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fantasy au– Dean, heir to the throne, couldn’t be more surprised when his little brother Sam brings an injured angel from one of his hunting trips in the dangerous forest. After the angel is healthy again he asks Dean to come with him because the angels need help to end their war. Dean follows Castiel, unaware that there is more than just monsters in the forest: Four kingdoms, fighting over power and something called angelfire. 

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! this is all the art that I created for hannah’s amazing and beautiful DCBB! it’s been a huge pleasure to work with her, and I’ll be sure to join the DCBB next year too! v // v 


I just realized two important scenes I have planned for my BB will be hard to incorporate with the 1st person POV (being Dean’s).

Would it work if I have Cas as someone who likes to video record things (like that guy in Heartache) and Cas makes some video montage for Dean? I mean I wanted him to have a moment in the fic where he sings ‘Make It Stop’ during a school assembly so -

Maybe a video montage to add more ~feeling~ would help?

And it’s Cas talking with Victor, and John among other people about Dean, and just Cas showing Dean and everyone else what he sees.