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          Not many things caused the marine biologist to do a double take, but when it came to this particular individual in this kind of city… No, he really shouldn’t be surprised. He wasn’t surprised actually, he’d been to Tokyo before. Several times, in fact and Hive City reminded him too much of it Loud, crowded and full of strange people. Jotaro adjusted his hat, sighing as he looked at the map.

           Yare yare… Who would walk around in that kind of outfit?”

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Holy donut is sweetness, it’s been daaaaaaaaan long time x’dd Well…I suppose I was away because of personal reasons, such as school. TT 7 TT I’m so sorry ehehehehehe;; 

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unorthodoxsavvy  asked:

Prompt: Phil wants to go somewhere but Dan doesn't

“But Daaaaaaaaan. It sounds fun!” Phil whines, a small pout and his highly effective puppy dog eyes gracing his features. 

Dan sighed from where he was sat on the couch, hand scrubbing up and down his face in exasperation. 

“Phil, just because it’s Pokemon themed doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a rave. We’re not built for raves with out awkward social interactions and lack of dance skills.” he argued, a small bubble of social anxiety growing in his stomach just at the thought.

Phil flopped onto the couch beside him, a tiny pout still tugging at his lips. He knew Dan had a point, but they hadn’t left the house in maybe two full weeks. He usually was fine with staying home, but he was going a bit stir crazy at this point, if he was being honest. So when a couple of their friends invited them out for this strange thing that normally he’d never have anything to do with, he all but jumped at the opportunity. But he couldn’t go without Dan. He’d be miserable.

He let out a soft sigh, ready to accept defeat. Dan was right, he figured. A rave might actually be the worst place for them to be ever. 

He looked up at Dan when he heard the younger mirror his sigh, looking over at Phil in That Way He Always Does.

Dan closes his laptop and stands up, looking down at Phil.

“Well we better get dressed, then. I still have my trainer cosplay and the inevitable countless “Sexy Pikachus” won’t catch themselves,” he says with a tiny smile.

Phil grins and jumps up from the couch, pressing a kiss against Dan’s cheek before all but skipping to his room to change.

“You’re the best, Daniel!” he called over his shoulder before closing his door. 

Dan smiled to himself as he did the same.


After about thirty minutes of being around scantily clad young adults in very creative interpretations of Pokemon, Phil leaned over to Dan and spoke into his ear. 

“Do you ant to go home and just play Pokemon Snap?”

Dan sighed in relief.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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