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Katie watched for a few more moments, the slight curve on Lotor’s lips that suggested to her at least that Zarkon’s son was exactly where he wanted to be. And after his determination to put the Galra prince behind bars, everything he’d given up helping the Blades, to protect Voltron from Haggar’s ship, Keith was gone.

My submission for day one @kidgefest. Enjoy!

A juggernaut rolls through opposing armies with a roar of steam and flame.  Sci-fi and steampunk elements abound in Blackmoor, from great machines to crashed spaceships.  (Jeff Easley cover for D&D module DA1: Adventures in Blackmoor by Dave Arneson and David Ritchie, TSR, 1986)  Caveat:  After 2 rereadings, I’m pretty sure there actually is no juggernaut in this particular module.

havesomemercy  asked:

Hey, I've noticed in your Snapchats that you have an Alienware laptop (I believe?). Do you like it? Is it frustrating to use at all for everyday use? I'm shopping around for gaming laptops right now and would like to get people's opinions on ones they have ^_^

I LOVEE IITTT!!!  I have a custom Alienware Mx14r.  ITS AN OLD baby. I’ve had it since 2009. And it keeps on trucking. 

I love alienware laptops for everyday uses because, if it can run CRYSIS is can definitely run photoshop. No problem. Gaming laptops are great not just for gaming (I ran DA1, skyrim, and overwatch on it, all with HD graphics or mods) but because gaming takes such a heavy setup you know it can do other stuff fine. Like video or photo editing or even uploading and downloading mutiple shit. 

And Alienwares/Dells come with a 5 yr warranty. So literally all my repairs on it (and there were a lot that first 5 yrs. I had the guts taken out and replaced twice, and the fan) were FREE. It was awesome. For Alienware specifically, they have local technicions that come out to your place and do the repairs right there.

I highly recommend it. 

Even custom, with i7 processor and a higher graphics card and ram, the whole thing was 850 bucks.