Things You Said - 08.

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things you said when you were crying

Hawke doesn’t shout. Hawke doesn’t scream. When the assassin rematerializes and his blades sink into her back, the only sound she makes is a whimper. The blood bubbles at her lips, spills from her nose as her eyes roll. She slumps to the ground limp, lifelessly, like a ragdoll. “No!” he shouts “I will not allow it!” As if it were his choice. He races to her side, leaping at the assassin, sword hammering down to cut, to slice, to kill. The assassin is not like Hawke. The assassin screams.

Fenris drops to her side, hands on her face, “Hawke, Hawke.” Her skin is already cold.

“We need to get her to Anders, now,” Aveline says. Many birds have died in the alleyways of Lowtown. He wouldn’t allow this one. She rouses when he lifts her into his arms, her fingers biting into his arm.

“No, no,” the words are slurred, blurring together, “please stop hurting me, you’re hurting me.” She moans, her head lolling against his chest as he races through the streets. Every step, every jostle, brings more pleading, more begging. Her blood is warm on his arm, bleeding a trail behind them. Anders accepts them without a word, leading them to a back room.

“Out,” is all Anders says. Fenris doesn’t move. He’s always loved the way red looked on Hawke. Stitched into her armor, the robes she wore at home, the stain that she wore on her lips, the way she drew it across her face in battle. He hates the way red looks on Hawke. The way it pools beneath her, dribbles from her mouth. Stained on her cheeks from his hands, against pale skin.

Aveline takes him by the arm, begins to pull him from the room. “No!” He protests instantly, pushing back, “no, I have to stay!”

“Oh, when did you become a healer?” Aveline asks as she places hands on his shoulders, pushes back. “All you’ll be doing is getting in the way. Let Anders work.”

“I have to stay,” he pleads, “I have to stay with her.”

“Fenris. I get that you two have something.” I can’t. I can’t. I’m sorry. I feel like such a fool. All I wanted was to be happy, just for a little while. Forgive me. “But you can’t help her here.” Aveline’s words are kind but insistent, and he allows himself to be dragged away.

He paces in Anders’s clinic, chases away would-be patients with a scowl. Aveline leaves sometime during the night, and he is alone. His feet ache, he cannot bear to sit. It’s almost morning when the door creaks open. Anders carries a lantern in his hands, which highlights the dark circles under his eyes. He looks worn-out, exhausted, and fragile as parchment. He sighs when he sees him. “I’ve done all I can,” he says, “I’m going to bed.”

Fenris slips past him, rushes to her side. She is sleeping, her breathing even, but she is still… even by the single candle that flickers he knows there is still more to be done. He takes the stool, sets it by her bedside. His gauntlets fall heavy to the floor. He takes her hand in his, presses his lips against it. “Hawke, I should have – it should have been me.” He grips her tightly, presses his forehead against her hand. “I love you Hawke, I should have told you sooner. Please don’t leave me,” he weeps. “I am yours.”

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Personally, I think that a relationship between Merrill and Isabela would require Hawke as a third member; while they certainly care for each other, I think that... if this makes any sense, I think that, relationshipwise, Isabela is a wave, and Merrill needs a rock. Which is probably why Isabela never makes a move on her.

I’m an outspoken big Merribela shipper, why would you send me this, just wondering? I mean, it just doesn’t seem very polite, does it? I am very against Cullen and Dorian as a pairing, though I know some people… ship it… but I don’t go into the inboxes of people who ship them and explain why I don’t like it.

I think Isabela is absolutely capable of being a “rock.” But I don’t think Isabela thinks so. Because she has spent her life being told and expected to be otherwise. 
Also, Merrill is probably one of if not the most strongly independent characters in DA2. She has the whole world against her and she doesn’t bend under that. She doesn’t “need a rock” because she is one.

Also, Hawke + Isabela + Merrill = OT3. But I don’t at all see Hawke is a “requirement.”

Also also, let’s be real, Merrill would probably be the one to make the first “move.”

is the dragon age fandom still a thing?

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anders and fenris play wicked grace with each other and a couple of the other companions which makes me so happy beccaue that means he isnt like alone all the time but its also sad in a silly way how hes terrible at the game.

They may argue all day but they still know when to call it a day and just relax with a deck of cards.

