‘This cat is named Bublik’, my interpreter tells me and she goes on ‘A bublik is a small cookie, a round cookie with a hole in the middle.’,’like a donut?’ I ask. ‘No, no, it is really a sweet hard sugar cookie with a hole in the middle’ she smiles.

The next three days I found out that this Bublik kitten is the one that keeps up the peace and makes the war a little bit more bearable for anyone. Even the biggest soldier, just coming back from the frontline, softens up as little cute Bublik sits in front of their feet and making high pitched meowing sounds up. 

I realized that, for them, this tiny Bublik kitty is somewhat like a rock of sanity in a big sea of shit. And for a few days Bublik also became mine.

- The Unknown Photographer

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For two weeks I joined the Pravyy Sektor Volunteer corps in their duties in Pisky. The village Pisky has been turned into one major base of operations by the Ukrainian military. Houses left abandoned are being used by different military factions as head quarters and to coordinate the fighting at Donetsk Airport.

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SMK KORPRI Majalengka saat kunjungan ke Departemen Pendidikan Ilmu Komputer FPMIPA UPI.

Kamis (11/02), usai kuliah Komputer dan Masyarakat aku berama Eagan dan Fidela bergegas menuju GIK dengan menggunakan mobi Eagan yang parkir di depan Gedung FPMIPA B. Hari itu ada kunjungan dari SMK KORPRI Majalengka. Seperti biasa, aku menjadi presentator untuk laboratorium multimedia. Untungnya kami mempunyai slide presentasi yang dulu pernah dibuat untuk menghadap Pak Eka, Kepala lab kami. Nama file nya pun masih ‘Presentasi 1 Oktober’, sesuai dengan tanggal presentasi tersebut tadinya akan diperlukan.

Ternyata rombongan dari SMK tersebut sangat banyak. Dari sekian bus yang melewati GIK, terlihat kertas di bus tersebut yang bertuliskan ‘Bus 11’. Wah ternyata memang banyak ketika mereka keluar dan berjalan melewati GIK. Ternyata mereka dibagi menjadi dua, ada yang melakukan kunjungan ke FPTK dan FPMIPA. Menurut kabar yang ada, yang akan akan mengunjungi Ilmu Komputer ada sekitar 95 siswa yang berada daam kejuruan TKJ. Dan mereka semua ditampung di Ruang IK-201, ruangan paling besar di GIK.

External image
Sambutan dari siswa mengenai kunjungannya ke kampus UPI.
External image
Suasana presentasi di IK-201.
External image
Eagan sedang mendemokan salah satu karyanya di Lab Multimedia.
External image
Salah satu grup yang sedang mengunjungi Lab Multimedia.

Seperti kunjungan SMK DT beberapa bulan lalu, presentasi yang aku tampilkan tak jauh beda. Yang menarik adalah ketika saat SMK DT aku mengatakan bahwa aku dan Teti masuk final 10 besar animasi Gemastik 8 dan meminta doa suoaya berhasil, kali ini aku bercerita bahwa kami sudah juara 3 se-Indonesia. Juga kali ini siswa benar-benar mengunjungi lab walau waktunya harus dipotong. Seharusnya, satu lab menerima 8 kali grup yang berkunjung. Namun karena masalah keterbatasan waktu, hanya dapat berputar sebanyak 3 kali.

Lab multimedia sendiri dipimpin oleh Eagan yang mendemokan hasil karyanya. Siswa SMK sangat senang ketika salah satu dari teman mereka diminta untuk maju dan menggunakan aplikasi yang dapat menggerakan mimik wajah animasi dengan wajah mereka melalui web cam. Tawaan mereka mungkin yang paling kencang dibanding dengan lab lain.

Semoga setelah kunjungan ini mereka memiliki semangat dan motivasi untuk melanjutkan ke jenjang kuliah. Aamiin.

Kunjungan SMK KORPRI Majalengka Kamis (11/02), usai kuliah Komputer dan Masyarakat aku berama Eagan dan Fidela bergegas menuju GIK dengan menggunakan mobi Eagan yang parkir di depan Gedung FPMIPA B.
Thanks for all the support!

This update comes a bit late but i’ve been very occupied! After my publications in the dutch ‘Volkskrant’ and my television appearance i’ve gotten so much support from so many people!
But lets get one thing straight, i’m no hero. I just do what I can my way. And to be honest, my way is a very irresponsible way. I don’t regret it. I will ofcourse do things different the next time.
As many people noticed I asked for crowd funding to support me in raising awareness for Syria. I really needed a bulletproof vest and helmet for my next visit. But I also need good insurance. It was possible to buy my work for a nice price and this way people can support me in financing a bulletproof vest, insurance and a helmet.

