Bull’s Chargers Master List

Alright, guys, I’m making a Bull’s Chargers Master List! Most of you should know how this goes, but a rundown just in case!

Please, like/reblog AND message me/reply to this post if you play a character that:

A) Is a canon Charger; Krem, Dalish, Skinner, Rocky, Grim, or Stitches
B) Is The Iron Bull
C) Is an OC Charger
D) Has a Charger Verse
E) Has been a Charger

I’ll collect the URLs and make a separate post breaking them down in the above order. I doubt this list will ever be large, but it’ll make it easier for everyone to find the best Mercenary group in Thedas.

Horns Up!

My favorite part of Inquisition is when Josephine stands on the Inquisitor’s balcony, looks at the mountains around, and realizes they’ve been chatting for an hour.

How does she know? How does anyone in Thedas know how long an hour is? And how does Josie get that from looking at the landscape? I love this game.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCaonBuiXZc)

Reasons Dragon Age Inquisition must be protected

1. They’ve got no breeches.

2. I’m too pretty to die!

3. Pillowy man-bosoms

4. Look up, giant lady with titsicles.

5. I see you like to play with fire, Inquisitor.

6. We discovered this man attacking the building… With a goat.

7. *Solas Disapproves*

8. [Disgusted Noise]