oh man i haven’t drawn this asshole in forever can you believe i was able to draw that armor like 75% from memory

aw but anyway of weak ass characterization how about

  • anders is the one with the long, drawn out plot making his character seem unimportant and even weaker than he actually is, till The Big Reveal think “sneaky rogue hiding inside of the courtesean”
  • karl’s charactet is his character’s boyfriend, and they are a Battle Couple thru and thru
  • Fenris is the one who just wants to smash things, but is coerced into coming up with a background that makes his character deep and mysterious. he just wants to smash shit.
  • sebastian pleads with everyone to stop and help every npc they meet and 9/10 this is a bad idea. 1/10 it leads them either directly to a plot point or directly into a dragon.
  • merrill is the elf the accidentally abscond with. she just follows them and refuses to leave. they love her. shes the only good one on their team.
  • flemeth is actually the DM’s shared character who helps the plot along.
  • hawke is the dragon seb leads them to. that is their character. hawke is 100% a dragon.
  • varric pretends to be an exasperated DM but takes full advantage of seb wanting to help every injured bunny and lost child to throw Terrible Things at the crew.
anyway, feel free to offer suggests!