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Necessary Evils
  • Rating: M
  • Relationships: Fenris x Female Hawke
  • Chapter: One-Shot, Completed
  • AO3 Link: Click Here

A demon tempts Fenris. All he need do is give her his soul and she’ll grant his every desire…

She is a mass of dark wings and darker shadows, appearing on his bed like a weightless ghost, her hands on folded knees and a grin on her face. Raven-hair haloes out on his pillow, blue eyes icy and bright surrounded by dark clouds. She is the coming storm, the thunder in the distance, the electricity that sparks in the air. She waves a leg at him as he scratches at the parchment, giving her only a cursory glance. “Don’t be rude! Where’s my proper greeting?” She asks, faking a pout as she turns to sit on the edge of his bed, feathers falling about her as she moves.

“You are making a mess,” he replies gruffly, gesturing his pen at the feathers around her. She only laughs and spreads her wings, six of them in all their darkened glory, shaking them so more feathers fall. She goes to him, her feet never touching the floor, her arms draped over his shoulders and her mouth beside his ear. She licks him from lobe to tip, giving his pointed ear extra attention. He reddens at the feel of her tongue while she only chuckles.

“I’ve brought you another,” she says, reaching into her robes and drawing forth a musty book. The edge of the pages are burnt and black, the cover oozing with dark slime. She drops it onto his papers, destroying his written work, and opens the cover with a sharpened fingernail. Each finger has a ring, sharp and golden, ornate jewelry with imagery of hawks and wolves. Her fingers are as dark as her wings, delicate and dangerous, and she taps at the index. “You see? Just like you wanted.” He scans the page quickly, his eyes finding the words that mean the most to him – silence, magic, tranquility.

“Thank you Asmodai,” he says while she laughs again. She stands away from him, wandering about his meagre room, her fingers touching the books on his shelf.

“That’s not my name!”

“It is as good as any other.”

“Give me your soul and I’ll tell you what it really is,” she says, looking over her shoulder at him with a smirk. This old game again. “Fenris,” she whines, her hands slapping down on his desk, “give me your soul.” He leans back in the chair and smiles up at her, shaking his head. “I can give you what you want. What you need. I can give you Danarius’s head on a platter.”

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A bit of FENHAWKE for the cyberpunk Thedas AU… Fenris is a bit shy of Hawke’s online association with Mage rights activist Anders, and Hawke is a bit nervous that Fenris could disable his internal tech augmentations with a wave of his hand.
But they both end up agreeing that life is better at each other’s sides, for better or worse.