A Museum for Over-the-Rhine

I am not certain how it suddenly became the middle of September…. oh boy. At the end of August my students presented their final projects during Final Friday at a gallery space in Over-the-Rhine. They were asked to design a museum that captures the rich history of OTR. Each student had their own unique approach to organizing the historical information and presenting it in a captivating 3-dimensional experience. I was incredibly pleased with the work– it showed a great passion and compassion for the neighborhood. These photographs, taken by Cameron Dunn, beautifully capture the day.


(Thank you Cameron!)


A re-upload of the plane block. Pictures taken in the photo lab this time by a *real camera*. I know right? My mom gave me this camera and told me I could have it for the rest of the quarter, but then give it back to her so she could give it to me for Christmas. But the point is I have it now! :D

Description for the plane block assignment is somewhere below. I decided I’m not going to delete my old posts after all.


Harlem Shake DAAP Style 

(I’m in the sky blue shirt and in the tire on the left)

I just got the new issue of the Planning magazine and saw that there was an article on tent cities. Low and behold the article was by my friend and guy I graduated with from DAAP, Andy Heben! His thesis was really impressive so I’m stoked to see him get national recognition for his work. Congrats Andy!