Down the rabbit hole-Chiemi {Gorou}

{Location change->Chiemi’s Room->Labyrinth entrance}
Although she was wrestling with her own demons lately, Chiemi desperately wanted to get better at helping the others. She had no real reason to leave this place anymore, but for the others to, that was fine. Before, she had been childish, screaming. Before, she had reacted the way she did because she was scared of losing Chie Narita. 

Well now, she had lost her. Now, the Etymologist she cared for so much was gone and there was nothing she could do about it. Would she go digging to find more then? For Kahori, Minako, Rune and Imogen, most likely. They needed to leave this place. No…everyone did, but especially them. Saori too, who lost that spark of happiness she had before. 

As Chiemi went to her room, a familiar yellow bird decided to perch itself on her shoulder. Chiemi hadn’t gone digging or did anything useful in the past couple of weeks. The digging, the fighting in that animus thing or whatever…she wanted to do either, but she wondered if her help would do anything.

As she put Chie’s outfit on the bed, Chiemi left the room with the Chameleon plush on her shoulder and Eponine on the top of her head. Perhaps if she had a pretty pink or purple dress on, people could even mistake her for some Disney Princess. But no: If she was going to the labyrinth, Chiemi didn’t want to dirty her pretty dresses. She didn’t know why she still cared, but she did. Perhaps it was her pride. 

It was tricky, but Chiemi managed to balance the chameleon plushie on her shoulder without much effort at all. She walked to the labyrinth at a normal speed as well, whistling quietly with her bird as she went. 

When she made it to the caves however, she noted a familiar blonde with scarred arms. She…had concerns about this boy. Concerns she might speak to him about now, if she wasn’t so unsure. Eponine flew circles around Chiemi’s head, her usual action during trials. Of course, for the past few, she’d been absent, in her room.

“…Hello, Inoue.”

Her greeting was quiet enough for one to wonder what she was thinking. But as she walked a little closer, the chameleon plushie almost fell off her shoulder. Seems she was losing whatever concentration she had.