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ok I know the game is to reblog the favorite selfie but they're all so good it's hard to choose so can I just reblog all of them?

bahaha daaaaw you are too sweet!!!


superdupermegamike asked me what 10 things make me happy and i wrote it all out but then deleted the ask so now I’m posting it here without the ask

Daaaaw this is so cute cx Sooo 10 things that make me happy hmm

10. The fanmade “Worlds Movie” for Porter Robinson’s tours. A whole bunch of people sent a YouTuber their experience of his concert and then he joined them together and made a huge concert. I love listening to this while reading or studying or when I’m just dicking around on the internet lmao.

9.  Water coloring. I haven’t done it since last year, but I find it just so relaxing. Other art sometimes feels tedious to me. But water colors are so free, you don’t have to make everything perfect.

8.  GOING TO ZEN GARDENS!!! If you don’t know, Zen Gardens is this store at the mall I go to which has a whole bunch of anime merchandise. Even if I’m just there to buy something for my friend’s, (which I do more often than buying stuff for myself) I always feel giddy going in there. Idk maybe just because I never knew that there was any sort of merchandise for stuff like that before,

7.  Going to Books A Million. I used to go there all the time in middle school. I actually just went there today! But yeah, in middle school, my parent bought my sister and I manga from there ALL THE TIME. It was so great. And throughout school, I’ve never been praised (with stuff like money), or scolded, for getting good or bad grades. But, when we got a report card or interim, and when we got good grades, (and I’m talking all A’s because we never got less than that lmao braggin time over) we would go to BAM and got a manga each.

6.  My Chemical Romance. (jeez this list is starting to sound like middle school me getting all happy about everything) ANYWAYS, MCR was awesome. Unfortunately, I only found them a few months before they broke up, so I can never see them live qnq. But yea, I love Gerard Way and MCR <3

5.  HALFWAY THROUGH OKAY LES DO DIS!!! My 5 golden retrievers make me so happy C: I don’t like picking favorites, but my eldest dog Alycia (who’s about 14 years old) has a really special place in my heart. I’ve had her since I was 3, and she’s just so beautiful and sweet, but she’s losing her eyesight and hearing fast. Fortunately, according to her lineage, she should live to at least 17 (which is about 5 more years than the average golden!) So she shouldn’t be leaving me anytime soon quqb

4.  My friends!!! I’ve had this tight group of friends since middle school, and even though some of us went to different high schools or haven’t been in the same sort of classes together, we have all stayed pretty close. My internet friends, friends I met at school, and friends I’ve had my whole life are so important to me (even though I’m HORRIBLE at trying to start conversations with them. I know I need to work on that.)

3.  Okay this should be lower down on the list but I forgot about it and I don’t want to change it, but video games belong on this list gosh darnit!!! Anywayyyy, I’m not gonna say why I love each one, but I will say which ones I love: The Legend of Zelda (specifically Skyward Sword), Fire Emblem (Specifically Awakening, but I’m really excited for the new one coming out!), Super Smash Bros., Splatoon (haven’t gotten to play it yet, but I watched people play it and I love it), Kirby, Mario, many other Nintendo games. Grand Theft Auto V (which I’m planning to buy soon), Animal Crossing, (does Clash of Clans count…..probs not lmao). Also, I wish I had the opportunity to play more games on the Playstation or Xbox, but I don’t have an Xbox, and my mom uses the Playstation3 for movies and Netflix lmao.

2.  Damn, this belongs lower on the list as well, but whatever. I love pale and gothic aesthetic stuff. Lavender and silver hair, aesthetic pictures of pale pink flowers and bathtubs, idk stuff like that. It just makes me feel all carefree and calm.

1.  My sister. I don’t know how I could live without the support and care from my sister. I’m so surprised she puts up with all my shit. But I love her so much. I don’t think I tell her enough. She makes me feel so lucky, and I am always mad and she calms me down all the time. I’m glad I have her.

OKAY IM DONE SORRY FOR MAKING THIS SO LONG I JUST NEVER GET THESE AND ITS REALLY COOL (besides, I put it off for wayyyy too long and I feel really bad for that)

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★ [I just found your blog. So.. Yeah. Aha~ *rolls away*]

Send me a ‘★’ if you actually like my blog. Takes a second, means a lot.

Daaaaw, thanks! I’m glad you like it so far, heh. Oh and thanks for the follow! c:

Wala ka bang pakiramdam?
Wala ka bang feelings?
Tao ka pa ba?
Parang nagtago ka sa freezer, paglabas mo yelo ka na.
Walang sign ng pagmamahal
Walang sign ng concern
Walang warmth.

At eto ako, naghihintay na matunaw ka Baka sakaling maramdaman mo ulit yung mga emosyon na matagal ng nakatago.
Parang tanga,
Kahit alam kong malabo
Umaasa pa rin, na baka isang araw
Bumalik ka sa dati
Noong mahal mo pa ako.

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Hello friend, I just want to tell you that you are a beautiful human being, an incredible role player, a model friend, and just so much more. Keep that smile on that gorgeous face of yours because it deserves to be there. You are doing great and you should be super proud of yourself! Sincerely- A friend who loves your smile <3

Daaaaw, that’s so sweet of you my friend. *hugs*
I’ll try, I promise you that I’ll try ok?

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το μπολογκ σου γαμαααααει.δηλωνω ερωτευμενη

Daaaaw♡ εγω δηλωνω συγκινημενη :’)

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hahahahaha same set up. Saan mo nakilala??? Magpaalam talaga??? Ayaw mong itry??

Hahaha. Ayoko. Mahirap na. He’ll take up law. So sooner or later magiging busy rin sya, mawawalan rin kami ng time sa isa’t isa. Uulit at uulit lang ang mga bagay bagay sa mundo. Hahaha. So manahimik na lang ako. Haha. Saka na ako mag paplanong maging attach kapag alam kong okay na ang sarili ko. Lol. Ano daaaaw? Haha