I honestly love the idea of absolutely no one aside from Leliana, Josephine, and maybe Cassandra knowing the Inquisitor’s first name. I adore that headcanon because I just love the thought of the Inquisitor’s LI groveling at Josie/Leliana’s feet begging for their lover’s first name.
• Even Cullen doesn’t know. He’s one of their advisors and he still doesn’t know their real name and he just doesn’t know what to do with himself? How does he ask the person he swears he loves what their first name is? His life is a mess take the poor noodles off the burner for five minutes and let him live
• Dorian excessively calls his lover ‘amatus’ in place of his name, desperately hoping that someone will let it slip one day. He even try’s bribing Leliana with nugs. Do you realize how hard those things are to catch? Don’t even bring up how much Krem asks for his knitted nugs (hint; they’re 5 sovereigns each, and Dorian must now explain to his boyfriend both why he has so many goddamn stuffed nugs and how he blew the entirety of his Inquisition-sanctioned monthly allowance)
• Bull, with all his Ben-Hassrath training, can’t figure it out, and he pulls ‘kadan’ out of his ass from an old Qun story he’d heard as a child (coincidentally from the same story about the dragon’s tooth broken in two).
• Sera gives her girlfriend a cute nickname while she has a few Friends from her lover’s home dig around for her name, but that bottoms out too until she just says ‘fuck it’ and asks.
• Blackwall sticks with ‘my lady’ both because it fits with his goddamn faux-knight aesthetic and because he can’t remember anyone ever calling her by her first name? For the first half of the relationship he can’t remember her last either someone help this poor puff man.
• Solas can safely call his lover 'ma vhenan’ or even 'lethallan’ but even for all his time in the Fade and all his wisdom, he can’t find out her first name. Honestly probably half the reason why he breaks up w/ her because he physically cannot force himself to ask bc his pride won’t allow it jfc egg man (fun fact: he doesn’t know her name when he takes her arm either, and he felt that it’d be really awkward to ask while magicking her limb off)
• Cassandra, assuming she doesn’t know before they start dating- who am I kidding? She’s 100% the kind of person to say “but I don’t even know your name!” & after he tells her she kinda just smiles softly and kisses him so she can whisper it reverently she’s such a cheesy romantic help her


ɪᴅᴇɴᴛɪғɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ɪᴛᴇᴍs: ɢɪɴᴛᴀᴍᴇɴ


I got my package from @illogicalvoid quq and it arrived so quickly (though that’s because we both live in different parts of CA)

I had bought one of voids whales and a vince keychain (since i’ve always wanted one of them) but YESSSS!!! it’s so smol and adorable!

you guys should defiantly go buy the whales. they’re freaking the cutest PLUS THEY’RE SUPER SOFT!! So defiantly go and get yourself a cute whale <3

I’m going to name mine Wade QuQ

What do the Inquisitor’s parents look like? This apparently.

They’re not married, Nera was an accident, and noodle daddy decided to hang around clan Lavellan for the kid. He’s originally from Rivain, and worked as a ship hand.

There was always a little bit of disdain for both Nera and Alejandro because of their “flat ear” heritage, but eventually he married into the clan, and she has two younger twin sisters. They didn’t inherit his cheekbones to the same degree as Nera.

Her mother never married - mostly because I’m having way too much fun picturing her tormenting her daughter with Bull.


Sota blog update:

Heya~~~! ! !

We have a shooting starting from this morning today ーーー! ! ! !

After a long time, it’s Hayate kun and (^ O ^)! ! ! ! !

Ah! Is that you in the back, the hair stylist who always takes care of us, Baba-san’s assistant! ! ! (^ O ^)

Yudai-kun was also in the back when I took this picture! ! ! waha

Huh? ,,,, Yudai-kun’s clothes,,, aren’t they strange?

Perhaps it’s my imagination.

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A Valentine's Day Barry fic would be the bomb man. Like your writing is so legit and just like. I don't even care. Awkward Barry? Romantic Barry? Awkward romantic Barry? I'd die w anything tbh.

Barry is always the awkward romantic type

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dats why there will be a Barry Allen Valentine’s Day fic ;)