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Pucks & Altitude

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A/N: Sorry i didn’t update this story for quite a while. I’ve been busy preparing for university admissions since I’ll be in this fall. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter :) And, i secretly hoping to do some double update or so in the future.

Chap I // Chap II // Chap III


Chapter IV - Morning Rush

At random hour, Hannah would wake up too early than normal hour she would wake up but, that has been her thing before she even gets her aviation license. Not to mention that she had a bad dream, but her body clock doesn’t really work well since she was a kid. It’s like shorter sleeping hours made her felt okay. The Adidas long sleeved training top matched with jogging pants, covered Hannah’s semi-cold body. All she wanted was peace and maybe tiring her body little bit for the night later. She got caught with her company’s phone call yesterday, letting her know that she’ll officially be on duty starting today after officially changed her home base flight and further notice will be email to her. Looks like she’ll be gone for a short 3 days flight to LAX.

    6am isn’t a rush hour and it’s a good start for a runner like her who doesn’t run very often on a free time. Well, despite her stay always accommodate with indoor gym, she preferred to have a run around the public park like now. Little did she know, another soul, also running around the park on his daily routine. In and out, her breathing circulated fast and evenly within her breathing cavity. Every step of her Under Armour training shoe hit the ground, she felt a relieve lifted from her shoulder. That’s just how Hannah likes to start her day. Later on, Hannah’s pace grew slower each time she winced at the sudden cold morning breeze. It’s almost as the nature told her to slow down and take a deep breath.

    She walked to a nearby tree, facing the blue lake and her tracking app on the phone beeped with a notification ‘Congratulations! You’ve recorded a new personal best of time for the running distanced you’ve had.’ Hannah locked her phone and did a mini yoga under the shady tree, to ease her breathing.

    Hannah stayed for a while and traced the view of the lake in front of her. Suddenly she was fully awake from her semi-conscious mind with a voice entangled with excitement. “I didn’t expect to see you here. You run here too?” Hannah turned to her side and met the unexpected blue set of eyes, smiling and walked towards her direction. “I could say the same thing. This is my regular running tracks and good morning, Morgan.” he giggled and sat next to her. Morgan’s gaze shifted from the view in front both of them back to Hannah, "It seems like you’re a morning person or you got a flight?”

    She nodded, “Yeah, both. Later in the evening and 2 days straight later.” Morgan have his train of thoughts catching and wondering if it’s a good thing or not. “Where will you go?”

    “Toronto to LAX this evening. I’ll have 2 days layover since it’s a long-haul flight. It’s not a big deal actually.” She laughed at Morgan’s surprised face. “I call that a tiring job. Sorry. How do you deal with such schedule?”

    “I don’t because that’s how an airline pilots work.” He softly sighed and Hannah and Morgan back their gaze to the view, tracing the magnificent blue lake that has been the main attraction of people to the park. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into an hour - both Hannah and Morgan have stayed long enough until they heard voices of people 'interrupting’ their quiet morning. “I guess we should go. It’s been an hour since we sat here.” Morgan shrugged and walked next to Hannah, side by side.

    “Are you up for a breakfast?”

    “Is there even a morning place around here?” She gave Morgan a questioning look. From what she knew, this place that once she called home, has never have any morning places. Like the earliest hour they would open their restaurants is by 10am not 8.30am. Morgan smirked, “I know a place and it’s the best. So, breakfast?”

    “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ll be fine, making my breakfast at home.” Hannah politely decline his offer. It’s not like, she doesn’t want to but, her brain did the talking just now. “Nah, come on! Make it as a way I repay you for the amazing dinner few days ago. It’s my treat.” he wriggled his eyebrows and waited for Hannah’s response.

    Hannah thought for a while, since she’s kinda lazy to make her own breakfast at her own apartment, it’s not a bad thing to have a breakfast with Morgan. She nodded and Morgan lead the way to his black Audi Q5. “You didn’t drive here?”

    “It’s just a couple blocks away from my apartment, so, I walked.” Morgan drove to an outskirt, slightly away from Hannah’s normal distance for breakfast hunt that she usually has. “It should be here.” Morgan parked in front of a mint coloured restaurant that served as early as 7am - stated on the window. Although the restaurant is only filled with few numbers of customers, the smell of omelette, baked chicken and coffee already filled their nostrils once they stepped in. A waiter assisted them and hand them the menus.

    “What’s good around here?” the menu offered various kind of orders and customers can order their own personal menu - if the ingredients are available in the kitchen. She blew her invisible bang before the waiter with the name 'Linda’ replied, “We have English breakfast as our top ordered and homemade Italian sausages with coffee.”

