
  • he’s so freakin compassionate 
  • and brave
  • willing to do anything for the ones he loves
  • the way he smiles in amazement when he see’s things that other people in the cluster are experiencing? 
  • he smiles in joy and wonder because he’s never had the privilege to experience things like this??
  • when he was so happy while looking at clouds?? “RIleyyy!! You’re flying!!”
  • when he drank the english tea oh my god 
  • and he’s freakin adorable and hilarious 
  • he’s honestly so genuine and grateful and puts others before himself
  • It’s so so inspiring to see the way he makes the most of his situation
  • how many people living like that can walk out of their door every single day and say:
  • “Today is going to be a great day”

mademart12  asked:

Do you know of manga with babies or small children. And the main character has to take care of the baby.Thank you so much!!! Guah babies are cute!

Haha, babies are indeed cute! Though I’m so nervous when approaching them because they are so delicate, and I feel like they’re afraid of me when I have my glasses on. xD Idk why.

Some series I know with children/babies are:

✎.. means it’s a series recommended by someone other than myself. I linked the pencil to the blog of whoever recommended it!