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Art related question: I've noticed that your lineart is not, like, black. Do you use a variation of the colours of the drawing or something like that...? How do you choose the colours? 'Cause I really love how it turns out...

Heh, I never actually use pure black in my art? Okay, maybe I use it drawing Akaashi’s eyes, but that’s it.

I always sketch with this daaark bluish purple, which is almost black but not quite, and when I do the lineart I change it to the light pinkish\orangish, so when you turn it to Multiply layer option it transforms into the colour related to the one underneath it, just darker. I love it so I tend to stick to it usually:”D

Generally I don’t think I work too well with black linearts so..yeah.

Buzzfeed i know just bare with me tho posted an article with women trying on victoria secret bathing suits and having the women review the suits and comparison of photos of themselves versus photos of the VS models. My favorite quote is:

“For me, posing in a way that was almost intentionally unflattering felt like I was sabotaging myself. It was like, ‘What are you doing, Kristin?! Now everyone will know your DAAARK SEEEECRET about how your arms and thighs are MADE OF MARSHMALLOOWWWSSSS.’ But honestly, it’s OK. Marshmallows are great, and so am I, and so are you.”

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But the surprise is so much better in the daaark -📺

Do I see-


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♦ What's an AU that you've always wanted?

♦ What’s an AU that you’ve always wanted?

You know, I claim I don’t have AU ideas, but here’s two more: 

Forsworn victory AU. Self-evident, I think: Madanach wins, and Thongvor either gets taken prisoner (daaark) or is forced to flee to High Rock or Hammerfell to raise an army like a balder, less likable, dragonless Daenerys Targaryen.

LoTR AU. For most Nords the men of Rohan are the obvious correlates, but I think the Silver-Bloods are actually closer to the Black Númenóreans. These are the men, after all, who survived the fall of  Númenor because they were too busy terrorising the coastal peoples of Middle Earth to head back, settled Umbar, and eventually wound up turning to the Black Arts + Cult of Sauron, and totally lorded it over the other peoples of of the south. I could totally see Thongvor going to Gondor as part of Queen Berúthiel’s guard.

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144, 145, 147!

-rolls out of bed spectacularly- I have returned~

144. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

Daaark. It’s the only one I can eat and it’s my favourite anyway~

145. Tea or Coffee?

Tea. The only coffee I like are the ones that are like.. flavoured with at least 500 teaspoons of sugar in it. So tea.

147. Mars or Snickers?

I can’t eat either of those, and before when I could? Reese peanut butter cups. Booyah. -was never a fan of mars or snickers- Though currently I am a sucker for the ever fancy lindt silver wrapper dark chocolate. Fucking delicious. I just woke up and now I want chocolate.