    “I’ll have the Italian sausages and cheese omelette with red beans as the side dish and do you have berry smoothie?” Hannah looked at Linda while she scribbled the order. “Yes, we do. Regular or large cup? Regular is 8oz and large is double in size.” Obviously, Hannah picked the regular sized cup. “What about you, Mo?”

    Hannah went slightly surprised over the name that Linda called Morgan, “I’ll have the regular but no cheese and lemon tea, please.” Linda took the menu and left them both at the booth, looking at each other back and forth to the view on their side. “Mo, huh?”

    Morgan rubbed his neck sheepishly and try to avoid Hannah’s gaze, “It’s just a name that my mom and dad used to call me when I was a kid.”

    “Wait, are you telling me that this is your family restaurant?” Hannah whispered and slightly surprised and unprepared for another surprise. He shook his head, “No. I’m just close with the restaurant’s owner since I always have my breakfast here since I was a teen.” she nodded and apologised for the misunderstanding. More or less, Hannah did ask about Jake, about his being. Since they both shared apartment together, wouldn’t it be weird if only Morgan is here alone? “Jake is more of a home boy. He preferred stayed inside.”

    “Unless it’s a free food.” Hannah teased before Morgan burst out laughing. The waiter came to their table few minutes later with their ordered foods and drink. “Bon Appetit.” she grinned and they both dug into their food. The portion of one plate is a lot and Hannah quite surprised herself that she could finished it all in one go, same as Morgan. Well, she couldn’t blame Morgan since men normally has a higher metabolism than women. After all, this is better than flight food. She doesn’t have to worry about flight foods anymore since domestic flights doesn’t take too long of time.

    “That was good!”

    “I know right! We should have breakfast here together if you’re free and no morning flights, of course.” he smiled. Hannah nodded and she definitely will come here soon. Morgan later dropped Hannah at her apartment complex. She halted before stepped out of the car when Morgan called her.

    “Are you free? like when you get back home after 3 days?” he asked, with a hint of shyness in his voice. Hannah looked at him, “I think so, why?”

    “Do you by any chance wanna go out with me? Whenever you’re free …” Hannah restate his words of 'go out’. He awkwardly laughed before he replaced the word with date.

    “I’m sorry if it’s too early. Just forget what I just said.”

    “No. I’m just … thinking about the date that I’ll be coming home from. Yes, Morgan, I’d like to go on a date with you.” She smiled leaned for a small peck on his cheek before stepped out from his black Audi.

    “I’ll call you once my flight schedule is cleared.”

    With then, Hannah rode the elevator upstairs to her apartment level. She smiled contently, knowing that her 'first’ move texting him in the first place did something great in her life. Maybe, it’s the right time to have a companion in her life, despite all the dilemmas she’s having right now.

    Morgan, you’ve won the first level.

    Hannah, welcome to the reality and beginning of real relationship.


quexn-nani  asked:

What would the 2ps most likely comment under a photo of their crush on ig????



2P!China: SO CUTE OMG 😍😍😍

2P!England: you are so gorgeous my dear!! 💝☺️

2P!France: nice.

2P!Russia: [ no comment ]

2P!Italy: holy shit u look good babe

2P!Germany: hot daaaaaamn XD

2P!Japan: [ no comment ]

2P!Canada: ok but like stop being so damn pretty

2P!Romano: GOAAAALS THO 😭✨👑

2P!Austria: WERK IT (^з^)-☆

2P!Prussia: hi i hope this doesnt sound weird or creepy but i think you’re rlly beautiful and ur eyes are like starlight ok bye

niteangel496  asked:

2ps reaction to Hetalia Beautiful World, the April Fools episode.

2Ps: *watch the April Fool’s Day episode*

2P!America: *jaw drop* hOT DAAAAAAMN ALFIE *blushu* yeAH BRO, WORK THAT APRON WOOP WOOP *catcalls, whistles*

2P!China: Gotta admit, Yao looks pretty fucking cute as a chick…………..,,,,,,,,

2P!England: *gasps* I have that same pink nurse outfit!~ Artie baby finally decided to join me awwwwh *coos at screen, giggles*

2P!France: francis no *facedesks*

2P!Russia: *sighs* I can understand why poor Ivan decided to stay hidden in that sewer…

2P!Italy: *chuckles* I must say, they sure are an entertaining bunch~


2P!Japan: I’m glad Kiku’s not there,

2P!Canada: …..what is this

2P!Romano: TONI TONI TONI– *nosebleed* oH LAWD WHY *composes self* and Lovi’s always such a killjoy… *sassily flips hair* gah, I adore these losers~

2P!Austria: Ohohoho, their mortified expressions are quite adorable! *sadistic smirk* I should really plan something like this as well~

2P!Prussia: Those poor boys… they look so embarrassed… *genuinely worried for their self-esteem* I hope no one teases them about this… O ^ O