(Ab)normal Days : PANIC : CU

When he returned to a conscious state, golden eyes turned into tiny beads and he brought his arms close to his chest with alarming speed.  Though there hadn’t actually been an earthquake, but looking at the young man in the bright attire would make anyone assume otherwise.  His entire body quaked violently, eyes darting around quickly.

This place was not KABUKI, nor did it seem like he was in Japan at all.  Then there were all these people here.  Why was he here amongst them?  He wanted to disappeared, to evaporate right into the air itself.  Something wasn’t right, something wasn’t right.  This feeling perpetuated in his mind, unable to be shaken.

And then she appeared.

What should have not caused anyone alarm caused him even more fright!  He clutched at his chest and continued to quake throughout her entire, confusing speech.  What was this small creature speaking, what was it’s purpose?  These… rules…? Identification cards?  Was this Hope’s Peak?

Tears bubbled up in his eyes, and the moment the radio announcement chimed through the air, from his pocket no less, the sounds of frenzied shuffling could be heard.  It was Mercutio Talon, and he had made a panicked break towards the massive door towards the back of the room.  He had to get out of here, he absolutely had to get out of here.

His hysterics seemed to mess with his spacial awareness as it were and so his attempt at escape ended rather quickly.  T H U D, he himself slam into a very hard object and to the ground.  Who had placed a mountain in the middle of the hall?  He opened one eye cautiously before both opened in nothing short of extreme panic.  Again, his body shook, and this time he leaked out small noises as if he was trying to say something.

He felt like his heart was being crushed within his chest, this was the end for him.  The man before him was going to smash him into a million pieces for his clumsiness and he’d be a bruised chunk of flesh upon the ground.  What could he do, how could he possible circumvent this situation.

He couldn’t …  It was impossible.

So he merely wept, wept and shook, raising a weak hand before him up towards the figure in front of him, mouthing the words that could have been seen as please and don’t.

A Duet, D-E-F-A-C-E-D
A Duet, D-E-F-A-C-E-D

Reason One why I’m upset Yoshiki’s dead:

So I was rooting for the recorder-double bass duet. Very, really rooting for it. It turns out that D-E-F-A-C-E-D is a fun motif, actually, to write a song around…and if you pay attention you might hear me put in a F-G-A-C-D-G-F or two at the beginning. That was fun, also. 

So there’s the other thing I’ve been doing the past few days.

Too bad the duet doesn’t fit the mood at all anymore, right? I’m not rewriting it, though. I’m not rewriting it because Yoshiki lives on in my heart, and he can fulfill the duet from atop the highest mountains of Hell, for all I care.

…Rock on, demonspawn.


Shoko Maeno - Electabuzz
Seung “Black Cat” Jae-Hwa - Jynx
Hirasha Abe - Gloom
Alice - Wartortle
Misaki Asano - Drowzee
Sunny Murdoch - Ditto
Rover - Chansey
Natsuya Nijisaki - Exeggutor
Suleiman Ahmed - Lapras
Manolo Yamauchi - Slowpoke
Noriaki Kato - Hitmonlee
Miko Hanasaki - Cloyster
Dakota Otorashi - Sandshrew
Iori Yano - Venomoth
Remiel Langston - Rhydon
Malachi Seigi - Ponyta
Yoshiki Shouda - Articuno
Peko Kimura - Wheezing
Yue You Yu - Moltres
Keita Yamaguchi - Polywhirl
Haruna Kita - Jigglypuff
Aya Kamio - Kakuna
Kenshin Takayuki - Poliwrath
Hibiki Tsukino - Zubat
Minoru Fukui - Gengar
Hana Uena - Clefairy
Cerys Fujimoto - Pidgeot
Brynja Sindrisdottir - Pidgeotto


Yue | Prologue | Ok Now Seriously--

Boy was she fucking mad waking up on the ugliest, and not quite the fucking comfiest either, piece of trash furniture. What the fuck did she do last night to end up here? Isn’t this the kind of place American hicks like? Fuck. It occurred to her she wasn’t even hanging out with anyone American recently so there was zero reason for her to be in this shithole. This angry train of though would have continued if not for a small rabbit.

Wait….shénme tā mā de??!!

A talking rabbit? What the fuck was this. Who the fuck thought it was okay to waste her fucking time with it?? UUUGgh and here it was talking about friendship and its own life like she fuckin’ gave two shits. Yue groaned as it rambled on and rubbed her head.  Magical fucking what? Is this some new lw budget Disney world.

And as soon as the radio came on she was done. Who the fuck plays this kind of shit ?! WHO PLAYS THIS KIND OF SHIT WHILE WASTING IMPORTANT TIME. UUUGH.

Yue You put her hands firmly over her ears and groaned deeply.

UUGH Zhè tā mā de gǒu shǐ!!

She then stormed out the room in search of someplace to get some peace or quiet. Hell if she was lucky she’d find where they controlled that radio and fucking wreck it.

if this is heaven then where da wifi | Tae-Hyun | (Ab)Normal Days (OPEN)

To say Tae-Hyun had no idea in the slightest about just what the hell was going on would be quite the understatement.

