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A Home in the Country

Rumors in a small village spread. It didn’t matter to Erika, she rather enjoyed being the subject of rumor. Five years ago, she had been the fabled Mirage stalking the halls of the grand theatre in Paris. Now, she was the queer woman who always wore a heavy mourning veil and rarely left her home. By now, no one believed her when she said she was a mourning widow. They instead took her for a loose woman, never in wedlock.

It was true that she had never been married. At least, not legally. Her heart had forever belonged to one man, and only one man. It was also true that she was in mourning. She would forever be in mourning. Her heart had died six years ago, in the cellars of an opera house. A bullet that was meant for her.

Sometimes, she wished it had found its mark. But if it had, Charlotte would have never been born.


Erika opened the bedroom door a crack and looked in on her child. She had always enjoyed watching her sleep in the morning light. She looked….so, so much like her father. His eyes, his hair, and….thank God…his beautiful face.




It was a week before anything happened. His family and Nadir all stood by him, talking to him, crying, encouraging him day and night. And it was perhaps two in the morning when his mind slowly came to.

First he heard, slightly muffled, was his wife crying. That got his attention.

Not fully aware of his body yet but desperately needing to see her, he opened his eyes. And groaned at the small lamp in the room as it instantly blared light into his sensitive eyes, shutting them again.

Slowly he began to feel more and was acutely aware of how pain he was in. His head felt like it was getting sat on by a hurd of elephants. The rest of him was a mixture of soreness and fire. He groaned again and still fought it all. Instead he choked out, finding his neck particularly painful and stiff “C-Christine? Why… W-why are you crying… Oh god… What happened to me. Why does my head and body feel like fire? It’s hard to breath…” he weazed. He found it hard to talk but had to know. Something was very wrong.

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Hey guys. Reason I’ve been so unresponsive is because I’m still fucking sick and life has been dragging me in every directiom due to family things. Plus college. So I have only been patchily replying because of this. No I havent forgotten you all. Just been kicked in the metaphorical nuts a thousand times these past two weeks. When my life chills and I don’t feel like total ass, I’ll probably resume all threads. And in the meantime respond to a few here and there. I love you all





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