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Hello friends! I’m curious about what people chose for their Carver and Bethany Hawkes during their DA2 playthroughs, so if you want to share, please reblog this, and in the tags tell us if you had a Templar Carver vs. a Grey Warden Carver, or a Circle mage Bethany vs. a Grey Warden Bethany (and if you want to tell me what class your Hawke was, feel free!).

Thank you!

Dragon Age Asks: Hawke + Companions

1. Did Isabela return at the end of Act II? Was your Hawke angry if she did not return? Were they pleased if she did?
2. What did your Hawke think of pirates? Did they approve or disapprove of Isabela’s title as a “pirate queen”?
3. How did your Hawke feel about Isabela’s indifference to the mage-templar war? Were they offended? Or indifferent themselves?
4. How did your Hawke respond to Isabela? Were they well-matched or ill-suited?
5. Was your Hawke close with Isabela throughout the Acts of Kirkwall? Did they remain in contact with her?

1. Did your Hawke also hate Tevinter, like Fenris? Were they influenced by him?
2. If his personal quest was received, did your Hawke allow him to kill his sister? Why or why not?
3. How did your Hawke’s final decision between the mages or the templars affect their relationship with Fenris? Were they forced to kill him?
4. How did your Hawke respond to the mutual resentment between Fenris and Anders? Did they intervene?
5. What motivated your Hawke to be either a friend or a rival to Fenris? Were they indifferent to him?

1. How did your Hawke react to Merrill’s use of blood magic? Were they shocked? Pleased?
2. Was your Hawke intrigued by Merrill’s Eluvian? Were they concerned?
3. Did your Hawke understand Merrill’s attachment to her clan? Were they confused by her dedication to her clanmates?
4. What sort of relationship did your Hawke have with Merrill? Were they protective of her?
5. Did your Hawke remain close to Merrill after the end of Act III? Did their choice between the mages or templars affect their relationship?

1. Did your Hawke help Aveline in wooing Donnic? What did they think of the whole affair?
2. Did your Hawke empathize with Aveline’s grief at losing her husband? Did they attempt to comfort her?
3. How did your Hawke respond to Aveline’s position as Guard-Captain? Did they respect her authority?
4. How did your Hawke’s relationship with Aveline change throughout the Acts? Did they connect to her because of their mutual escape from the darkspawn in Ferelden?
5. Did your Hawke agree or disagree with Aveline’s position on the mage-templar rebellion? 

1. Was your Hawke curious about the story behind Bianca? 
2. Was your Hawke comfortable with Varric’s story-telling hobby? Did they predict that Varric would write a story about them?
3. Did your Hawke allow Varric to keep the lyrium shard? Why or why not?
4. Did your Hawke relate to Varric’s rocky relationship with his brother? How did they feel about Bartrand’s betrayal?
5. What was your Hawke’s opinion on Varric’s chest hair?

1. How did your Hawke feel about Anders’ clinic? Did they ever spend time there?
2. What did your Hawke think about Justice/Vengeance possessing Anders? Were they unsettled?
3. What was your Hawke’s relationship with Anders like before the Chantry explosion? How did the explosion change their perception of him?
4. Who did your Hawke back, mages or templars, and what became of Anders?
5. Did your Hawke believe Anders’ solution to the mage-templar problem, the chantry explosion, was the correct action? What would they have done instead?

Sebastian (N/A if The Exiled Prince DLC was not played)
1. How did your Hawke respond to Sebastian’s devout faith? Were they Andrastian themselves?
2. Did your Hawke push Sebastian to retake Starkhaven? What motivated their decision?
3. How did your Hawke feel about Sebastian’s relationship with Grand Cleric Elthina? Did they respect the Grand Cleric themselves?
4. Did your Hawke choose to kill or spare Anders? Did their relationship with Sebastian change depending on their choice?
5. Was your Hawke friendly or hostile towards Sebastian and why?

Carver (N/A if he died escaping from Lothering)
1. Was Carver taken to the Deep Roads? Did your Hawke feel guilty if they left him behind?
2. Did Carver become a Grey Warden or templar or did he die of the Taint? How did your Hawke feel about what happened to their brother?
3. What sort of relationship did your Hawke have with Carver? Did they attempt to be friends or did they become rivals with him?
4. How did your Hawke react to Carver’s appreciation for the templars? Did they approve?
5. How did Leandra and/or Bethany’s death affect your Hawke’s relationship with Carver?

