Save Game’s Dragon Age Cocktails

Cocktail/Shot Combo recipes for every DA party member (they forgot Awakening but whatev) and every single one sounds delicious and the accompanying articles are so perfect I want to cry. 

(Varric’s sounds like heaven nnngh. And “Asschabs” is on my bucket list.)

I’ve been playing some a shit ton of Dragon Age lately, and aside from being absolute Alistair trash I also found myself very intrigued by the character of Fenris. But because Dragon Age lets you interpret characters in so many different ways, I found very little fanart depicting him in the way I see him. Until I found this beautiful piece of writing by sketchingsparrow on tumblr, which was so spot-on it actually gave me chills. And because by now I am pretty much as obsessed as I’ve ever been (which says a lot if you went to middle school with me) I inevitably found myself on the couch with my tablet one night drawing the thing that had to be drawn.

Fenris is owned by Bioware is a free man and doesn’t belong to anyone dangit
Words by sketchingsparrow

I just love Anders. All through DA2 he’s there like,
And then he does The Thing, and he’s all,
‘Yeah! I did it!’
And Hawke doesn’t even have to say anything before he starts backpeddling, like, ‘Oh shit, I fucked up. Ohshitohshitohshit.’
Whether you agree with him or not, Anders is humanity. So well-intentioned, but then so fallible - he is the epitome of human nature, and I love that.