No matter how hard I try, there are two things I can NEVER do in DA: killing the mages in the circle in origins and killing the mages in DA2 at the end. No matter what kind of playthrough I’m doing, whether it be a die hard mage hating templar or a circle loyal mage, I just can’t justify killing innocent mages. I know it’s just a game and has no real consequences and it messes up my playthroughs, I just can’t do it            

You know what’s great? People acknowledging Fenris’ incredible intelligence instead of dismissing it because he’s illiterate.

People acknowledging Fenris as a polyglot (tevene, common, qunlot, definitely many more such as nevaran, anders, orlesian etc.)

Fenris as incredibly well spoken (in a second language no less)

Fenris as incredibly well versed in cultural and legal matters

Fenris as well versed in poetry, history, religion, philosophy, etc. do to being surrounded by them for years

Fenris as extremely resourceful and skilled in matters beyond being a warrior (you can bet your ass staying free for years took more than just strength)

Fenris as someone who has many creative and diverse skills

You can bet your ass that this man is absolutely a sponge for knowledge and revels in learning new things, both by necessity of having to be aware to survive, and because he enjoys it/is proud of it.