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Hey, I've noticed in your Snapchats that you have an Alienware laptop (I believe?). Do you like it? Is it frustrating to use at all for everyday use? I'm shopping around for gaming laptops right now and would like to get people's opinions on ones they have ^_^

I LOVEE IITTT!!!  I have a custom Alienware Mx14r.  ITS AN OLD baby. I’ve had it since 2009. And it keeps on trucking. 

I love alienware laptops for everyday uses because, if it can run CRYSIS is can definitely run photoshop. No problem. Gaming laptops are great not just for gaming (I ran DA1, skyrim, and overwatch on it, all with HD graphics or mods) but because gaming takes such a heavy setup you know it can do other stuff fine. Like video or photo editing or even uploading and downloading mutiple shit. 

And Alienwares/Dells come with a 5 yr warranty. So literally all my repairs on it (and there were a lot that first 5 yrs. I had the guts taken out and replaced twice, and the fan) were FREE. It was awesome. For Alienware specifically, they have local technicions that come out to your place and do the repairs right there.

I highly recommend it. 

Even custom, with i7 processor and a higher graphics card and ram, the whole thing was 850 bucks. 

how not to be an asshole to someone with religious trauma 101


ta da

1- if you are part of a religion, don’t force it on them. don’t make them go to church, or participate in anything they’re not comfortable with.

2- be there for them during relapses and flashbacks. comfort them as best you can, but also give them their space if they need it. be sure to keep the person hydrated and fed throughout the episode.

3- do not disregard their trauma as fake or invalid. religious trauma is very real and very hard to deal with.

4- if you’re in a relationship with the person, don’t talk about religion if they have specified that it makes them uncomfortable.

5- be understanding and kind to this person. understand that they are trying their best to recover but they’re dealing with quite a lot.


1930 BMW 3/15PS ‘Dixi’, BMW’s first production car. It isn’t actually a fully BMW design, it’s based on the Austin Seven. The BMW version had several improvements over its four models (DA1 through DA4) such as a larger body, better interior, and four-wheel drum brakes. Its 747cc flathead made 15 hp and gave it a maximum speed of 46 mph.

The first is a DA3 Wartburg, BMW’s first roadster. It made a screaming 18 horsepower and was lowered a solid 12.8 inches below the regular DA-2. The interior is refreshingly simple - speedometer, ignition, spark advance/retard (i think?) and a fuel gauge.

The second is a DA-2 parts delivery van - ‘Teile in Eile’ means ‘Parts in a hurry.’

Things I wish Bioware still did with DA1 that they did with KOTOR

Or why I’m forever ruined by the amazingness that is KOTOR and everytime I play a damn Bioware game I’m still left bereft with what I KNOW THEY CAN DO. THAT THEY DID IN 2003!

1. Everytime you entered the ship in Kotor, you would get a cutscene of your companions interacting with each other/you. It mad them feel real. Made them feel like they actually had to get used to living with each other. Made them precious. IMAGINE EVERY TIME YOU RETURN TO SKYHOLD YOU GET A CUTSCENE OF YOUR COMPANIONS INTERACTING!?

2. You don’t trigger character’s side quests by talking to them. They trigger whether you want them to or not! Imagine instead of Bianca and Varric having to approach you for the quest to trigger – You find Bianca in Valammar instead? Or while your on walking through Redcliffe some Red Jennies come across Sera? Or Ben Hassrath attack a Tal Vashoth Iron Bull while your in Crestwood!?  INTERACT WITH MY WORLD BIOWARE COME ON.

3. You can be evil and it actually changes stuff. In Kotor you could literally be evil and literally kill almost everyone in your party or coerce them to be evil with you. I sit a dream about how I could have twisted the Inquisition into a tyranny and how Vivienne would probably still follow my lead for power while I replace Josephine with Morrigan and take Calpernia as a party member after killing Blackwall/Cole. Maybe I could even get Dorian to take his lead as magister. MWAHAHA. Just give me some damn consequences that change more than the SLIDESHOW at the end of my game. 

3.5.  Having some party members (Varriiccc) show up again after you turned evil to try and persuade you back to the right path. 

4. Kill Corypheous or Join him at the end? Again, can I get an ending thats not virtually the same thing regardless of my different choices? THE GAME ENDS THE SAME WAY EVERY TIME GAWD. 

5. Having to play as other characters. DAOrigins did this, and the DLC in DA2 had a small cutscene. BUT GOD DAMMIT FORCE ME TO USE MY PARTY MEMBERS DURING THE STORY DAMMIT. I want to see how Cole gets through Adament to save a locked Inquisitor. Or how Solas has a suspicious amount of dialogue options when trying to trick a guard. Or Iron Bull getting Krem to help find clues in Halamshiral.  DAMMIT.

6. Party members actually commenting on each others character quests. Or more of the story, or something more than them spilling out afterthoughts in Skyhold. 

Kotor II feels more fulfilling and that game wasn’t even finished when it was released!!!!

I have a Dragon Age (2) problem, and tried to draw Fenris from memory. I changed his hair because I didn’t feel like doing the Bieber-hair brushstrokes.

Angry characters with leggings= automatic favorite things to draw. I’ll look up his actual armor later. I have a lot of (positive) feelings on the DA2 costume design, especially in comparison to DA1.