Recommended party combinations for Dragon Age: Awakening

Nathaniel/Anders/Justice - Spoiler Alert 

Oghren/Nathaniel/Justice - The Father, the Son and the Unholy Spirit

Sigrun/Velanna - The #TreesSmellGood #SigrunStopSmellingTheTrees party 

Anders/Oghren/Nathaniel - The “wanna see what’s under these robes? [Nathaniel Greatly Disapproves]” party

Sigrun/Nathaniel/Anders - Bros Before Woes

Justice/Velanna/Anders - The “let me tell you about justice” party

Velanna/Sigrun/Oghren - “That one time Velanna actually believed Oghren so Sigrun won’t let her live it down” party

Velanna/Nathaniel/Anders - Stressed, Well Dressed and Oppressed

Oghren/Justice - The “in case you wondered why Justice never lets Anders get drunk in DA2″ party

Justice/Sigrun - The literal Legion of the Dead party

Anders/Ser Pounce-a-lot - The Vicious Attack Kitten Enforcement Squad party


As a bona fide crazy cat lady it was only so long until I was compelled to make a cute kitty of some kind. I’ve previously made Luna and Artemis dolls in the Pokemon style, but wanted to do something with a bit more of an animal shape. I had a custom order last year for a cat character that gave me the perfect oppurtunity!

Meet Ser Pounce-a-Lot! The original custom order had tiny little armour as well, but this is just the plain ol’ cat version, since it’s a little less time consuming. I also remade Luna and Artemis using the same style, and am thinking about trying out a Jiji next!

This pattern is super simple, though sometimes creating the small tube-like legs and tail can be a bit of a pain. Find the pattern below the cut!

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Anders Art Available for Purchase on RedBubble!

Whoo! They’re finally done! I’ve been working on these since the start of the year and I’m really excited to finally say that they’re done!

I’ve got our favorite feathermage in three different flavors: DA2!Anders, Awakening!Anders, and Justice!Anders. There’s also an option for all three, and they all have a variety of stuff you can purchase from prints and stickers to scarves and duvets. (NOTE: The scarves and duvets are currently only available for the repeatable pattern version.)

Here’s a link to the collection, so if you like these little guys and want to buy something, please do! I’m graduating from college in May, so every little bit of money helps! :D

The potion bottles aren’t for sale… yet. 

I need to figure out what to do with them first, because I made them to use as part of the background pattern and then changed the style of them midway through. So for now they’re just pretty things that I wanted to show off. Enjoy the chibi mage birbs everyone. :3