Written By The Winners: A playlist for Varric Tethras, storyteller, rouge and occasional unwelcome tag-along, from Kirkwall to Skyhold.


Would I lie to you: Eurythmics // Paradise City: Guns n Roses // Honestly: Stryper // Takin Care of Business: BTO // Gold on the Ceiling: Black Keys // We Built This City: Jefferson Starship // Stuck in the Middle with You: Steeler’s wheel // Thank You For Being a Friend: Andrew Gold // I Fought the Law (And The Law Won): The Bobby Fuller Four // You Give Love a Bad Name: Bon Jovi // You Aint Seen Nothing Yet: BTO // Here I Go Again: White Snake 


Some random pics… for appreciate how beautiful they are.

Anders will be in the party all the time, because reasons…
Just look at him, he’s so gorgeous and handsome… and look at his back…
Ok, sorry. I’ll stop… for now.