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why is sanam saeed (fiza) always wearing blue in daam? like all the time?

Ahh the good old days..

:( I miss this drama!

It’s been so long since I’ve seen the drama and honestly hadn’t made this observation. I think it’s coincidental.. maybe you have your own interpretation?

Peter Daam likes bashguards and small chainrings. 22 teeth are his choice for climbing steep hills with a laden bike.



For two weeks I joined the Pravyy Sektor Volunteer corps in their duties in Pisky. The village Pisky has been turned into one major base of operations by the Ukrainian military. Houses left abandoned are being used by different military factions as head quarters and to coordinate the fighting at Donetsk Airport.

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If I hear the following words in WWE, I would die:

-“Look in my eyes. What do you see? The cult of personality!”
-“Let’s light it up!”
-“OH OH it’s time to rock n’ roll!”
-“I think I’m cute… I know I’m sexy!”

To whom the war in Ukraine may concern,

There is no “civil war” in Ukraine. It’s already proven that separatists in Donbass are supported and sponsored by Russia. Many of my friends became volunteers carrying humanitarian aid or fighting for our freedom and sovereignty in either Ukrainian regular army forces or volunteer battalions. Many guys, who could be my friends or could change this unfair crazy world in better way have already died.

I have an uncle in St. Petersburg, we did not talk to each other since the annexion of Crimea in March 2014. Thanks to Russian propaganda, even he, being a smart one, believes in the single line provided by corrupted television and media in Russia.

I only want this madness to stop, we’re paying too much for unreasonable aggression against our country, which took place in such a bright moment of our history.

And, again I want to underline - there is no “civil war” in Ukraine.

We only fight for our freedom and ability to make decisions coming from our hearts without any pressure outside our country.

I’ve taken my camera with me, and hope to make it an effective weapon not against someone in particular - cause people come and people go - but against that endless, mindless violence all over Donbass region.

I hope my work and work of many other people trying to persuade people think with their own brains will stop the hell one day.

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I feel like the storylines of Pakistani dramas nearly always revolve around weddings, family ties and romance. Can you recommend some that aren't primarily about these things, if there is any that is.

  1. Uraan: stories of 3 women from different backgrounds that are united in one unique and bizarre way. 
  2. Daam: friendship.
  3. Mera Saaein: politics.
  4. Zip, bus Chup Raho: story of a call girl.
  5. Coke Kahani: friendship, uses the saving of a small restaurant as a metaphor for the current state of Pakistan. 
  6. Meri Jaan: adaptation of Someone to Watch Over Me. A murder mystery. 
  7. Bunty I Love You: it is said to be a “love story” but it’s unconventional storytelling and the core of the drama is anything but romance. 
  8. Moorat: A heart-wrenching portrayal of the conditions of trans people in Pakistan. It’s a decade old drama but a good watch. 
  9. Alpha Bravo Charlie: It’s a classic. A human story about 3 military men. I am totally against ISPR funded programming but this one is an exception. 
  10. Bhaag Amna Bhaag: telefilm and a biopic on Pakistani athlete, Naseem Hameed. 

A lot of the dramas above show strong family bonding but I mean, that’s hard to escape in any cinema? I will add more if I think of any, but mann this was hard. lol