A Museum for Over-the-Rhine

I am not certain how it suddenly became the middle of September…. oh boy. At the end of August my students presented their final projects during Final Friday at a gallery space in Over-the-Rhine. They were asked to design a museum that captures the rich history of OTR. Each student had their own unique approach to organizing the historical information and presenting it in a captivating 3-dimensional experience. I was incredibly pleased with the work– it showed a great passion and compassion for the neighborhood. These photographs, taken by Cameron Dunn, beautifully capture the day.


(Thank you Cameron!)

So the important part of this image is not my life-vest-jacket thing knitted from napkins that I stole acquired, but that lady’s expression in the bottom left corner. Why is she so happy? What is so wondrously pleasing that she would adopt such a expression of awe and delight? I do not know this woman. Further, I was like number 347 in a very lengthy fashion show. The fact that she has retained this much ability to focus after a mind-numbing parade of hundreds of stressed and sleep-deprived foundations design students really lends to the wonder and mystery of her expression. That is truly impressive, this woman is truly star of the show. God speed, my enigmatic queen.

University of Cincinnati Body Mantle (100+1) fashion show, October 31st, 2014. Photo credit goes to L. Beckmeyer. Cool napkin creation credit goes to me. Don’t I look fabulous


A re-upload of the plane block. Pictures taken in the photo lab this time by a *real camera*. I know right? My mom gave me this camera and told me I could have it for the rest of the quarter, but then give it back to her so she could give it to me for Christmas. But the point is I have it now! :D

Description for the plane block assignment is somewhere below. I decided I’m not going to delete my old posts after all.