Well, let’s say… A lot of people have bought my photographs and we will start shipping them this week! Today I also went to COBBS Industries for a bulletproof vest. They were moved by my idealistic perspective and have donated(!!!!) a fresh and new, custom tailored, high-quality bulletproof vest that will stop a sniper’ bullet. And to make things even better, they gave(!!!) me an ops-core fast ballistic helmet. These helmets are the best on the market and can stop a lot of projectiles!

So I am VERY satisfied and VERY thankful for this! With the money raised with my photography I can try and find an insurance company that will insure me. These insurances cost more then 1000 Euro a week. But still have to do some more research about this.

I also still receive ‘thank’ mails from people who think it is very brave what I do. I’m just doing what I can. I’m glad i’ve inspired people, not to do the same since I can not recommend anyone to do the same thing, but to show that it’s not impossible for ordinary people to do something.
I’ve also spoken with some experienced journalists who have years of experience reporting conflicts worldwide. Very grateful for this because I need the tips and stories since I’m a beginner.

Never expected this much support and I’m very glad I’ve been giving a chance to tell about Syria.
I will also show my photography on the 19th of October during an event called ‘Day of Syrian Hope’ in Rotterdam. Please come and support!!

I will continue with crowd funding so that people can support me and buy my photography to hang on their wall :) Go here to visit my publisher’ page, they have adopted the publishing part of my photography and they do this without charge. How amazing is that guys! Also new selection of photographs available to buy!

Today we looked at some test prints at fotokiekie, they look awesome and people who ordered them will soon receive them via mail!

Also many thanks to welikeart.nl for getting this crowd funding project off the ground! Thanks!

Tomorrow I will give talks at my old high-school to tell about my stories but also how people can help.

Will keep everyone updated and thanks to everyone for their amazing support and help in my project to raise awareness for Syria!

Also ‘Like’ me on Facebook, help spread the word!

Thank you!


DAAM Demoreel from damien bastelica on Vimeo.

This is my latest demoreel with the latest projects I had the opportunity to work on . Enjoy !
For more stuff visit my website : damienbastelica.com


Daam dude u a tornado???? Preston Fergon

Watch on unaphotographer.tumblr.com

Take a look at my television performance last night. Language is dutch, no translation available though. But you can still watch and see what The Unknown Photographer looks like!
(apologies for the 15 second commercial at the beginning!)

Also I have engaged in to a crowd funding project. You can buy my artwork, get a nice print 30x40/40x30 cm. Glued to aluminium with protective foliage. 
The profit will be used for a new bulletproof vest, kevlar helmet and a good insurance for my next visit to Syria. There are still a lot of stories to be told. Free Syria.
Visit here for dutch speaker.
Contact here for english speakers.

Ini Busana Terbaik Wajib Lihat di SAG Awards 2016

SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award adalah sebuah penghargaan yang dibuat untuk kesejahteraan akrtis televisi maupun radio yang ada di Amerika.

Baca Juga

Hari ini SAG memasuki umurnya yang ke-22 dan pastinya banyak hal menarik yang dapat Anda ketahui dari SAG Award kali ini. Salah satunya beberapa busana terbaik yang terlihat di red carpet SAG Award 2016, seperti dilansir dari eonline.com, Minggu (31/1/2016).

1. Rachel McAdams

Bintang yang satu ini akan sangat mudah dikenali daam balutan gaun rancangan Elie Saab dengan aksen lace di seluruh bagiannya.

2. Brie Larson

Perempuan yang satu ini tampaknya membawa visi seksi pada penampilannya di red carpet, dan ia berhasil melakukannya dalam balutan couture rancangan Versace.

3. Kiernan Shipka

Perempuan yang terkenal melalui perannya dalam film Mad Men ini terlihat menawan dalam balutan gaun strapless motif floral dengan aksen brokat rancangan Erdem.

4. Sofia Vergara

Gaun tube berwarna fuschia rancangan Vera Wang ini terlihat sangat manis dan seksi di tubuh Sofia Vergara.

5. Alicia Vikander

Aktris dari film Ex Machina ini bertaburan emas di seluruh tubuhnya dalam balutan gaun rancangan Louis Vuitton. Sunggu sebuah keindahan. 

6. Queen Latifah

Kali ini bintang film Bessie ingin menampilkan kesan klasik berkilau dengan balutan gaun hitam yang melekat pas di tubuhnya.

7. Saoirse Ronan

Aktris yang terkenal melalui perannya di film Brooklyn ini terlihat sangat cantik dalam maxi dress merah muda rancangan Michael Kors.

8. Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig berhasil membawakan kesan positif memakai celana saat beraksi di red carpet dalam busana rancangan Roland Mouret.

9. Emilia Clarke

Tidak ada yang dapat memungkiri bahwa aktris dalam film Game of Thrones yang satu ini memang terlihat sangat bercahaya dalam balutan gaun rancangan Dior.

Siapa lagi yang menjadi idaman Anda dalam momen red carpet SAG Award 2016?

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