This looks like a devastatingly sleek tracksuit. At least that’s what the wise submitter of this pic said.

And I have to say, IT IS THE TRUTH.

(And with the light of the photo, it almost looks like a weird sleek onesie).

Only our dear Thomas could pull off the boring grandpa cardigan and turn it into a Cloth of Sex. Coupled with those navy suit trousers and shiny oxford shoes, and let’s not forget the Classic White Tee (not yet stretched enough to allow us to witness his wondrous twelve chest hairs), and we have a simple, yet classy look worthy of the Louis Vuitton Art Talks. Add those cheekbones, and those cute curls and you have a weapon of mass ovary destruction.

anonymous asked:

You keep tagging suho as "daddy" and i'm so conflicted because it's weird but at the same time it also makes SO MUCH SENSE

I KNOW and i hate myself for it ….bc daddy kinks kaind of freak me out but at the same time i’m so ready to roll over and whimper daddy to him,if he wants to punish me for being a bad girl


anonymous asked:

what type of guys do you like?

nice guys!  dam right u gonna treat me right! daam right u will never be adusiv to me! daaaam right u are gonna respect me! daaaammm right u will never, not take no for an awnser! daaaAam right u will not be a homophobic,racist, anti feminist, asshole! daaaaaaaaam right we are gonna respect each other and be there for each other !

so you know, just a decent good human.