For two weeks I joined the Pravyy Sektor Volunteer corps in their duties in Pisky. The village Pisky has been turned into one major base of operations by the Ukrainian military. Houses left abandoned are being used by different military factions as head quarters and to coordinate the fighting at Donetsk Airport.

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Confused Muggles

I am studying design and  we are doing this work for college were we have to design a new packaging for a box of movies. I choosed Star Wars of course and asked my friend to make the art for half of the movies and would make the rest. 

Since she doens’t know anything about star wars and only watched The Force awakens I gave some directions on what should be in each movie and just directed her to put Kylo and Rey in Episode VII packaging. 

Then she went to watch the movie (she said the first time she watched just because her bf wanted) and the next day she was so dam confused. “Are the bad guy with mask and the girl who fights him a couple?” “Because he is bad and she is one the good guys but at same time is so daam strange” “Is this a romance”?

And I didn’t wanted to say anything and influence her opinion on the movie or her art but I was screaming inside like 

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‘This cat is named Bublik’, my interpreter tells me and she goes on ‘A bublik is a small cookie, a round cookie with a hole in the middle.’,’like a donut?’ I ask. ‘No, no, it is really a sweet hard sugar cookie with a hole in the middle’ she smiles.

The next three days I found out that this Bublik kitten is the one that keeps up the peace and makes the war a little bit more bearable for anyone. Even the biggest soldier, just coming back from the frontline, softens up as little cute Bublik sits in front of their feet and making high pitched meowing sounds up. 

I realized that, for them, this tiny Bublik kitty is somewhat like a rock of sanity in a big sea of shit. And for a few days Bublik also became mine.

- The Unknown Photographer

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Porn Stars Moans - Slash & Axl Rose

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Pairing: Axl Rose x Reader x Slash

Words: 1500+

Request:  Yaasss requests are open again! Lemmy (haha of course I got it ;)) an oneshot where the reader has a threesome with Slash and Axl… if that’s not too kinky and if your writers block allows it!

Warning: Threesome, Oral (M).

Category: Smur.

A/N: It took me three whole hours to write this, fuck. Enjoy!

Things happened fast, one moment we were all chilling at the bar, joking around and drinking, and in what seems like seconds, I’m sandwiched in between Axl and Slash, Slash and I making out, and Axl unzipping my dress from behind with his lips on my neck, my hands reaching out to grasp the dark haired boys boner through his pants, groaning through the kiss.

“I want to play too Sugar” the ginger whispered in my ear, while his hard length pressed against my lower back, my butt rubbing against it to cause some wanted friction.

He lets out a sigh, and I break the kiss, turning around to play with arrogant boy, Slash pulling the dress down along with his shirt, kicking the dress away once it pulled on my toes.

I stand, naked from the chest, only wearing a pair of panties under the dress, in front of Axl, grabbing his tank top from the hem and pulling it upwards, throwing it to the floor, Slash’s hands already grouping one of my boobs, pinching at my nipple with his fingertips,

Whimpering, I intertwined my fingers on the back of Ax’s neck and pull him closer, letting my head fall on Slash’s chest while his lips where on my neck, biting and marking, Ax’s lips already on my nipple.

My hands wonder through his back and chest, his lips working his way up my boob and neck, and like Slash, he was marking his way up. I reach his pants, drunk in ecstasy, already wanting more of the boys, as I work through his button and unzip the material, I desperately pull them off as much as I can, earning a dark chuckle from him as he pulled away to remove them completely, the bulge on his tight boxers as present as the one belonging the thick haired boy behind me, his hand turning my head enough to capture my lips in his.

I turn completely towards him, and press my body against him, the kiss getting desperate as lust took over, his hands were all over my body, just like mine with his. And slowly walking backwards, he guided the way to the bed.

I fell backwards onto the bed when my legs touched the mattress, rolling on top of Slash instantly, the kiss never breaking. His pants were hanging from his hips and the bulge could be seen through them, since he didn’t wear underwear.

Pulling apart from the kiss, my legs around his waist as I let my covered sex rub against his manhood, his eyes closed and grunting at the feeling, my mouth fell open and small sighs of pleasure left it.

