Remember that sneak peek I posted a while back?

Yeah so I finally got around to finish it (I know it took me forever AHH)!

Before anything, I’d like to state that the girl is NOT my character. Tallulah is an OC of a friend of mine - she’s an Orlesian mage that used to be involved with Cullen back in Kirkwall, but her magical abilities eventually came to light which brought their relationship to a tragic end. They later meet again in the Inquisition, and my friend’s stories of Tali and Cullen gave me SO much inspiration, I couldn’t help but paint them together. Absolute OTP!

As I alluded to in this answered ask, I couldn’t let this week pass me by without saying something about Last Resort of Good Men. I’ve only got this one weirdly-lit shot because this quest breaks me every time (has Ramon Tikaram gotten an award for his voice work here yet, like should we send him a card or something) and I wasn’t ready to go through it again, so have this moment of Dorian being distraught and looking over at Adam’s “concerned boyfriend” face lol.

For the record, I don’t think there’s a “right” way to do this quest. This is damage that has long since been done. It’s like ripping open an old wound that never healed, no matter what the Inquisitor says or does. A lot of this sort-of-fanfic-like-but-also-not-really screed will be from Adam’s perspective.

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Sick Day

Dorian swears he never gets sick and it’s mostly true. But when he goes down, he goes hard. After the fifth attempt of getting up to go to work and failing miserably, (every time would end in a dizzy sway and sitting back down on the edge of the bed, hard), Max insisted, firmly, that he stay in bed for the day.


Someone told me that Leliana can’t declare the next age as the Nug Age. Well you all forgot that we are talking about Leliana aka the former Left Hand of the Divine, Spymaster, Nightingale of the Imperial Court, Seneschal of the Inquisition and Princess Stabbity Stab Kill Kill!

magickal self care is snorting a line of banishing salt like cocaine and ejecting your soul so it can manifest as a poltergeist and punch your body in the fucking face