Bethany (N/A if she died escaping from Lothering)
1. Did Bethany become a Grey Warden or die of the Taint or was she taken to the Circle? How did your Hawke react to what became of her?
2. How did Leandra and/or Carver’s death affect your Hawke’s relationship with Bethany?
3. Due to Bethany being a mage, was your Hawke influenced by her when making the choice between mages and templars?
4. How close were your Hawke and Bethany before they fled to Kirkwall? Did they grow closer or drift farther apart once they were settled in Kirkwall?
5. Did your Hawke stay in contact with Bethany after the mage-templar decision in Kirkwall?

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anonymous asked:

Have you heard that audio clip that's just every time the word dragon is said in how to train your dragon? Because I feel like that's what the inside of Hawkes brain sounds like (I love your posts btw they're amazing and so funny!)

…..Well, NOW I have.

For the unfamiliar: I found the clip here. And just for you, sweet observant anon, I’ve crafted this stunning visual accompaniment:

Hang on a minute….if the Blight only corrupts living things and we’ve seen Eluvians get corrupted by the Blight before…then what on earth are Eluvians anyway??

And additional question: when Tamlen touches the Eluvian he sees an underground city but then he also says there’s a darkness that actually sees him? I’ve never thought the Blight was a sentient force, just a disease, so then what “saw” Tamlen?

disgustednoises  asked:

I just had a thought that maybe before Bodhan found Sandal in the deep roads Sandal found the titian and was influenced by it like Valta, making him act the way that he does, and giving his "not enchantment" powers.

A common theory, one I’ve heard before. We’re not entirely sure where Sandal’s link comes into. He can (weirdly) enter the Fade - his journal can be found in the Vir Dirthara which is in the Fade in Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC. He also has weird dreams of Flemythal in DA2. He definitely has some form of magical ability “not enchantment” but he’s got a STRONG prowess with enchanting ability too. 

Sandal’s one of the big weird points in DA lore. The location he was found was by a massive golden mosaic wall containing images of dragons, elves, and creatures Bodahn had never seen before (possibly Qunari? we don’t know), which is located UNDER Aeducan Thaig. This is down in the Deeper Roads, and that wall is weirdly half buried. We only really know of one thing that can move entire caverns about at whim - Titans. So it’s likely there’s one in the vicinity, and especially so since Orzammar was a mining seat for much of history, and when people thinking mining and the dwarves, they’re really only considering lyrium - again Titans. 

So it’s possible. It might also be the case that Sandal himself comes from the Sha-Brytol settlements - they must have a thaig somewhere as Valta says because they likely don’t live forever as they live in the same conditions as the rest of Thedas and are demonstrably NOT actually connected to the titan - they revere her because SHE IS. 

There’s also some weird discussion as well in odd gossipy banter back in DA2 (I think it was…can’t quite recall) or else in Witch Hunt (again can’t recall), between a couple dwarves talking about how Endrin Aeducan had a son who was half elf and so he sent him into the Deep Roads to disappear. Might be him too, it was implied that was Sandal, and the features KINDA match? But *shrug* .

Other theories suggest he is an Old God Baby or he is akin to Flemeth - just he would be hosting a different god…usually people say June? There’s SO many complicated thoughts about Sandal that it becomes a bit of a chaotic mess, and you’re digging into some of the biggest and most complicated questions in the lore when you start expanding on things with him. So…

I would say it’s very possible he has been in contact with a Titan. It’s the only way we currently know that dwarves can reclaim some magical ability, and so I think that makes a strong case, since he DOES have this magical ability, and also can work lyrium seemingly without training. 


This and a few other items never left my inventory. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm sorry to bother you. But I have a question, sence you seem to like mea (I love the game, I haven't stopped playing it because I need help). But I wanted to ask you how you felt about Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition. I know me and da are different but I was just wandering. 🙂Have a good day/night and I'm sorry for bothering you

Hey, Nonny! It’s no bother. Yes, ME and DA are different but I play a ton of different games so it’s no problem to comment.

