just warden things

• jittery hands, can’t keep them still much. you can thank years of trauma for that. ostagar, adamant, the fade.

• very faint veins on his cheeks, early signs of the taint finally catching up to him before having to leave for the calling.

• tries to visit duncan’s memorial in highever annually. if he can’t, sits around the campfire and tells the warden-recruits stories of him in duncan’s honor.

• dead eyes sixty percent of the time, almost a thousand-yard stare in certain cases.

• in his youth, absolutely hated the quiet. would scream at the top of his lungs in a monastery until a brother came coming. now finds himself wishing for more peace and quiet than he is granted.

me: good morning linda
linda, who has backpacked across europe: not nearly as good as the morning that i experienced as i saw the sunrise across Barcelona,