Existence is a choice. There is no chaos in the world, only complexity. Knowledge of the complex is wisdom. From wisdom of the world comes wisdom of the self. Mastery of the self is mastery of the world. Loss of the self is the source of suffering. Suffering is a choice, and we can refuse it. It is in our own power to create the world, or destroy it. For peace, we will endure any horror here. We will create a safer world, or destroy the old one.

Stop the idea that...
  • Fenris is quick to anger and is some sort of cruel, hate-filled - raging character that just despises everything
  • That Fenris hates affection - seriously, did you see that end game kiss?
  • Fenris hates every single mage he comes by with a burning passion - because he doesn’t. Listen to his banter with Bethany, especially in Mark Of The Assassin and Legacy.
  • Anders tormenting of him is justified or that Fenris is the one to provoke it. All I can say about that is: listen to their banter, listen to their inflections
  • Along the line of banter - Fenris only calls Anders an abomination once
  • Fenris is broody and perpetually pissed about everything - HE SMILES, LAUGHS, JOKES, and is kind to those who are kind to him.
  • That Fenris hates all of Hawke’s companions - he calls them ‘friends’ all the time (including Anders)


  • Fenris is a very calm, controlled character
  • Fenris is pretty open about his relationship with Hawke. He wears their crest, a ribbon, says “I am yours” when traveling around, openly shows his jealousy (especially in MOA)
  • Fenris and Anders got off on the wrong foot and they stayed on that foot. Nothing will change that - but just because he doesn’t get along with Anders doesn’t make him a monster.
  • Fenris is smart - smart enough to know when to hold his tongue and when to express his opinion. Honestly, he gives his opinion rather freely and does so with unflinching honesty
  • He is an abuse survivor and because of that he is still coping and may be easily triggered. He’s been hardened because of it.
  • Fenris is a polarizing character, and because of that, most people either love him or hate him - and that’s okay!