I turn my head around, looking for the singer, spotting him in sitting in naked in a sofa chair, his cock stood hard and proud, his eyes clued to the guitarist and I, his breath heavy as it was obvious he was trying to desperate to be touched, his fingers barely touching his dick, teasing himself.

I smirked when his eyes locked with mine, Slash’s hands on my hips, guiding my movements as the I kept on rubbing hard and slow on him, moaning out, he sat up and kissed my neck, my hands on his thick brown hair, never breaking eye contact with Axl.

“Why don’t we call Axl to join us?” I whispered in Slash’s ear, he grunted and nodded, I motioned him over and he stood, making his way over to us.

He sat on the edge of the bed beside us, and let his body fall to the bed, I pulled apart from Slash and stood in front of them, taking the wet panties off, Slash taking his jeans off as well.

I got on my knees and licked my lips, taking Axl’s dick in my mouth, letting the tip inside my mouth, a groan leaving lips, sitting up on his elbow as his free hand took my hair in it, he slowly guided my head up down, my hand reaching out to massage his balls, heavy breaths leaving his mouth, Slash’s eyes on us as his gripped his shaft in his hands, stroking it while he watched.

His hips started to jolt upwards, and I relaxed my throat as I breathed through my nose, letting his fuck my mouth, as in groans started to get louder.

“Shit, look at you, look at her Slash, such a dirty girl, taking all my dick in her mouth” he grunted, Slash grip only getting tighter.

“Fuck, I gotta get in her man” Slash said, which only caused Axl to nod in agreement.

He pulled my head away from my head, I stood up and got in bed with them, Axl already sitting with his back against the headboard of the bed, he motioned sit in front of him, and I did, my back pressed against his chest, his hands were on my breasts as Slash got on top of me, kissing my lips hard, his cock rubbing against my glistening folds.

“He’s gonna have you first, and then I will, alright?” Axl’s deep voice whispered in my ear, causing shivers to run down my spine, groaning through the kiss.

Slash wasted no time, and slid in, his trusts hard and fast, taking my nipple in his mouth.

“Yes, yes, Slash, fuck yeah” I moaned, causing him to groan and trust harder, the bed squeaking under us, Axl’s mouth on my neck.

“You like that darlin’?” Axl asked.

“Yes, yes, feels so daam good” I moaned, my voice higher than usual.

“Yeah? Slash how does she feel?” he asked again.

“So fucking good, so tight and warm, ugh, so wet too” he said through gritted teeth.

He moved my leg around his waist, and with the new position, he hit a new angle, trusting deeper, brushing so lightly over my sweet spot, causing me to moan louder.

He seemed to realize that was the spot, and he hit that place over and over, sweat forming on my body, and my hips meeting his trusts.

They got faster and messier, letting me know he was just as close as me.

“Come one, come on!” he growled, “Come one y/n cum for me yeah” he trusted harder, and I gripped his hair, the knot started to unwind.

“Shit, no, no, Slash!” I moaned, his brow furrowed as he kept his focus on making me cum.

“That’s it honey, come on, relax, let it happen” Axl whispered, kissing and licking behind my ear.

And with one last moan I came, the knot untangling and coming all over Slash, his pulled out and stroked himself, “Where do you want me to come, huh?”

I opened my mouth and he smirked, “Come and get it” he said.

I got on my fours with my ass in front of Axl, taking him in my mouth, his hands rested on my head as he let me finish him out, his head falling forwards as he moaned, letting me swallow his seed.

“Such a good girl” Slash said, laying beside Axl, with his back against the mattress as he catched his breath.

I turn my head back and licked my lips, locking eyes with a smirking Axl, “You enjoyed yourself Sugar?” he asked as we got on his knees, I smiled and nodded, I’m gonna fuck you know, and you’re in luck since you’re gonna enjoy yourself again” he said, his dick already on my entrance, his hands holding my hips tightly.

He started his movements, slow at first, letting my sore pussy get used to pleasure again, “You were right Slash, she feels so good” he moaned.

Slash smiled and light up a cigarette, looking at the live porn beside him.

