“Vol'jin would have refused to go along with her having him cleaned up, save that her minions so clearly hated tending to his needs that it tortured them far more than it ever would him. For Zandalari and Gurubashi to wash him, trim his hair and nails, rub unguents into his hands and feet, and then dress him in a fin silken kilt with a raptor-leather belt, their torment had to be all but unendurable. To make matters worse, they were forced to grant him the honor of wearing a small dagger, a ceremonial one, in a sheath bound to his upper-left arm. Such was his right as a shadow hunter. As much as they might like to dismiss him as being from an ill-begotten and disobedient tribe of fallen mongrels, the lowest of them knew they never could have won the honors they now bestowed upon him.”

- Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde, Michael A. Stackpole

Silk texture: x

I’m starting a thing where I use a more professional tumblr account to show off my illustrations. This way, I can use this url and link from here safely. Not that am ashamed of my original account, I just want a easier way to show off my stuff! I will start using a ‘daaeart’ tag to have my art easier to find on tumblr. It will take me some time to get ALL of my work tagged as such, but it will get done eventually. 

Here we have a altered version of my Radioactive picture. I turned my trolls into original monster-like creatures to turn into threadless.com.


A few friends of mine made a forum rp and well it takes place before the Well of Eternity explodes… and there is a huge Amani presence and like welp I wanted to make an Amani Warlord.


I blame dogslug for their amazing Har'koa Primal that has been getting me thinking about primals. Don’t know yet if he would be an Akil'zan or a Jan'alai Primal.

mmm troll kilts.

“You’re mad!”

“I’m so glad you noticed! I’ve been working at it for years…”

Slutmog sorry ;.; Not as good as I wanted it to be- fast 10 minute coloring.

Da'ae Shadow hunner~ I love that armor set so much and I finally weaseled it into my rp… only ot have it get ruined the first night out XD

I might try another pose later… not sexy enough pose.com.

“They’ve hung a sign up in our town;

‘If you’re living up, you’re gonna live it down.’ ”

- Hold on, Tom Waits


Risto is awesome gosh how do you say things without being weird uh. I’ve been really fascinated with Ree’s drawing style. Everything from expressions, to bodies, to subject matter. Thanks to oogling, I’ve begun to become more inspired, even found a reference here and there that has helped me immensely. This is a bit of a thank you/fan art because hot damn I love Risto. Hot. Damn.

I needed a reference for Da'ae’s hair. Ren'jai dreaded it for him. He has prematurely whiting and greying hair because he has been through SO MUCH trauma and stress in his life. Ren'jai tried to whiten the ends too to make sure the whitening looked like it was on purpose… but alas. Premature white fox at least lol

I’ve been on a roll with drawing lately <3 really getting excited. Gonna crank out commissions when I get back from Thanksgiving.