I like both DA2 and DAI. I should say right off the bat that I tend to judge a game on its merits first. So in and of itself. Then I may compare it to previous games but I don’t tend to put a lot of weight on those comparisons. That’s mostly because there can often be years between games (as occurred in the DA franchise) and there are often changes of engines (as happened with the DA franchise). Add to that, the fact that developers improve or want to tell a different story and so on, I find that comparing a new game with an older one is like comparing apples to watermelons. They’re both fruit and they’re both green and red but that’s about all you can say to compare them. (Wait, is watermelon a fruit? I hope so or my analogy falls down a bit. :D)

So, DA2 and DAI. I liked both of them. They both had areas where they could legitimately be criticised, though DA2 gets cut a bit of slack due to its rushed development, which was not Bioware’s fault, and Inquisition gets some slack because Bioware were forced to use Frostbite and Frostbite, at the time, had never been used for an RPG before. (Both those decisions lie with EA, who really need to stop screwing over Bioware.)

But I liked DA2′s more personal story. I played a purple (with some blue) Hawke and just adore him/her. I liked the companions, who all had interesting stories. (Though I will never forgive myself for playing an asshole!Hawke because I ruined Anders for myself.) The protagonists were, on the whole, quite good, if not always well-fleshed out (obviously because of that stunted development time). It had some great DLC, especially Legacy. And I felt it didn’t deserve all the criticism it got. It deserved some of it but not all of it. In fact, taking out the obvious stuff (reused environments, poor quality NPCs etc), my biggest gripes with DA2 was 1) that Hawke got handed the idiot ball waaaaaay too much throughout the game and especially at the end of both DLCS and 2) some of the combat animations were utterly ridiculous. They did get patched a bit but still… the first time I played (with a S&S warrior), I found myself zooming all over the battlefield. I actually stopped and went digging on the net because I was convinced that my zooming around had to be a bug. Instead, I found that it was a feature. The exploding enemies with my poor dual wield rogue were laughable as well.

DAI was, I thought, a great game. Yes, it had its flaws and there were things that could have been done better but it was a damn good game that had some great companions and set up some really interesting future plot lines for the DA franchise. Will we get to stop Solas? What happens if we don’t? Will they actually give us a failure condition in DA4? Or maybe not stopping Solas will be better? What about the Qunari? We got rid of the Viddasala but the Qunari still want to take over all of Thedas. What about Tevinter? Antiva? As for DAI itself, I enjoyed the story. I would have liked to have seen a bit more in the ways of consequences for our decisions (though we did get that in Trespasser and I congratulate Bioware for making Bull’s quest have real personal consequences). But I had fun (as my… way too many hours playing the game will testify. I’m not telling how much. It’s……….. lots. :D)

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on quite enough so I’ll leave it there. I hope I answered your question!

in response to an fanmail message we just got:

Not a confession! Please don’t take this the wrong way as I genuinely am confused. I saw some stuff a while ago (I don’t think it was on this blog) about how Isabela is whitewashed in DA2, but I just saw her again as I was replaying Origins and she is white, or she appears to be, so I was just wondering why people say she’s whitewashed. And again I am actually really confused about this. You guys have an awesome blog, it’s great to have a place that’s only about the good things. Thanks

hey, thanks for asking. isabela was black in origins. not everybody realizes this, because of bad lighting indoors, but she was absolutely not white. she had dark skin and black features. here’s a toolset picture of her original DAO version.

she was whitewashed because her DA2 version gave her a much thinner/smaller nose and mouth, which this mod is correcting for (which is why you probably did see it on this blog, we discussed the issue when it was released). here’s DA2 vanilla and DA2 modded isabela (realistic da2 original isabela).

i hope that answers some of your questions!

mikkeneko  asked:

Jay's birthday... I like it! Now what about ANDERS' birthday? :D

“It’s not MY fault you never told me your real birthday. And I asked.”

(If the text is too small, view imagine in another tab, that usually shows the full size. :))

We actually talked about this a little bit in the stream! :D

Only one scribble, but also thoughts & context!

