I’m just going to keep thinking about Culinary!AU Dragon Age things

  • Hawke has a fusion cuisine taco truck called The Bone Pit which he drives around Kirkwall. He started out doing it as a way to get the people in lowtown decent food fairly cheap, but the hipsters in hightown always hunt his truck down too.
  • Anders is a strict vegan and is constantly leaving manifestos all over the place and giving Hawke judge-y looks and trying to get him to add more vegan friendly options to his menu (he already has quite a few choices, shut up Anders)
  • Fenris is a former sommelier who helps out at the food truck but mostly just hangs out in the back drinking wine
  • Hawke gets all the prime street corners because Aveline turns a blind eye all the time
  • not related to DA2 at all but also Krem runs a food blog called Krem de la Krem Cooks.
  • The Iron Bull frequently contributes guests posts to it.

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Random thought dabble: 

Hawke’s fingers ghosted light across Fenris’s skin yet his light touches left him breathless as he whispered ‘’Hawke please’’ 

Fenris’s eyes glanced up to Hawke’s as he felt a hand cup his cheek “Maker’s breath Fenris..” Hawke smiled his thumb gently running soothing circles across his skin “I love you” 

Fenris cheeks flush “do you make it a habit to be this…”
“Charming” Hawke intervenes  “Only on occasions that involve it” 

Fenris rolls his eyes playfully, pulling Hawke down into a long and gentle kiss “Makers breath Hawke” Fenris mimics with a smile “I love you too” 

Hawke laughs and kisses him again. 

[I’m still editing things to upload and I'm like sobu cause I keep rewriting and drawing stuff so I fancied having a mini thought dabble *cuddles you all with love and smooshes <3 sorry if any mistakes,]