His trusts began to grow intense and my moans got louder, the echo of skin slapping against skin going through the room.

“Shit, come on, I wanna hear you” he grunted, my moaning get louder, “Yes Ax! Feels so good”

His trusts became sloppy and the pressure build up again, his hand reaching out to my clit, rubbing it quickly, my orgasm taking over me, clenching around, my arms failing to support my weigh, and with my forehead pressed against the mattress, he kept on trusting.

“Let me cum inside, baby, let me cum inside” Axl pleaded, I moaned, and he let go, his release warm inside, trusting hard to ride the feeling.

He pulled out, and still on his knees, he helped me lay beside Slash, my heartbeat still beating fast.

Axl soon laid beside me, me being in the middle on bed with each on one side.

“Fuck that was hot” I say breathless.

The boys nod, and I close my eyes, tiredness taking over.

“Hey y/n?” Slash says, I hum, “Have you ever thought maybe you could be a porn star?”

I laughed, “No Slash, it never crossed my mind”

“You should though, you already moan like one” Axl said, joining the conversation, causing Slash to laugh, “Don’t worry though, it’s hot” Slash added.

 ME trying to be  my cute little  cubby  self  trying to be cute   at the embassy club in hamilton ..  can you see my diaper buldge  under them overalls ?  hehe  ..   was in  2abena x plus wiht 1 stuffer  DAAM THICK and soaked :)

If I hear the following words in WWE, I would die:

-“Look in my eyes. What do you see? The cult of personality!”
-“Let’s light it up!”
-“OH OH it’s time to rock n’ roll!”
-“I think I’m cute… I know I’m sexy!”

To whom the war in Ukraine may concern,

There is no “civil war” in Ukraine. It’s already proven that separatists in Donbass are supported and sponsored by Russia. Many of my friends became volunteers carrying humanitarian aid or fighting for our freedom and sovereignty in either Ukrainian regular army forces or volunteer battalions. Many guys, who could be my friends or could change this unfair crazy world in better way have already died.

I have an uncle in St. Petersburg, we did not talk to each other since the annexion of Crimea in March 2014. Thanks to Russian propaganda, even he, being a smart one, believes in the single line provided by corrupted television and media in Russia.

I only want this madness to stop, we’re paying too much for unreasonable aggression against our country, which took place in such a bright moment of our history.

And, again I want to underline - there is no “civil war” in Ukraine.

We only fight for our freedom and ability to make decisions coming from our hearts without any pressure outside our country.

I’ve taken my camera with me, and hope to make it an effective weapon not against someone in particular - cause people come and people go - but against that endless, mindless violence all over Donbass region.

I hope my work and work of many other people trying to persuade people think with their own brains will stop the hell one day.

Connect with me: kotschetowa@gmail.com

Thanks for the photo of me to Tom Daams from http://unaphotographer.tumblr.com/

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I feel like the storylines of Pakistani dramas nearly always revolve around weddings, family ties and romance. Can you recommend some that aren't primarily about these things, if there is any that is.

  1. Uraan: stories of 3 women from different backgrounds that are united in one unique and bizarre way. 
  2. Daam: friendship.
  3. Mera Saaein: politics.
  4. Zip, bus Chup Raho: story of a call girl.
  5. Coke Kahani: friendship, uses the saving of a small restaurant as a metaphor for the current state of Pakistan. 
  6. Meri Jaan: adaptation of Someone to Watch Over Me. A murder mystery. 
  7. Bunty I Love You: it is said to be a “love story” but it’s unconventional storytelling and the core of the drama is anything but romance. 
  8. Moorat: A heart-wrenching portrayal of the conditions of trans people in Pakistan. It’s a decade old drama but a good watch. 
  9. Alpha Bravo Charlie: It’s a classic. A human story about 3 military men. I am totally against ISPR funded programming but this one is an exception. 
  10. Bhaag Amna Bhaag: telefilm and a biopic on Pakistani athlete, Naseem Hameed. 

A lot of the dramas above show strong family bonding but I mean, that’s hard to escape in any cinema? I will add more if I think of any, but mann this was hard. lol