  • If Jay Hawke gives you a wrapped gift and is excessively nice and it’s not some special occasion when that is expected, he’s probably guilty. He’s like a dog that knows he’s done something wrong. Hence Anders’ question!
  • This time it REALLY is for Anders’ birthday, though. xD
  • I wonder if Anders remembers his birthday anymore. :/ He was a child when he was taken away from his home, and his birthday, like his name, might have been something he refused to reveal. And because nobody knew and children and dates are what they are, he might have just… forgotten? I’M SAD.
  • So maybe he just doesn’t even know when his birthday should be, except vaguely like “sometime in the spring?”
  • Cue Hawke picking a nice day and going “today is Anders’ birthday and you all can fight me”.
  • And from that day onwards that day is Anders’ birthday every year. :)
  • Jay cooks all of Anders’ favorite things (with plenty of help from Orana, most like, because Jay can cook but only SOME foods :D) and packs them into a basket when they head out to work, and then when it’s mealtime at the clinic Anders gets a nice food surprise because he didn’t expect it.
  • And after work Jay takes Anders somewhere and Anders is confused but then they walk back home to Hightown with a kitten and so they totally had a kitty-cat in Kirkwall already. (The cat is okay even to this day even though they couldn’t take it with them when they fled Kirkwall! It’s the old mean cat that terrorizes Hightown alleys and finds its way into people’s houses and gives them a heart attack.) Not EVERY year, obviously, they only have one cat at that point. xD And now everyone’s like IDA everyone wants to give Anders a cat think of something new, and I say yes but consider this: cats. I get more excuses to draw cats. There is no cat featured in this picture and it’s a travesty.
  • Lots and lots of little luxuries and fun times. :) Hairplay! Relaxing baths! Getting the kitten down from the canopy of the bed! Smooches! Honeywine! Anders playing the lute and Hawke singing! It’s terrible but they have fun!

ETA: oh and I imagine that Anders doesn’t just roll with it right off the bat but Hawke manages to persuade him, and finally Anders is like “okay but why today”, and Hawke shrugs and replies: “It’s half a year from mine.”

buttsonthebeach  asked:

41, 50, and 63 for the DA ask meme! :D

41. Who did you romance in your first playthrough for each game?

Alistair was my first love in Origins, right up until I found out he’d leave if I spared Loghain. That was the most heartbreaking moment of the game. Having this character that I just adored, and there was no possible way for us to reach an understanding. I was utterly devastated.

Fenris romance for DA2 without question.

I looked up the romance options for DAI before I started the game and got set on Solas for my first playthrough. I do wonder what would have happened if I had gone into the game blind because I had my heart set on playing a qunari. I really don’t know who I would have ended up romancing… probably Bull.

50. Describe your perfect playthrough for any DA game.

One where I find all the secret things and read all the codexes and become Lord of All The Lore.

63. Best story moment?

Oh, god. I have to choose? Hmm…

So, in Origins, when Morrigian proposes the Dark Ritual to make the God Baby, I had no real roleplaying reason to accept that. I mean, it’s kinda shady sounding, and even with a character who trusted Morrigan as I did, you really have no way of knowing what’s going to come out of that. It might be okay or it might end up really, really bad.

But from the view point of a writer I was like, “Omg. I need this in my canon.” It was just too good of a possible storyline to pass up. And boy did it pay off.

Seeing Morrigan with Kieran and how much she absolutely loves him, how she’s grown as a person, how protective she is, how she’d do anything for him. Being able to see the effects of that was just incredible. Even better if she drinks from the Well and has to face her mother with Kieran. I am just in continuous awe of that storyline. I truly people who don’t have the Dark Ritual as their canon are missing out.

Thanks for the ask!

Looky! Looky!

Good news fanboys and girls: BioWare has released the latest round of updates of Dragon Age Keep to the beta testers and we have been given permission to share some goodies. SAY WHAT?!?! Let me know if you have any questions about the Keep and I will see what I can do. This is still only the beta, so anything you might see starting to float around here on NerdWorthy and elsewhere is NOT the finished product.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the Beta testers (myself included) are still under the restrictions of our NDA. Though we have been given some freedom to share things, I can’t tell you everything. No worries though. You all will get access soon enough!

And speaking of possible fanfic - here’s a question that I keep finding conflicting info on. In DA2, were the mage phylacteries kept in the Chantry (which blew up and therefore potentially set all the mages free?) or in the Gallows/Circle of Magi? (Or do they never say and I can just take this ball and go wherever I feel like?) 

And apologies if this has been discussed in detail elsewhere - I just can’t seem to find anything directly about it.  (Or if it’s super obvious and I’m just being dense.)