Upon waking up, they had no idea where they were, no idea what was going on, no idea just who these people were or what this rabbit thing was or what it was doing or where the hell their stuff was. Where was their phone. Where was it that thing was expensive and their mom would be so pissed if she found out they lost it. And then probably buy them a new one after chewing them out, but still, they hated making their mother angry.

As Monomi went on her little spiel, their attention was all over the place, from the rabbit, to their surroundings, to the question on whether or not this place would have wifi, back to the rabbit, to their ID, back to the wifi question, to the radio broadcast… to the wifi or lack thereof…

Man, this was gonna suck.

They scrolled through their ID, checking out the rules. No food after 10pm? Lame. Maybe they could stash some or some shit for midnight snacks, or something.

Time-outs? What were they, three, or something? Then again, Tae-Hyun was pretty short, but they didn’t look that young, did they? And trust? People were so untrustworthy in the dramas they watched as a kid ages ago, not to mention befriending people was just so much work, and after how befriending people went last time for ol’ Tae-Hyun, they weren’t especially willing to try it again.

Also, it looked like they were going to be sharing a bathroom. Hopefully everyone they shared it with either woke up early or didn’t take long in the bathroom. You don’t just wake up looking this fabulous, you know.

Whatever. Off to go find their phone. Or maybe some food. They could find their phone later. Or maybe this place had a lost and found. Hell if they knew. But food sounded nice.

Yep. Food it is. Off to the kitchen.

shslfoleyartist  asked:

"Hey MAGICAL MIWACLE ✩ GIRLSCOUT USAMI? You doin' okay? I hate seeing such a cutie all stressed out!" Iori approaches the fireplace to better converse with the bunny.


Monomi jumps, seemingly startled by someone approaching them. 

“O-oh…it’s just you… Io…Yan… Yano-chan.”

It took her a second to remember the name right, it seems.

“I-I will be alwight, thank you for asking! I just… this is all such a shock, and I’m hawdly pwepared and… meeting new fwiends while in a diaper is not pwoper fwiend making edicate…" 

(Ab)normal Days - Excitement is rising ! - Yoshiko Takeda

“Oh myyy!! This is so cool!”

A bubbly voice suddenly speaks over the silence. The tone is the complete opposite over what the atmosphere holds, as one of the students has her eyes up. With her arms spread out, she twirls around slowly, taking in the area with awe and processing their situation. … In a way.

“I feel like something of a princess here! Heheh, maybe even a queen !! It’s truly incredible, isn’t it?”

It seemed like someone wasn’t reading the atmosphere quite well. After the strange situation met with the pink rabbit (which was still on Yoshiko’s mind) and the almost cryptic radio announcement heard from above, it seemed this girl was just excited over all of it. Almost like it was—

“Like a game!! Maybe? What a weird school?? This is part of the school, right?”

Oh, brother…

“This is all really weird, but also really cool!! But what was with that announcement thing?? Is that also part of the school? It sounded as if something… dangerous is going on!”

Normdays - Large hall, small space - Sasaki Yuzuki OPEN

Her eyes fluttered open. Ah… There was dust on her eyelashes. Carefully, the girl closed her eyes again and gently attempted to remove the dirt. Better get it out now before it fell into her eyes. More importantly, why was she asleep? Was the first day so stressful that she blanked out or something? Well the ground certainly didn’t feel like a bed.

Sasaki Yuzuki softly pulled herself off of the floor, swishing her head around to take in her surroundings. It was beautiful. Old and dusty, perhaps, but it was like a fairytale. The floors, the windows, the statues, the… but…

The school she was looking for must have been in another castle and she didn’t get the memo, because the scenery before her certainly wasn’t Hope’s Peak.

Ah, and there were others. Lots of them. Who were they and what we– Sasaki’s thought was cut short by a yell.

Some… Strange rabbit thing began babbling with no real goal? It was hard to follow. Calmly, Sasaki listened and tried to process the words flying at her.

ID… Yes. There. Long fingers reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out an ID. It didn’t seem to suit the surroundings… Something so high-tech and modern among ancient and classic beauty.

Before Sasaki could even return her center of gaze back to the rabbit, she was gone. The experience was surreal, to say in the least. Maybe this was a dream? Yet the people around her were faces she had never seen. How would a dream with nonexistent people have such detail?

… For the time being, even if it was a dream, it was best to just… go with the flow of things.

That’s right, her bass… Where was the bass? With vague urgency in her posture, she glanced around looking for it. Thankfully it was right beside where she had been ‘sleeping,’ so without hesitation, Sasaki slung it up onto her back where it should be. Suddenly everything felt more comfortable.

Finally, the maps. Suites… 1-F… Sharing a suite with a Heiwano, Fujiwara, and a Moya— Oh that was noise. That was. Something. It reminded her of a video game someone had her play once.

And boy it was creepy. And BOY did Sasaki suddenly feel cramped among the outhers and upset. Of course, her face was entirely deadpan, but, that announcement was not very settling at all.

'Calm down, Sasaki. This is probably a dream.’

There was… a radio room. Sasaki would go there. Maybe that was the source of the announcement. Logically, it would be. Carefully, Sasaki clenched onto the strap of her case and weaved her way around her newfound peers, entering the radio room.

…. A round table. Very fitting for a castle.