This one comes with Kou Mukami. He’s very popular so ypthis dates are planned to not be bothered by fan girls and stuff (well, must of them), ENJOY!!!

❤️ Slumber party.

He has A LOT of things to talk about with you, and the day isn’t in off to tell you everything, besides, slumber parties are AWSOME!
You can tell stories, talk about your past (good memories though) experiences, play games, watch movies, eat and Cuddle!! 😉👌. Also expect a lot of selfies and stuff, he has to put them in the social media.

❤️ Karaoke.

Yes, this had to happened. He’s an idol so he had to show off in an exclusive concert for you, he will dedicate to you a lot of songs, (if you don’t know how to sing that’s ok, he doesn’t care, he LOVES you). Believe me, this is gonna be fun.

❤️ Shopping.

And again, yes, this had to happened. He wants to give you a lot of presents also wants to see as many outfits on you as possible! Since he’s an idol and you are going to a public place you will have to understand that he has to use certain clothes to cover his face such as glasses, maybe a hat but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that he won’t kiss you so be prepared 😏😏.he has a good taste to select feminine clothes, and don’t forget that he’s in the “beauty industry” so just relax and let him make his magic.

❤️ Cat cafe.

In Japan there are so many cafes of EVERYTHING and the ones with a cat theme couldn’t last. This could be an incredible surprise for him, so if you want to, you can cover his eyes and let him be guessing where are you going… When he open those blue beautiful orbs a happy vampire will hug you and make little jumps of excitement (honestly, what a cute thing ☺️☺️) when the coffe arrives to your table you can pet the cats and talk about anything, just be aware of tell the receptionist to not let anyone knows that there’s Kou.

❤️ Prepare your favorite food.

Of course I’m talking about Vongole Bianco for Kou, but you can have a second saucer if you want. Just give food to this man and he’s the happiest person, and being with you makes it better.

❤️ Dress like a kitty.

This can end in another thing 😏😏, but it could be fun if you try different costumes, also you can play that game in which you have to guess the character/actor that you are, just put whatever you have and try to perform for each other, (Kou’s favorite was the cat of course, and have in mind that he will want you to dress it all day).