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Hc/imagine with Kuroo in a relationship with a really high maintenance s/o??? Ty!

this speaks to my soul

- would literally always comment positively about their appearance bc he knows how much time and effort they put in and they look damn good

- “daaaammmmmnnn ______! Back at it again with the sharp contour” “Kuroo stop”

- He will sometimes watch them get ready in the morning while sitting in bed because wow look at them go that must be art

- One time he let them try and style his hair and it was just a lot of product and frustration

- The fruity smell of hair products reminds Kuroo of them and always comforts him

- For the most part, their frequent trips to the mall don’t bother him and he actually helps his s/o pick stuff out and tell them his opinion. Extra points if they model it for him. Extra extra points if its lingerie

“____ this one’s cute”

“Kuroo, it’s literally a bunch of strings”

“but it’s got these cute sparkles”

“…fine, I’ll try it. But I also want this one.” 

- When he’s sitting in class and going through instagram he 100% looks through beauty accounts and taggs his s/o in posts he thinks they’ll enjoy

- Late nights spent going through youtube tutorials while they cuddle up

- Those very occasional days when he will get his s/o to just laze around in sweats and munch on a couple things are precious to him 

- His favorite smell is now coco chanel bc thats what his s/o wears. He bought them a set for christmas and kept the lotion for himself


“No. Wait. I’m sorry. I… Emma, I’m…I’m sorry. Snapping at you, I shouldn’t have done that. Will you accept my apology?”