I’ve been playing a looooot of Skyrim, and I think sometimes about like where each of the characters in DA2 would fit in. Like Aveline is probably captain of the guard in Riften, because let’s face it: it’s a hard, thankless job and she and Donnic are probably one of a handful of guards you can’t bribe once you join the theive’s guild. 

Anders would be in Winterhold, in the mage’s college. Maybe he came from a small town–since wiped out by raiders during the war–where mages were vilified and now he is torn between supporting the empire who doesn’t look down on magic and his people’s (and his own) devotion to talos.

Hawke is obviously the Dragonborn, but perhaps they fell afoul of a mage and don’t remember who they are. On a farm in the plains of whiterun hold, Bethany and Leandra are working hard to keep their heads above water since Carver ran off to join the Legion. 

Varric and Isabela are CLEARLY in the theives guild. Isabela left when the outfit started bringing in money, because hell if she’s going to let Mercer and Dirge ogle her and lose money while she’s doing it, while Varric has a room in the Bee and Barb but he likes drinking in the Ragged Flagon for the ~ambiance. Varric can’t be a dwarf, but he can maybe be a half-Breton/imperial. Mostly immune to magic and able to talk your ear off. 

Merrill and Fenris are the hardest to place because elves are so different in Skyrim, and large parts of their personalities are informed by the elf-ness as a former Dalish First bloodmage and as a former Tevinter slave.

Like Merrill is probably a wood elf, whose clan was forced to turn her out because in order to keep step with the aldmeri dominion, they had to turn from the Green Pact. Merrill lives in the forests of Falkreath, maybe even in the Roadside Ruins. She won’t violate the pact, but this home was already built. She can make a tent from skins and hunt the land with her magic. And if sometimes people go missing on the roads, well.

Which leaves Fenris. :| And I am stumped. 

I got tagged by @gugle1980, thank you so much for thinking of me. :)
I have to list my OTP, BroTP and NoTP in my three favorite fandoms!

Dragon Age

Well, it is quite difficult because I never played DA2…
OTP: Inquisitor/Cullen (ha ha! you doubt it?) and Warden/Alistair
BroTP: Inquisitor/Dorian, Alistair/Wynne (I remember laughing so hard).
NoTP: I agree with @gugle1980: no Cullen/Bull, no Cullen/Samson.

Mass Effect

OTP: Shepard/Alenko (I’m trying the Garrus romance currently but it is incredibly difficult to resist Kaidan)
BroTP: Shepard/Joker (because of one of my headcanons) but also Cortez/Vega
NoTP: I’m sorry but Alenko/Jack, I can’t.

Fallout 4

I’m not a part of the FO4 fandom as I began playing a month ago and I still didn’t meet all the companions so for now, here is my choices (they may change though)
OTP: Sole Survivor/Paladin Danse
BroTP: Sole Survivor/Preston Garvey
NoTP: Sole Survivor/ Nick Valentine

Sorry, not tagging anyone, think most of you did this.

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Who was your favorite in DA2?

Well I haven’t finished DA2 yet, so the past tense is perhaps not appropriate, although I far enough along (3rd Act) that I’m pretty much locked in term of appreciation :) If I think Lelianna is the best character of Origins, and Sigrun for Awakening, then Fenris is the best written and voiced character of DA2. Pretty much all the scenes focusing on him are riveting and intense. I love all the characters thought – they’re pretty much all interesting, complex, flawed (and disasters waiting to happen, especially the romanceable ones, dear lord. The whole of DA2 is like a fractal explosion in slow motion) and appealing.

@elevanetheirin replied to your post: DA Mods?

I like the Cullen tousled hair, I didn’t like the Dorian that much. I use the Refined Cullen with DA2 beard for Cullen’s skin, but there’s a refined Cullen with his default beard as well. Also, I’ve played with Scarless Cullen w/o beard. I like the scar though. Also, MY DAO is modded like…60 mods I think lol

I like to play the games vanilla for as long as possible, before modding them. And even then, I don’t mod them too much. DA:O was breaking for some reason: characters were appearing naked a lot. I had to uninstall the Warden armor one, and that was my favorite damn mod. I’ll check around and see if I can put it back. I miss it.

And I like the scar, I actually installed the wrong version of the mod, and he got a cheek scar, instead of the lip one. I just never got around fixing it.