some cuddly!fenris headcanons:

- fenris obvs is not cuddly with everyone ha ha fuck no like not at all like spontaneous hugs more like spontaneous suplex


- it is absolutely a different case entirely with his sigo (which in my canon is the lovely garrett hawke but feel free to insert your fave fen pairing)

- like I honestly have such a weakness for touch-starved characters and with fenris it’s a matter of positive touch which he sadly has very little experience with (that he can remember)

- so when he discovers how nice it is it’s kind of an exponential learning curve from tolerance to “hawke come back you’re warm and it feels nice”

- (which surprises and delights hawke)

- and fen rapidly becomes the boyfriend that somehow always winds up in hawke’s lap when they’re just hanging out (if no one else is there) and is the reason why parts of hawke go numb in the middle of the night (because fen is on his chest or his arm or his shoulder or confusingly at one point his kneecap)

- “your blanket? my blanket. they’re all my blankets.” <- fen at night probably

- fenris gets tipsy? the crook of hawke’s neck becomes a new home for his face and he probably falls asleep there so hawke has to carry him to bed (which fen will never admit to adoring but he does a little)

- fastest way to make a grumpy fen a content fen? backrubs and neckrubs. it’s like a snooze button. hawke gets really good at them and fen is quietly delighted

- fen also would never admit that the nights hawke isn’t there he sleeps with one of hawke’s shirts and a body pillow if one is available and if you try to call him out on it he’ll get very grouchy indeed

- just fen becoming addicted to non-sexual but positive touching makes my heart soar and it’s all I can think about right now so I thought I would share

@tatteredpantaloons said: 👻 for fugitive Jay/Anders *_*

Really bad disguises? :DDD I think in this case the disguises aren’t that bad for whatever they were doing (probably trying to sneak through a rogue templar infested area without being noticed) but they WERE NOT very well thought out in the end anyway. xD Templars aren’t supposed to burst into blue flame and speak in weird voices at the sight of mages being harmed (or even hearing too much about it). :p


Did you know the Heroes of Thedas are all gay and alive living happily ever after with their boyfriends👌

(feat. my Warden Bralen Mahariel, Garrett Hawke, and Inquisitor Ilrell Lavellan)

Inktober Day 25!!!

Three times is a charm. Finally I was able to draw the beauty of this gorgeous Seeker.

Cassandra Pentaghast

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