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Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 23 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:10 Dragon - A baby boy is born to Fiona and King Maric. In an effort to protect the boy from both the systematic hardships his mother has faced and the pressures of being an illegitimate royal child, the boy is entrusted to the care of a trusted Arl to be raised outside the shadow of both parents.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 2 DAYS TO GO

9:40 Dragon - After declaring the Nevarran accord broken, Lord Seeker Lambert van Reeves - a major player in the breakdown of relations between the Chantry’s enforcers and the Circle of Magi - is murdered in his chambers by a mysterious, vengeful spirit.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 17 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:30 Dragon - Darkspawn movements in south Ferelden suggest the advent of the Fifth Blight. King Cailan, seeing a chance for glory in battle, attempts to wipe out the hoarde at Ostagar, puts himself on the front lines and is killed when a crucial flanking charge led by Teyrn Loghain never comes. The Ferelden forces are massacred.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 16 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:30 Dragon - Two young Grey Warden recruits - the only Warden survivors of the battle at Ostagar - are rescued by Flemeth, a Witch of the Wilds, and begin a long quest to gather support from Ferelden’s fractured and disparate communities in order to defeat the Blight before it destroys the country completely.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 20 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:22 Dragon - In Val Royeaux, influential figures in both the Chantry and the Templar Order conspire to murder Divine Beatrix III. The conspiracy comes to a head at the Grand Catherdral’s ten-year gathering, when dragons - controlled by blood mages- attempt to kill both the Divine and most of her potential successors. The conspiracy is thwarted by a young Seeker, Cassandra Pentaghast, who is then named the right hand of the Divine.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 24 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:10 Dragon - Fiona, an elven mage Warden and survivor of the Architect’s plot, appears to overcome the progressive and irreversible effects of the Taint. The results of her experiences in the Deep Roads may mean that she is the first Warden to avoid the traditional final journey of every Warden who lives long enough: the Calling.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 25 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:10 Dragon - Accompied by her colleagues and King Maric, Warden-Commander Genevieve of Orlais proceeds into the Deep Roads below Ferelden and discovers the existence of a sentient Darkspawn, the Architect, who attempts to broker an alliance with the Wardens. In the ensuing chaos most of the Wardens on the mission are killed.